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Berserk Winds of War Cards

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We’re getting ever closer to the much-anticipated release of the fourth season of Berserk, The Winds of War (a date will be provided shortly!). And it’s shaping up to be the biggest season to date, though, with some exciting new cards coming to the game.

One of the biggest talking points in the lead-up to any season release is the card reveal and ratings, as the community hotly debates which cards will strategically give them an edge to win it all. This season is no exception, so here are all of the cards for Berserk Season 4, Winds of War.

A quick recap of the story

In the ancient land of Boreas, high in the Mountains of Boreas, a tale of war and intrigue unfolds.

It is a story of the fierce Amazons, led by the indomitable Queen Xanthe, and their encounters with the enigmatic and notorious Horned Lodge. Boreas was a harsh and unforgiving place, inhabited not only by the Amazons but also by a diverse array of creatures and beings, from roaming Amazons and nymphs to minotaurs and goblin-like Kobaloi.

The Horned Lodge, a coalition of beasts, hybrids, and outcasts, held sway over the periphery of society, plotting their own form of warfare. However, when the Kobaloi, renowned for their thievery and mischief, rose to prominence under the cunning leadership of Tomyios the Unsurpassed, tensions escalated, culminating in an act of heinous crime against the Amazons.

Thus, the Winds of War were unleashed, sweeping across Boreas and plunging its inhabitants into a never-ending cycle of battles and alliances. The Amazons sought retribution, determined to bring down Tomyios and the Horned Lodge, but the war took its toll, leaving a trail of devastation and bloodshed in its wake. Today, the echoes of the ancient conflict can be relived through the popular card game Berserk! Season 4, the Winds of War, allowing players to choose sides and become part of the storied history of the Mountains of Boreas.

You can read the full story behind the Winds of War in our first Season 4 article.


Introducing the New Cards

Let’s take a look at some of the new Berserk cards released for Winds of War.

Amazonian Aspirant

Amazon warriors train from birth. A young warrior may not start out as much, but they are taught to observe their surroundings. To learn what makes others strong, and to incorporate it into their own survival wherever possible. That thirst for knowledge has led the Amazons to several critical alliances across the land, in days gone by to face their enemies the Halizons, but now to extinguish the threat of the Horned Lodge. Importantly, it meant that a dedicated fledgling warrior could become a force to be reckoned with far, far quicker than a foe may estimate.

Starting out as a 0/1 for 1, the Aspirant isn’t an immediate threat. But nurture her with some powerful mentors and she can very quickly keep pace with any new threats your opponent may produce. 

Fledgling warriors, the Amazonian Aspirants were formidable nonetheless when the winds of war blew
Amazonian Aspirant card

Queen Xanthe

Wartime ruler of the Amazons, Queen Xanthe inspired confidence not just among her own warriors but in people across all the lands of VulcanVerse. Amazon clans unitted to face the Kobaloi threat, righteous in their defense of civilians under their protection – at this time, even the Amazon’s disdain for men took a back-seat compared to the the chaos instigated by the Horned Lodge and their Kobaloi masterminds. Any battlefield that saw Queen Xanthe’s presence received a small morale boost, the Amazons fighting a little harder, a little longer, in the presence of their respected Queen.

A 3/3 for 3, Queen Xanthe can easily be played at a variety of impactful moments, to help swing the momentum of a battle, or to bolster defenses against an upcoming onslaught.

Queen Xanthe led the Amazons during the winds of war, the Amazon Wars
Queen Xanthe card

Kobaloi Recruiter

Here for a fun time, not a long time. This 2/2 is likely to be a high priority target for removal. So don’t expect to keep him around long! But timed well the reduction in Lava cost can let you drop several Kobaloi at once for potentially devastating effect.

"Don't want to join the Lodge? Tough luck. When the winds of war blow, you'll do as we say"
Kobaloi Recruiter card

Kobaloi Pillager

Easily amped up, the pillagers are along for the fun. When not in a time of war, the Pillager was a master thief. Now? Here to break stuff hard and fast. Their confidence grows the more of their buddies you can back them up with. At only 1 Lava to summon you could play this 2/1 Kobaloi early, but a full hand with a mid-game amount of Lava could see him becoming much more of a threat very quickly.

Full Berserk Winds of War Card List

Berserk, a more general overview

How does Berserk work?

The team is currently building an in-game tutorial for you, but until that’s ready to go, community stalwart LumpyLand has put together some tutorial videos! Start at Berserk Basics Volume 1 and watch on from there.

Building your deck

One of the most important arts to master in any CCG is that of deck building. A well-built deck can do a lot with a little, and your win rate (and general enjoyment) can climb exponentially by making small improvements to your deck.

We’ve covered everything you’ll need in our Deck Building 101: Berserk article.

Where can I play Berserk?

You can either play on PC through the Vulcan Launcher, or on your smartphone or tablet through our apps at the Google Play Store and Apple Store.


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