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Win Up to $1 Million! Developers, This is Your Moment Elysium Layer 1’s Massive Hackathon

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Introducing Elysium Layer 1: A Hub of Innovation and Incentives

The launch of Elysium Layer 1 marks an exciting milestone in the world of blockchain technology, and with it comes an invitation to the creative minds of the community. Elysium is not just another blockchain; it’s an ecosystem that aims to empower developers, dApps creators, and gamers to unleash their potential. To kickstart this journey, Elysium is offering an impressive $1 million bounty for the development of cutting-edge tools, innovative dApps, and captivating games.

Building the Foundations: The Power of Layer One

Every successful blockchain needs a robust infrastructure, and Elysium is no exception. The platform recognizes the importance of fundamental elements like explorers, swaps, bridges, and various other tools that streamline user experiences. Without these building blocks, a blockchain cannot truly flourish.

As Elysium ventures into uncharted territory, it offers developers an opportunity to join the ranks of pioneers and shape the very foundation of the ecosystem. The vast landscape of possibilities lies before you, akin to an artist’s blank canvas. Whether you aspire to create NFT collections or conceptualize groundbreaking tools, Elysium provides the canvas and the incentives.

A Million Reasons to Participate: The Bounty Pool

Elysium sets the stage for developers and creators by allocating a substantial $1 million prize pool. This bounty pool is divided strategically to reward efforts based on impact and user adoption. Let’s delve into the details:

  • Games and dApps:

    If your game or dApp manages to attract 10,000 users, you will receive $50,000. For 5,000 daily users, the reward is $20,000, and for 1,000 users, it’s $10,000, and so on. Success is directly linked to rewards.

  • Tools for the Community:

    Tools are the gears that drive the Elysium ecosystem. Their importance cannot be understated. Developers creating essential tools that benefit the entire community will be rewarded handsomely—$50,000 for vital tools, $20,000 for useful but optional tools, and so forth. The community will recognize the value these tools bring.

  • Fan Favorites and Popularity:

    Recognition of excellence and popularity is a key aspect of Elysium’s approach. If your creation becomes a fan favorite, capturing the hearts of users, you’ll receive a grand prize of $50,000. Even high popularity will be celebrated with rewards like $20,000, and so on.

Empowering the Builders: The Heart of Elysium

At the core of Elysium’s vision lies a deep appreciation for the builders—the visionaries who turn dreams into reality. By providing the necessary infrastructure, Elysium seeks to incentivize the talented community members who once transformed the Vechain community with their innovative tools and dApps.

Now, Elysium presents a new frontier where pioneers can make their mark. The platform beckons you to tap into your creativity, leverage the provided resources, and build wonders that will shape the future of blockchain technology.

Embracing the Future: Elysium’s Open Economy

Elysium is more than just a platform; it’s a thriving economy that invites others to participate and contribute. As developers create tools and games that resonate with users, the ecosystem will flourish, and Elysium’s potential will soar to new heights.

So, take the first step and become a part of Elysium’s journey. Join the ranks of the builders, innovators, and creators, and together, let’s transform the blockchain landscape and unlock the boundless potential of Elysium Layer 1. The future awaits, and the possibilities are limitless. Follow the conversation in Discord today!


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