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How to Join the Community Through the VulcanVerse Scholarship Program

Did you know that anyone, subject to their computer meeting the minimum specification for playing (specs can be found on the Vulcan Forged Discord), can enter VulcanVerse right now as a Cedalion and start earning $LAVA, even if they don’t own one of those coveted 9919 plots of land?

So what is a ‘Cedalion’? In Greek mythology, Cedalion (Classical Greek Κηδαλίων) was a servant and employee of Hephaestus in Lemnos. Hephaestus, to the Romans, was Vulcan — and so we at Vulcan Forged have taken the Cedalion name for our scholarship program.

Cedalions get a unique outfit to wear in VulcanVerse

Anyone can become a Cedalion. Being a Cedalion allows you to enter VulcanVerse using somebody else’s land; you rent the land plot NFT from them, either for free or for a charge, depending on what you want to do. You can also rent a Vulcanite rather than using one of the 8x free to use Vulcanite companions you’re given if you don’t own any of our NFTs — more on that later.

Renting a VulcanVerse Plot

Land set aside for Cedalions to rent can be found in My Forge under the Marketplace tab at the top of the screen, then the Cedalion option. Here, you can click ‘Explore’ and browse available land. You’re free to choose something that suits you, either based on the VulcanVerse quadrant, length of rent, whether you will need to share the $LAVA you earn through playing VulcanVerse, whether you can build on the land you rent and of course, cost in $PYR.

Rental options

You see a piece of land on the Cedalion Marketplace. This land is free to rent. The catch? There isn’t one. LAVA sharing? You simply split all the $LAVA that you earn during your time in VulcanVerse 50 / 50 with the land owner (known as the Cedalion Manager). Some rental land will allow you to earn 100% of your $LAVA earnings. Some land you will be granted the ability to build on, others you won’t be able to- you simply spawn there when logging in to VulcanVerse. You can however enjoy all of the game otherwise, including foraging, battling with your Vulcanite, trading items, taking part in quests and exploring the world.

If you have the ability to build, you’ll be able to terramorph the land, build modular houses and place assets, all possible with the right materials (tip: send your Vulcanite out foraging!).
Some land comes at a cost— often only a small amount of $PYR but the price is set by the Cedalion Manager and therefore can vary.

To rent a piece of land, simply click one of the available plots you like the look of, review the properties and rental period and if you’re happy, click ‘Join Land’.

The ‘Plot Properties’ displays information allowing a Cedalion to make a choice on whether to rent the land

So you’ve spent time in VulcanVerse and earned some $LAVA (look under Earnings in My Forge for your figures). What can you do with it? If you’ve earned above the 10,000 XP threshold — not as difficult as it sounds, especially if you’re playing other Vulcan Forged games too, you can use the VulcanDex (soon to be ElysiumSwap) to swap your $LAVA for $PYR or another available token. You truly can play and earn in VulcanVerse.

Renting a Vulcanite

Fae Fox, one of eight free-to-use Vulcanite companions

All My Forge account holders have the option to choose a companion Vulcanite. This companion is a non-NFT Vulcanite and there are 8x to choose from, 2x from each VulcanVerse quadrant. These companions look great and do a good job in VulcanVerse, having all the functionality of an NFT Vulcanite, but with lower stats.
But what if you want a higher powered, NFT Vulcanite, but you don’t own one and maybe can’t afford one? As a Cedalion, you can rent one in the same way you are able to rent a land plot.

As with renting land, click on the ‘Marketplace’ tab at the top of the screen when signed in to My Forge, then click the ‘Explore’ button under Cedalion (third down in the list). The ‘Cedalion Type’ filter on the right side defaults to ‘All’ — simply select ‘Vulcanites’ to see which if any are available to rent.

Click on a Vulcanite you like the look of — some rental information can be seen by hovering your mouse over the Vulcanites, click on one for the full details. Like Cedalion land rental, there are properties set by the Vulcanite owner or ‘Cedalion Manager’ to take note of. Will the Vulcanite cost you $PYR to rent? Is the rent free, but the Cedalion Manager will take a percentage of that Vulcanite’s $LAVA earnings?

When you’re happy, click ‘Join Vulcanite’ to rent!

For both land and Vulcanite rentals, you’ll need your wallet set up — the process for this will change shortly as Vulcan Forged transitions to Elysium, our new carbon neutral blockchain for metaverses. For the time-being, visit our Discord server if you need help setting up your wallet.

Own land or a Vulcanite? Become a Cedalion Manager

Things get interesting if you’re lucky enough to own a plot of land or a Vulcanite. You can rent these NFTs out to a Cedalion having set your desired options as mentioned previously. Why would you want to rent out your land or Vulcanite? Maybe you’re going on vacation and so won’t be playing for a couple of weeks. Or maybe work or family life have taken over a little. Why not put your land or Vulcanite to work for you? Depending on the options you have chosen, a Cedalion will either split their earned $LAVA with you or keep it all, pay a flat $PYR fee of your choosing, up front, to make use of your NFT- or not, be able to build on your land- or not and you specify the length of time the Cedalion can rent for.

There are three plans available for Cedalion Managers

Simply navigate to the ‘Marketplace’ tab in My Forge, click ‘Plans’ and choose whichever of the three plans suits you. Make a payment of the required $PYR and, under the ‘Cedalion’ tab in the left panel, click ‘Assets’ and you can choose which land you want to put up for rent, whether you want it to be Earning Share or Fixed Rent and of course specify the length of time you want to rent out your land for. Once the time is up, your land returns to you automatically. Couldn’t be simpler!

Finally, all of your current Cedalion statistics, whether you are a Cedalion yourself or a Cedalion Manager, are also under the Cedalion tab on the left-hand side bar in My Forge.


Becoming a Vulcan Forged Cedalion offers many life changing opportunities, which we covered last year in an article. One of the players mentioned in the article was recently invited to join our Discord moderating team, such was his dedication and love for the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. Other former Cedalions are now active community players who we wouldn’t be without. Maybe you’ll be next to join the ranks of Vulcan Forged’s much loved Cedalions?


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