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Exploring Notus: VulcanVerse Visual Updates

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And so we arrive at the final one of the big VulcanVerse visual updates to quadrants following the well received upgrades to Hades, Arcadia and Boreas in recent months. There are secrets to discover among the shifting sands of Notus!

Ongoing Updates

The team at Vulcan Studio consists of developers and artists, working together to bring you the VulcanVerse you deserve – smooth, fast and visually pleasing. In April we provided the outline for forthcoming updates to our flagship blockchain game, VulcanVerse. Below is our tentative update release schedule – so far we’ve hit our targets for Hades, Arcadia and Boreas.

Here is the tentative schedule for VulcanVerse refactoring we are working towards:


Phase 1: Tools and code base overhaul | Early March ✓

Phase 2: Visual Updates Hades | End of April ✓

Phase 3: Visual Updates Arcadia | Mid-May ✓

Phase 4: Visual Updates Boreas | Early June ✓

Phase 5: Visual Updates Notus | End of June

Phase 6: Optimization | Early August

Phase 7: Optimization | End of August

Phase 8: Optimization | End of August


Refactoring the Desert of Notus — VulcanVerse Visual Updates

Our focus is on bringing new and improved graphics to VulcanVerse, further immersing you into the ancient Greek world of gods and monsters! In Notus, you can expect a brand new port to explore, a real treat and a huge change to the previous one. You’ll notice  improvements to the sky, lighting, shadows and textures – and make sure you visit the Cataract of Tethys for some visually pleasing areas.

As the fourth and final quadrant to benefit from our VulcanVerse visual updates, we have no doubt you’ll enjoy walking the Sacred Way – the road that surrounds VulcanVerse and exploring the changes made. Let’s take a look at a few of the changes.

VulcanVerse visual updates come to the Desert of Notus
The Port of Notus – Statues under construction

The Port of Notus

On the central south coast was the ancient city of Iskandria. It fell into ruins as the fortunes of the Myrmidons faded, but in Vulcan’s new blockchain VulcanVerse, players have been rebuilding at Iskandria. Now, the port has been raised to it’s ancient glory, an enclosed area consisting of multiple lighthouses, winding pathways around administrative buildings and a marvelous statue. Seeing is believing here, so be sure to visit on updating VulcanVerse!

VulcanVerse visual updates to the Port of Notus
An avatar takes in the scenery at the new Port of Notus

The Great River

At one point in the history of this desert quadrant, the river dried up, bleached bones once picked clean by vultures reflected sunlight on the hot dry river bed. Now, the waters of the river flow, bright aqua gushing under strong stone bridges (replacing the old wooden ones). Follow the river to find waterfalls and great water wheels at the Cataract of Tethys.

VulcanVerse visual updates at the Great River in Notus
Follow the Great River to see the best that Notus has to offer

Cataract of Tethys

A place that was always going to benefit from VulcanVerse visual updates was the Cataract of Tethys. Previously barren, now the area feels busy, lived in. A great waterwheel turns where the cataract and Great River meet, the waters swelling the raging torrents of the river further at it turns to head south. There are surprises in store for those who care to look around here, buildings, statues and hidden areas.

VulcanVerse visual updates at the Cataract of Tethys in Notus
The Cataract of Tethys is truly a place to explore
The Cataract of Tethys in the Desert of Notus
A great waterwheel marks the entrance to the Cataract of Tethys

There are many more tweaks, adjustments and bug fixes as well as texture updates, some of which are covered in the release notes below – the VulcanVerse visual updates stretch beyond the Desert of Notus, with bug fixes to other quadrants also. As with any live release, our testing teams may not have picked up all bugs – if you spot something that isn’t quite right, report it in Canny. We truly appreciate your input as you explore the game.

What’s that, you haven’t experienced VulcanVerse yet? You can download VulcanVerse for Windows to get a feel of the latest version right away! Get the launcher here.


Summary of Release Notes

Thanks to Durdin for this summary of the release notes for version 1.1.20 of VulcanVerse:

  • Plot squares are easier to see in the Boreas snow with this update
  • The contrast in Boreas has been adjusted
  • Fishing bugs related to NFT roots have been fixed. Go fishing in the ‘Verse mortals!
  • Mantichora visuals have been fixed
  • Flying assets in Arcadia – fixed
  • Fixed bugs causing some of the NFTs to be able to hand in the air
  • Asset placement has been improved in some quadrants
  • Further minor bug fixes

See previous release details and notes here.


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