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Harness The Power Of Gods In VulcanVerse

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Vulcan Studios is set to revolutionize game-play in VulcanVerse with the introduction of Olympian and Titan God powers, a groundbreaking mechanic that bestows players with divine powers and blessings. This innovative feature introduces a Temple system where players collectively contribute resources to unlock and upgrade the abilities of these legendary beings. Whether you posses a God NFT or not, the Gods in VulcanVerse are offering blessings to those who show their devotion.

The Temple in Vulcan City, a central hub for divine energy, offers multiple levels of upgrades, each requiring a significant amount of resources to ascend. Players must band together to gather the necessary materials, building a sense of community and collaboration within VulcanVerse. However, maintaining the Temple’s power comes with a responsibility—players must ensure a weekly upkeep of resources to prevent the Temple – and the buffs available, from downgrading to a lower level.

Gods in VulcanVerse Temple Upgrade

Once the Temple reaches a new level, players gain access to increased divine abilities and buffs granted by specific Olympian and Titan Gods in VulcanVerse. These buffs offer a wide range of benefits, from increased foraging speed to enhanced combat prowess. For example, Aphrodite’s Garden of Delights provides players with unique exotic plants for crafting, while Apollo’s Solar Purification empowers Vulcanites with bonus health and attack power.

Each God will bring its own set of abilities to the table, offering players a diverse range of strategic options to explore. Whether it’s Artemis’ Woodland Cunning for faster hunting or Athena’s Aegis for damage reduction in combat, players can tailor their gameplay experience to suit their playstyle.

Additionally, with the future implementation of professions, God buffs can be further augmented through special potions and cooking recipes, providing players with even greater flexibility and customization. With the power of the divine at their fingertips, players can embark on epic adventures, conquer formidable foes, and unlock the full potential of VulcanVerse.

An Oracle Speaks

On the temple hill, the Gods speak through the Oracle of VulcanVerse, who passes on the divine word to all mortal inhabitants of this realm. Vulcan’s Temple, the most magnificent building in VulcanVerse, is decaying. The Gods see this and are displeased, but they acknowledge that they haven’t been as readily present as they were in the old world, memory of them fading as people turned to new Gods and technology. Things must change. And so, the shrines of old now come to VulcanVerse, to several blessed locations throughout VulcanVerse’s quadrants.

“The Olympians and the Titans know that many of you offer prayers. They smile when hymns are sung in their name. They understand that veneration and passion is strong with some more so than others. And they will return to VulcanVerse, Vulcan’s digital creation and they offer their blessings in return.. in return for human devotion. Those of you who choose to venerate particular Gods by holding their likeness will be given gifts. Show your devotion by working to upgrade the temple and the stature of the God will grow. The power of their blessings aligns with your devotion to them. Your relationship with your chosen Gods may begin small and childlike, but soon it will blossom and grow..”


And so your relationship with your God NFT truly begins! But what if you don’t have one of the limited number of God NFTs? You have two options. Purchase one through Agora, the Elysium marketplace, or visit one of the shrines located throughout VulcanVerse, where you can make an offering to a certain deity and temporarily receive their blessings.

Note that some of the coming God buffs will begin with the introduction of new features such as professions.

Unlock The Divine, Unleash The Buffs

Olympian Gods in VulcanVerse – Abilities


  1. Passive ability: An ability to place unique Aphrodite building assets (Only for NFT owners)
  2. Passive ability: An ability to grow exotic plants with Gardening Profession
  3. Passive ability: An ability to receive special Love Fruits once in while.

Love Fruit will be used in future profession based features, such as Alchemy and Cooking.


  1. Passive ability: A discount for cleansing curses and immunity purchase for future Cursed Plots feature.
  2. Active ability: Makes your Vulcanite to perform special foraging action upon finishing which your Vulcanite’s will receive HP and Attack boost for a long duration, also this ability cleanses Cursed Plots in eponymous upcoming feature.


  1. Passive ability: Increases attack and attack speed of your Vulcanites each time you win opponents in a temporary stackable bonus that empowers with each new victory.


