Got land? Sow it and Reap the Rewards

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How to stake $PYR in your VulcanVerse land

There are many benefits to owning land in VulcanVerse. One of the biggest is the ability to stake $PYR, the Vulcan Forged token, in a land plot to benefit from part of the $4m monthly rewards.

Vulcan is releasing 100 plots from his own land reserves onto the market. If you are lucky enough to purchase one or more of these plots, you’d be as wise as Athena to stake $PYR in your land and you’ll be glad to read that we’re outlining the process below..

Staking in land is a simple process. You first need to sow your land. This is done through your Vulcan Forged account, called My Forge. You’ll need an account with land and make sure you have your $PYR in the account wallet. There are different land levels

Sowing takes time. 20 days in fact. You can keep track of the sowing status of your land in the Sow Land section of My Forge. Once sowing is complete, you can stake your land. Here is the process:

  1. In My Forge, click on Sow Land.

2. Under Sow Land, you will see a list of land available to sow. You will need the correct amount of $PYR | POLYGON in your My Forge wallet- the sowing cost increases depending on the land level. For level 2 land for example, it is 50 $PYR.

Click ‘Sow’ to sow a particular piece of land

Of the PYR sowed, 50% goes to the reward pool, 30% to Vulcan and 20% is burned.

Follow the instructions on screen to begin the sowing process.

3. Wait for 20 days. You can check sowing progress at any time under Sow Land, where a progress bar and days and time remaining is displayed.

Tip: Play more VulcanVerse while you wait to build towards your next upgrade.

4. When sowing is complete, progress shows as 100% and status is ‘Sowed’. At this point, when the program is open, you can stake. For this, you need the required amount of $PYR and $LAVA available as displayed in the chart. For level 2 for example, there is a 50 $PYR and 50 $LAVA cost for staking. The $PYR staking fee is soft locked — you can remove it whenever you like. The $LAVA staking fee is burned.

There are 7 levels of upgrading, and your plot starts at level 1. Before every land upgrade, you must sow your land before you can stake $PYR into it. Remember, once you have sowed your plot there is a 20-day cooldown before staking $PYR can begin.

About Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is a blockchain game studio, NFT marketplace, and NFT minting engine. Vulcan Forged is the creator of VulcanVerse and Berserk, and many other games. The ecosystem is expanding rapidly, and many games are being enabled within the play to earn economy.

The native token used within the ecosystem is $PYR. The secondary token $LAVA acts as a play to earn tokens. This dual token economy structure is ideal for play to earn. Scholars will earn $LAVA while playing the Vulcan Forged games and will be able to forage special NFTs while in-game. These can be sold on the Vulcan Marketplace for $PYR.


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