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Elysium Blockchain x Hidden Beyond AMA

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Last week, we held an X Spaces AMA with Muthu Selvin and Aarthi Rajkumar of Hidden Beyond. Unfortunately due to a technical issue, the recording of the Spaces isn’t available, but we have the transciption of the Spaces here for you to catch up on!


Nes (Host): Hello everyone, welcome to today’s AMA session! We have an exciting lineup for you as we dive into the details of Hidden Beyond, a groundbreaking game in the blockchain space. I’m thrilled to introduce our speakers today, Muthu Selvan and Aarthi Rajkumar from the Hidden Beyond team. How are you both doing today?

Muthu Selvan: Hello everyone! We’re doing great, thank you for having us.

Aarthi Rajkumar: Hi, it’s fantastic to be here and share more about Hidden Beyond.

Nes: Great to have you both. Let’s make sure our listeners can hear us. If you can hear what we’re saying, please give us an emoji! Ah, there we go. Wonderful, we’re all set. Let’s get started with our first question. Could you tell us a bit about what Hidden Beyond is?

Muthu Selvan: Of course. Hidden Beyond is an open-world action-adventure game that combines the elements of the Metaverse and gaming. It’s designed for both Web2 and Web3 users, offering unique game mechanics that include chaos physics and world-bending features. Players can explore a dynamic metaverse, engage in battles, participate in social events, and earn real rewards, own virtual land, and trade NFTs.

Nes: That sounds incredible! I’ve seen some of the video clips you’ve shared on the Vulcan Forged Discord, and for those listening, we can’t show you here – but join the Discord and you can see for yourselves – address coming at the end. Aarthi – what makes Hidden Beyond unique compared to other blockchain-based games, and how does it integrate both Web2 and Web3 gamers?

Aarthi Rajkumar: Hidden Beyond stands out due to its ease of use. Players don’t need any prior blockchain knowledge to start. We’ve implemented a seamless login process and Web3 settings that enhance the user experience. Users don’t have to have the knowledge of web3. They can straight away login as they login social media account and start the game right away. The game features stunning graphics, scalable NFTs, and a design that bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 gamers.

Nes: These sound like well designed and fun features to draw in Web2 users. This is an experience we’ve also had when launching Vulcan Studios games – if, from, the UI perspective a game looks and feels like a Web2 game, the potential ‘fear’ of blockchain, from a learning perspective, need not be confronted.

Can you explain the Play-And-Earn mechanism in Hidden Beyond and how players can benefit from it?

Muthu Selvan: Absolutely. Our Play-and-Earn mechanism allows players to earn rewards through gameplay. Unlike the traditional Play-to-Earn model, Play-and-Earn focuses on sustainable and engaging gameplay, where players have to pledge the tokens to be able to participate in the match. The players that gets even single kill in the match will get portion of the match reward pool. Obviously, the winner gets attractive share, but we have made sure the skilled players get most out of it. There is Free-2-Play where all players can compete and develop their skills. Play-to-Earn mints unlimited supply of NFTs and reward tokens which is not sustainable in the long run. Our NFTs have a fixed supply, making them valuable and desirable.

Nes: Yes! That is one of the biggest issues with web3 games, the NFTs lose their value. This idea seems innovative – and that incentive to skill up for a share of the reward rather that say, the top three walking away with all of the prizes is good.

I believe you can own land in Hidden Beyond’s metaverse – what are the main benefits of owning virtual land here, and how does it generate passive income for players?

Muthu Selvan: Here we are combining Metaverse and gaming which opens up endless possibilities. Owning a virtual land or property inside Hidden Beyond’s metaverse offers significant benefits. Players can earn passive rewards through matches played on their land. For example, say you own a land and a match is started on your property, since your property is involved in that match, a portion of that match reward pool will be shared with the property owner giving them passive rewards just for holding. This will create huge demand for land/buildings in different parts of the metaverse.

