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Collectible NFT Minotaur Avatars Are Here!

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Vulcan’s Phalanx NFTs Unique In Look, Name, Lore & Stats Bringing Ecosystem Wide Buffs

Vulcan’s Phalanx consists of 10,000 unique collectible avatars, 500 each of 20 different entities / character types released in 5 waves, as covered here. Each Phalanx avatar provides ecosystem-wide buffs, covered in detail in this article.

Mighty Minotaurs represent Wave 1 for the Mountains of Boreas, the second Vulcan’s Phalanx release following the very popular Arcadian Centaurs just over a month back. A word of warning, Centaur avatars sold out in a matter of minutes- you may want to be quick on the draw to ensure you grab a Minotaur! On Tuesday 7th June at 4pm GMT the Minotaurs will be bashing the gates of Vulcan City ready to join the Centaurs before them!

Unique In Look, Name, Lore, Stats & Providing Ecosystem-Wide Buffs

Each Minotaur is different to the one before it, each with a unique look, name and lore, written by master of fantasy, author, Jamie Thomson.
Some Minotaurs will carry a rarer (and therefore more powerful) weapon or wear rarer and better armour than others. There are statistics for attack based on weapon, defence based on armour and speed based on body type. Importantly, owning a Vulcan’s Phalanx avatar is the only way you’ll get an avatar for your My Forge profile and will provide certain buffs throughout the Vulcan Forged play-to-earn gaming ecosystem.

Most questions regarding Vulcan’s Phalanx will be answered in the FAQs in our previous article, Vulcan’s Phalanx Is At The Gates. Some basics that you need to know are:

  • Phalanx collectibles are the only way to get an avatar for your profile
  • They provide $LAVA % increase (1%-3% depending on stats)
  • They provide in game battle increase
  • They provide increases in-game on attack, forage and defence
  • They can be stacked/collected for various achievements
  • These can be utilized by any game that plugs into the upcoming Frenzy system looking for items to include with stats
  • They’re very cool unique collectibles

Items / Characteristics

Phalanx avatars consist of several parts. Body type, weapon, armour and so on. Some parts are rarer than others, therefore having better stats. This data is encoded within the Phalanx NFT, allowing for Phalanx avatars to be used in forthcoming games.

Phalanx avatars’ characteristics vary in how common or rare they are, but for the most part, this only affects the look of the character- however there are three important attributes that become part of the NFT data alongside the image, name and lore. They are the avatars’ Attack, Defence and Speed.

Attack is defined by the weapon your avatar carries. In respect of Minotaurs, there are four weapons that your Minotaur may come with. They are, from most common to legendary:

  • Sword
  • Single Edged Axe
  • Hammer
  • Double Edged Axe

Defence is defined by the armour your minotaur is wearing. There are a multitude of possible armour combinations from the following selection, in order from common to legendary:

  • No armour
  • Half body armour (some variations in style)
  • Chest armour (some variations in style)
  • Full body armour

Speed is defined by your minotaur’s body type, of which there are three, in order from most common to rare:

  • Normal
  • Muscular
  • Ripped

An example of a very powerful Minotaur would be one who is ripped, with full body armour and wields a Double Edged Axe. Enough to make even Asterion jealous.

One powerful minotaur, with full body armour and double edged axe

Buff It Up

Vulcan’s Phalanx Minotaur Avatars — Buffs and Perks

Your Vulcan’s Phalanx Minotaur avatar comes with Vulcan Forged ecosystem-wide benefits, or ‘buffs’ as we like to call them. These are:

General Minotaur Buffs + Perks (non-stackable)

  • My Forge accounts with avatars have a slightly better % chance with lootboxes
  • If using a Minotaur Vulcanite (Asterion) in VV, a small % boost to stats will be applied if you hold a Minotaur Phalanx avatar in My Forge
  • An achievement for holding Asterion and a minotaur Phalanx avatar
  • An achievement for collecting 4x Minotaur Phalanx avatars
  • Minotaur weapons will be available for use in Vulcan Assassins and Tartarus

Stackable Minotaur Buffs + perks:

  • % $LAVA generation multiplier per avatar held (full details TBA but 1% to 3% based on stats)

Rare Item Minotaur Buffs + Perks:

  • An achievement for having a Minotaur Phalanx avatar with either the rarest armour or rarest weapon.
  • Increased % Vulcanite attack stat in VulcanVerse for holding a Phalanx avatar with a rare weapon
  • Increased % Vulcanite defence stat in VulcanVerse for holding a Phalanx avatar with rare armour
  • Avatar integration / use in future games

Totally Unique

Remember, each of the 500 minotaurs available is unique in look, name and lore, making these fun collectibles. In fact, each of the 10,000 total Vulcan’s Phalanx characters is completely unique. Boreas Wave 1 — Minotaurs is the second in our Wave 1 released, following Arcadia Wave 1 — Centaurs, with Notus’s Sphinxes and Hades’s Laimas to come. Naming and lore is written by none other than award winning author, Jamie Thomson.

Who knows, your Minotaur might rival Asterion. If you value you life, never say that to his face..

The Process

How do you get a Vulcan’s Phalanx Minotaur? The process is simple. Initially, you’ll need a My Forge account — set this up in advance, as minotaurs will sell out quickly and you do not want to miss out.

A further note, ensure pop ups are allowed, you’ll need this for Venly wallet sign in.

  1. From 4pm GMT on 7th June 2022, visit and click ‘Get a Minotaur’.
  2. Sign in with your My Forge login and password.
  3. Click ‘Receive your companion from the Gods’. Venly will pop up- sign in to Venly and pay the 25 $PYR cost.
  4. BANG! Your minotaur is displayed on screen. You have 1 minute to either accept this minotaur, or decline and make one further payment of 5 $PYR (a further Venly pop up) for a different minotaur. Note- you don’t get a further choice after this, the minotaur after either accepting the first or declining and paying for a second choice will be yours.
  5. The congratulations screen gives you the name and lore for your Vulcan’s Phalanx Minotaur alongside the image. Look after your companion! Press exit to go back to the first screen, where you can purchase a further minotaur should you want to.
  6. Minting will happen after all Vulcan’s Phalanx avatars have been purchased.

About Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is a blockchain game studio, NFT marketplace, and NFT minting engine. Vulcan Forged is the creator of VulcanVerse and Berserk, and many other games. The ecosystem is expanding rapidly, and many games are being enabled within the play to earn economy.

The native token used within the ecosystem is $PYR. The secondary token $LAVA acts as a play to earn tokens. This dual token economy structure is ideal for play to earn. Scholars will earn $LAVA while playing the Vulcan Forged games and will be able to forage special NFTs while in-game. These can be sold on the Vulcan Marketplace for $PYR.


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