A waterfall at the north end of the River Ladon
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Exploring Arcadia: VulcanVerse Visual Updates

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A New Arcadia Is Next On The VulcanVerse Development Roadmap

First of all, welcome to the new Vulcan Forged blog! We’ll be regularly sharing our news and updates here from now on. Following on from April’s Hades refactoring update and our outline for forthcoming updates to VulcanVerse, the Vulcan Studios team have been working hard to bring you the beautiful VulcanVerse you deserve, as we move toward delivering the phases covered in our first dev diary article. Today we introduce our phase 3 update to VulcanVerse. This time, we are delivering a big Arcadia Visual Updates. Get ready for newly built landmarks, improvements to assets throughout and much more.

Following is the schedule for VulcanVerse refactoring we are working towards:

  • Phase 1: Visual Updates Arcadia | Late March
  • Phase 2: Visual Updates Hades | Early May
  • Phase 3: Visual Updates Arcadia | Mid-May
  • Phase 4: Visual Updates Boreas | Early June
  • Phase 5: Visual Updates Notus | End of June
  • Phase 6: Optimization | Early August
  • Phase 7: Optimization | End of August
  • Phase 8: Optimization | End of August

Phases 3 to 5 of refactoring are all visual or graphic improvements; with this phase, 3.

Refactoring the Gardens of Arcadia — Visual Updates

We’re focused on bringing new and improved graphics to VulcanVerse, further immersing you into the world of ancient myth! In Arcadia, you’ll find rebuilds of landmarks such as the Summer Palace and the Wineries alongside improvements to the sky, lighting, shadows and textures. Like Hades before it, the Arcadia phase 3 update really lends to the feel that this Arcadia is part of a different game.

The Sacred Way

The road surrounding the whole of VulcanVerse and leading like spokes to the central Vulcan City is known as the Sacred Way. Once the route of gods and rich merchants, it is now quite overgrown, its paved sections broken up. The Sacred Way is truly brought to life in Arcadia with the update – the path often winds between rocks and ruins, benches and stalls can be found and the area near to the River Ladon – the river that runs from Ladon’s Lake to the Waters of Oceanus includes small diverting routes following the river south.



The Port and the Druid Shrine is getting a facelift

Where the river meets the ocean, the newly built Port of Arcadia can be found, grander in scale than the last, here ships are moored, a shipyard and fishmongers cabin can be found among much more, be sure to visit and investigate the area!

A little to the south east is the Druid Shrine – there’s so much more to see at the shrine, as the Arcadia phase 3 update and the introduction of a changed model brings it to life. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but approach the Shrine from the north as well as the front entrance to the south west for an enjoyable journey. Let’s say the views from the top of nearby builds are worth it!



Updating The Summer Palace

The jewel in Arcadia’s crown must surely be the Summer Palace. In previous updates, the Summer Palace underwent small changes with improved textures and additions to the surrounding area and gardens. The new Arcadia phase 3 update sees a complete rebuild – the palace really is a thing of splendor, a sight to behold – with running fountains (look out for the Arcadian fox fountains), statues of the gods, a hall and beautiful gardens.

To the south of the Summer Palace can be found the Wineries of the Nectar of the Gods. Here, you can walk through the plentiful vineyards – now if only there was a way to allow us to sup that famous Arcadian wine!

Another surprise comes in visiting the landmark areas in the Deep Forest, each of which have been improved dramatically, not least the area closest to the Vulcan City walls, where a shrine and waterfall awaits the eager explorer – quite a nice feature to have near your plots!

There’s lots more to see in this ‘new’ Arcadia, so we’ll say no more than enjoy your travels, explore every area and look out for the sometimes subtle changes in this update to VulcanVerse. And of course, watch out for the wolves of the Deep Forest and don’t interrupt any satyrs reveling at the wineries..

Release Notes – VulcanVerse Version 1.1.93

VulcanVerse General

  • Arcadia had a visual update! Enjoy the beauty of the Gardens of the Gods of Olympus!
  • Level 3 espionage loot tools now provide drop chances depending on Vulcanite
  • Fixed issues causing camera to break underground when terramorphing
  • Game can be resized again on windows mode.
  • Fixed an issue causing avatar panel to block other UI elements


  • Fixed issues causing fishing to not work properly. It should work on every quadrant now
  • Fishing on Hades now shows the proper animation

Medusa Vulcanites & NFTs

  • Fixed an issue causing Vulcanites to get stuck after jumping from Vulcan City walls
  • Fixed an issue causing Vulcanites to bug when combining build mode and forage

Misc Fixes

  • Paint Mode is no longer missing ground textures [Hades]
  • No more assets in the air! [Arcadia]
  • Building stairs should be easier now
  • Some building assets now have improved extra collision [Hades]
  • F8 Screenshots will not show the HUD for a second while taking the shot
  • Camera and character minor fixes
  • Text & grammar fixes



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