Calling all Berserk CCG players and enthusiasts! Mark your calendars and prepare to witness strategic brilliance unfold as the Berserk Esports initiative reaches its climax at the prestigious Berserk Esports VulCon4 Finals on June 14th, 2024, at VulCon4 London. The best Berserk minds will clash in a best-of-three match for the coveted champion title and a chance to claim exceptional prizes.

The Path to Glory: How to Participate and Qualify

The journey to VulCon4 demands strategic prowess and a deep understanding of the Berserk CCG meta. Here’s your opportunity to be part of the action:

  • Seasoned Veterans Take the Stage: The top two players from the recently concluded Berserk Season 4 have already secured their spots in the finals, having proven their dominance throughout the season. That means that we already have two names: Gryzli and Ric7O7 !
  • Season 5 Showdowns: Season 5 kicks off April 19th, offering a fresh opportunity for aspiring champions. The top two duelists (excluding the two winners from Season 4) from this upcoming season will automatically qualify for the VulCon4 Finals, guaranteeing a diverse group of contenders.
  • Community Choice: Shape the Finals! Here’s your chance to directly influence the competition! From April 15th until April 24th, cast your vote and help us determine the final four players who will join the fight. Don’t miss this opportunity to shape the Berserk Esports VulCon4 Finals and potentially see your favorite player battle it out on the big stage! Vote here >

Clash for Glory: Match Structure and Lucrative Prizes

The Berserk Esports VulCon4 Finals promise an electrifying display of strategic mastery, pushing the boundaries of the Berserk CCG. Here’s a breakdown of the competition format and the enticing prizes awaiting the victors:

  • Format of the Qualification rounds: All finals will be a thrilling best-of-three match. Quarter finals and semi-finals will be streamed live for a global mainstream audience as well as our core Berserk community to witness. Witness nail-biting strategic decisions unfold as the finalists navigate the complexities of the Berserk CCG in a high-pressure environment.
  • The FINAL: The two finalists will battle it out on the main stage at VulCon4 London, with the action broadcasted on a giant screen. The live audience will experience the intensity firsthand, cheering on their chosen champion and soaking in the electrifying atmosphere.
  • Prizes: All players will receive exclusive Berserk card packs, bolstering their in-game arsenals with valuable resources and more as follow
    • Two top finalists: A trip to London to attend VulCon4. That means flights, 2-nights accomodation, and a VIP ticket to attend VulCon4.
    • Top Winner: The big winner will pocket 500 $PYR in prize money + 2x Legendary Origins Cards, 10x Seasons of Change Packs, and 10x Winds of War Packs!
    • Runner-up finalist: The consolation prize will be 100 $PYR + 5x Seasons of Change Packs and 5x Winds of War Packs
    • Runner-ups 1/4 and 1/2 finals: 1 x General Ticket to attend VulCon4 + 2x Seasons of Change Packs and 2x Winds of War Packs

The Details and Timelines

  • Season 4 | Top 2 players crowned : April 11th
  • Community Voting | Four players voted to participate: April 15th – 24th
  • Random allocation of rounds | April 26th
  • Quarter-Final #1: Ric7O7 vs TBD Community | w/c May 6th (Live Stream on Twitch)
  • Quarter-Final #2: Gryzli vs TBD Community | w/c May 13th early week (Live Stream on Twitch)
  • Semi-Final #1: Winner QF#1 vs Winner QF#2 | w/c May 13th end of week (Live Stream on Twitch)
  • Season 5 | Top 2 players crowned : May 19th
  • Quarter-Final #3: Season 5 Top Player #1 vs TBD Community| w/c May 20th early week (Live Stream on Twitch)
  • Quarter-Final #4: Season 5 Top Player #2 vs TBD Community | w/c May 20th end of week (Live Stream on Twitch)
  • Semi-Final #2: Winner QF#3 vs Winner QF#4 | w/c May 27th (Live Stream on Twitch)
  • FINAL: Winner SF#1 vs Winner SF#2 | June 14th (Live at VulCon4)

Players will be contacted individually to define a day where both can play. They will need to commit time to play two to three games.

Beyond the Tournament: Join the Thriving Berserk Community

The Berserk Esports VulCon4 Finals are just the tip of the iceberg. The Berserk community offers a vibrant year-round space for players of all skill levels to connect, discuss strategies, participate in regular tournaments, and even create engaging content. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, the Berserk community welcomes you with open arms. Here, you can find:

  • In-depth Strategy Discussions: Sharpen your skills and learn from experienced players by engaging in discussions about deck building, resource management, and countering specific strategies.
  • Regular Seasons: Test your mettle against other players.
  • Engaging Content Creation: Unleash your creativity and share your passion for Berserk by creating video guides, streaming your gameplay, or writing insightful articles. The Berserk community thrives on the contributions of its members.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of Berserk Esports history! Secure your tickets to VulCon4 London today, join the ever-growing Berserk community, and follow us for the latest updates on the Berserk Esports VulCon4 Finals.

See you in the arena, Berserk players!


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