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Berserk Game Updates for Season 4 – Winds of War

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Berserk Season 4 is officially just a week away! We’re super excited to showcase the development that has taken place across the board to deliver our best season yet…

Here’s a sneak peek at the in-game updates that have been keeping us busy:

  • Bug Reporting: Addressed and resolved various bugs.
  • Platform Stability: Ensured a stable gaming platform.
  • Card Balancing: Fine-tuned card balance for a better gameplay experience.
  • Design and Layout Updates: Revamped designs and layouts for enhanced aesthetics.
  • NFT Integration: Bridged nearly 10,000 Origin NFTs to Elysium.
  • New NFT Minting: Minted an impressive 240,000 more for the upcoming “New Beginnings” pack.
  • Social Logins: Enabled convenient social logins.

We’re ecstatic to have achieved these upgrades and we acknowledge they wouldn’t have been possible without the support from our fantastic Berserk community. All of this feedback was shared by you, our super enthusiastic community. So thank you to each and every one of you who has contributed and supported us in reaching this point.

Berserk Trading Crad Game

Winds of War Set

After the release of the New Beginnings set in Season 3, the Winds of War card set marks the first quadrant set since the introduction of the Origin NFT sets.

Two Factions at war, The Horned Lodge and The Amazons. Seven cards a piece, each with their own unique synergies to create various combinations for players looking to gain an advantage in the heat of battle. Those players with an eye for strategy will be piecing together the Winds of War cards along with the wider Berserk collections. The goal? To maximize your win potential and ranking.

With only 8,100 packs in total and 50 ultra-rare full-art legendary cards, these cards will be highly sought after. The Winds of War Set rarity and editions are as follows:

  • 4 Common (5,000 editions each)
  • 4 Rare (3,500 editions each)
  • 2 Mythic (2,000 editions each)
  • 2 Epic (1,000 editions each)
  • 2 Legendary (250 editions each), 50 of which are ultra rare full art NFTs

New MMR System

For Season 4 we have a new Matchmaking Rating (MMR) system, which has been designed to encourage active engagement throughout the season. Players that opt to achieve a specific ranking and wish to retain it, will need to ensure they are playing throughout the season. Failure to do so will lead to an MMR decay, providing ample opportunity for active players chasing positions to move above them. 

If you reach the top 10% ranking and don’t play a ranked match for more than 48 hours, you will lose 10% of your net MMR every 24-hour period following, until you either opt to play a ranked match again, or you fall outside of the top 10% ranking. To be clear, the MMR decay mechanic starts from the point of your last match. Therefore, we don’t advise sitting out in the cold for Winds of War. 

If you have the mobile version installed, we’ll send you a push notification if you’re getting close to the decay threshold and haven’t played a match!

Vulcanite Abilities

For Vulcanite abilities, these were reviewed based on data collected in Season 3. The aim was to create a more balanced approach from levels 1-7 to be reflective of rarity, but not overpowered, to increase engagement with the range of Vulcanites available, and to help develop more synergies, particularly with the addition of The New Beginnings and Winds of War sets.


Social Logins

Social Logins and anonymous guest account options are probably the most anticipated updates for this season. No longer do players need to create multiple accounts and wallets to access the game, everything is now run directly off our L1 Elysium Blockchain. Players can simply connect with their social login to try the game out. This not only brings the Web2 player base directly to Berserk, but it also allows them to develop an understanding of digital assets and ownership of in-game items. Remember, we also have a referral competition so make sure to show your friends and family!

Card Displays

For those who have been playing Berserk already, you’ll notice that the cards have undergone a graphical update, enabling us to better display complex mechanics. To help summarise, we have created an infographic which breaks down the 9 key pieces of information:

Now that everyone has the chance to familiarize themselves with the factions, keep an eye out for the seasonal competition. Make sure you’re maximizing your lava-earning potential.

In-game Reporting

If you find a Bug or Issue that needs to be raised, it’s easy! We now have an in-game report system that allows players to add a Summary and Description of the issue to submit directly to the developers. This ensures we can track bugs for impact and frequency and enables us to resolve them as efficiently as possible.

Final Remarks

These updates are just the beginning for Berserk. They create the foundation needed to attract new audiences and gamers from across the world. With over $100,000 in prizes up for grabs this season, we want to ensure we maximize engagement. Remember, the more games played, the more opportunity there will be for prizes to multiply. We look forward to seeing you mount a challenge for a top 200 spot.

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With an impressive portfolio of over 10 projects, which includes the widely acclaimed VulcanVerse and the thrilling Berserk, Vulcan Forged is at the forefront of innovation in the web3 entertainment domain. Anchored by a robust community of tens of thousands of passionate members, Vulcan Forged is resolutely committed to leading the way in the ever-evolving web3 entertainment landscape.

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