  1. Passive ability: Decreased time and increased chances to catch a prey with a trap with upcoming Hunting feature.


  1. Active ability: Decreases damage taken by your Vulcanite the more the lower HP he has.


  1. Passive ability: An ability to place unique for Demeter building assets (Only for NFT owners).
  2. Passive ability: Increased speed of growing plants with upcoming Gardening Profession.


  1. Passive ability: Increased effectiveness of potions used from upcoming Alchemy Profession.

Gods in VulcanVerse - Hera


  1. Passive ability: An ability to receive unique Olympians Glory fruit once in a while that can be used to level up Olympian Gods.


  1. Passive ability: An ability to trade between other player outside of Vulcan City.
  2. Passive ability: Increased regular movement speed.
  3. Passive ability: Decreased stamina consumption while sprinting and jumping from upcoming Stamina and Satiety feature.


  1. Passive ability: An ability to place unique Hearth asset which increases cooking speed and empowers food if a player stands nearby it with the upcoming Cooking Profession.


  1. Passive ability: Faster cool-down on rods if they are used in saltwater.
  2. Passive ability: A chance to catch unique for Poseidon fishes at saltwater.


  1. Active ability: Strikes an enemy with a lightning dealing damage and increasing damage done to him.
  2. Passive ability: Grants a random chance for a lightning to strike which will deal damage during the fight or give additional resources during foraging or spy-foraging.
  3. Passive ability: A passive visual effect that sparks a lightning around your avatar from time to time.

Titans in VulcanVerse – Abilities


  1. Passive ability: Increases spying stat of your Vulcanites.
  2. Passive ability: An ability to brew unique potion that will increase your spying stat even more and will allow to see stats of other’s Vulcanites without spying with Alchemy release.
Gods in VulcanVerse, Crius


  1. Passive ability: Increased chance to deal critical strike with your spying Vulcanite and makes his first strike always critical.
  2. Passive ability: Increased foraging and spy-foraging speed during the night.
    1. Also allows to find unique resources that allows to retain this bonus in diminished form during the day with Hollow Resources feature release.


  1. Active ability: Gives an ability to save percent of time spent on different actions in a pool which allows to use saved time to make next action instantaneous if enough time was saved.
  2. Passive ability: Decreased cool-down of other Olympians and Titans active abilities.


  1. Passive ability: Increased sprinting speed during the daytime from the upcoming Stamina and Satiety feature.
  2. Passive ability: An ability to make unique potion and food which can be used to preserve sprinting speed increase at other time with upcoming Alchemy and Cooking Professions.


  1. Passive ability: A chance for your Vulcanite to apply stackable debuff to the enemy that will increase damage taken by him.


  1. Passive ability: Reduced asset remove penalty from the future Building update feature.


  1. Passive ability: A chance for double fish catch in any type of waters.


  1. Passive ability: A chance to double any craft with any Crafting Profession coming in the future.


  1. Passive ability: An ability to receive unique Titans Tear fruit once in a while that can be used to level up Titans.

Gods in VulcanVerse - Titan Fruit


  1. Passive ability: Faster cool-down on rods if they are used in freshwater.
  2. Passive ability: A chance to catch unique for Tethys fishes at freshwater.


  1. Passive ability: Decreased cost for the NFT fragment forging into full NFT from the future Fragmented NFT’s feature.
  2. Passive ability: An ability to duplicate NFT fragments by the cost of another NFT fragment from the future Fragmented NFT’s.


  1. Passive ability: An ability to reject hunting loot which will gradually increase loot gains from the next successful catch from the upcoming Hunting Profession.
  2. Passive ability: Unique Themis specific daily quest.


Prepare to unlock the divine potential within you and join forces with fellow mortals to shape the destiny of VulcanVerse. Through the Gods and Titans mechanic, join Vulcan Studios in ushering in a new era of immersive gameplay and collective storytelling, where every action has the power to shape the fate of the world.. the Gods in VulcanVerse have arrived at last!


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