Nes: Wow. Ok – this makes sense and seems to be a creative way for rewarding land owners with passive rewards.

So in Web3, there is a lot of talk about onboarding. We know it’s a tricky one to get right for most projects. My understanding is that Hidden Beyond is really taking this to heart. How does Hidden Beyond ensure a seamless onboarding experience for new players, especially those who are not familiar with blockchain technology?

Muthu Selvan: When I was in an accelerator program, the VCs would say it is hard for me to setup the account to be able to at least try the game. So, we’ve focused heavily on making the onboarding process as smooth as possible. The game features an intuitive UI/UX, familiar to players of AAA games. We’ve integrated Web3 settings that are easy to navigate, ensuring that even those new to blockchain can get started without any hurdles. Our motive is to bring Web2 gamers to the Web3 space.

Nes: Yep – onboarding is one of the crucial problems with Web3 games. Making it as simple and intuitive as Web2 games should attract all gamers.

Tell me about your future plans for your metaverse ecosystem?

Muthu Selvan: Our future plan is to make the metaverse a hub for NFT projects. We aim to deploy dedicated games within the metaverse, adding value to both existing and new NFTs. This will create a vibrant ecosystem where players can engage in various activities and games, enhancing their overall experience. In return we get to access their huge community and grow rapidly.

Nes: That is really a nice idea.

Ok, so now that you’re fully integrated or working to fully integrate to Elysium, tell us, out of the many blockchains out there, why Elysium?

Muthu Selvan: Elysium offers low transaction fees and a robust infrastructure specifically designed for gaming projects. Moreover, Elysium has a huge gaming community, which aligns perfectly with our goal to reach a broad audience of gamers. They have all the necessary tools for game company to integrate the blockchain part without any hurdle.

Nes: Elysium blockchain is definitely aiming high. Ok, let’s shift gear a little here. The project is running an IDO via our platform Elysium Launchpad. The Pre-IDO has started yesterday. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the process, we usually would have a pre-IDO period where users can stake/lock their PYR for a specific time period. Depending on how much is locked, they have access to a better tier and a larger portion of the token allocation. Then, about 7 days later, this is when users can proceed with actually exclusively purchasing the token ahead of everyone. That usually lasts about a week again and then we enter the public if (big IF) there are still some tokens available. With all the boring bit out of the way, tell us more about your IDO.

Aarthi Rajkumar: Sure. Our IDO will feature three tiers, each offering different benefits. For Tier 1, you can lock 150 $PYR with a maximum allocation of $50k or 10,000,000 $BND per wallet. Tier 2 requires 100 $PYR for a $25k max allocation, and Tier 3 requires 50 $PYR for a $10k max allocation. Each tier comes with its own bonuses, including metaverse land/buildings, mystery boxes, and premium passes.

Nes: Ok, so here is a first for the Elysium Launchpad. Your IDO actually has a vesting cliff system. Basically, the lucky participants who got your token will get their tokens across a specific time period. Why have you decided to go this way?

Muthu Selvan: We decided on a vesting cliff system to reduce token volatility and ensure long-term stability. This approach encourages participants to stay committed to the project, fostering a more robust and engaged community. This gives sufficient time to list the token on centralized exchanges in the upcoming months.

Nes: The is understandable. Now I’m looking at a graphic that you’ll be able to see on our Discord, or on our blog following the completion of the Spaces, which shows the vesting system in some detail – be sure to take a look at this (shared below).

As ever, we’re incredibly excited about the future – with projects like Hidden Beyond choosing to launch and build on the Elysium blockchain. For more information, join our Discord and check out our IDO details on the Elysium Launchpad –

That’s a wrap for today’s AMA. Thank you, Muthu and Aarthi, for joining us. For any further questions, please join our Discord where the Hidden Beyond team is present and available to chat!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in. You can find more details about the IDO at and participate through the Elysium Launchpad at Don’t forget to check out Hidden Beyond’s website at Have a great day, everyone!


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