How to Earn From Vulcan Studios Games

How to Earn From Vulcan Studios Games: A Comprehensive Guide

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Welcome to the thrilling world of Vulcan Forged, where gaming merges with blockchain tech to create a revolutionary play-to-earn ecosystem. If you’re curious about earning from our games under Vulcan Studios, you’re in the right place. This article will cover everything from earning XP to our play-to-earn token, LAVA. Let’s dive in.

What Is XP?

Experience Points, or XP, are the lifeblood of your journey in the Vulcan Forged universe. It represents your dedication, time invested and triumphs within the games. You can earn XP from the majority of our games at present. It can be viewed under the Earnings tab of your MyForge account.

Why should you care about XP?

XP has a lot of use cases within our ecosystem. Here’s to name a few:

  • Level up your avatar
  • Level up your Vulcanite’s stats
  • Gamble in Vulcan Poker
  • Upgrade items/appearance
  • Stake land (inactive game accounts won’t receive staking rewards)

And the most important one, the one you’re looking for: To start earning from our games.

Yes, XP is the gateway to your earnings in our ecosystem. Once you start earning XP, you can also begin earning our token, LAVA.

Sounds exciting? Let’s dive into how you can earn XP across our various games.

An image of the Vulcan Studios' MyForge wallet dashboard displaying the amount of LAVA token earned

How to Earn XP From Our Games?

You can earn XP by simply engaging with our games. Most of the time, you’ll unconsciously earn XP while you’re playing. But since we’re talking specifically about earning here, it makes more sense to give you the precise distribution of XP.

So, here’s the breakdown of XP distribution by tasks in each of our games:


  • Successful forage based on loot rarity
    • Common = 1 XP
    • Rare = 2 XP
    • Epic = 3 XP
    • Mythic = 4 XP
    • Legendary = 5 XP
  • Winning a Vulcanite fight = 1 XP
  • Login for 1 hour = 10 XP (Once per day)
  • Visiting a landmark = 10 XP (per landmark, per day)
  • Plot appreciation (Landowners) = 2 XP (limited to one like per user on any given plot per day)
  • 5 trades = 10 XP (in a 24h period)
  • 10 battles = 50 XP (in a 24h period)
  • 10 forages = 25 XP (in a 24h period)
  • Forage once on all quadrants = 20 XP (in a 24h period)
  • Visit landmarks on all quadrants = 20 XP (in a 24h period)
  • Battle once on all quadrants = 20 XP (in a 24h period)
  • Fishing
    • No catch = 1 XP
    • Common = 1 XP
    • Rare = 2 XP
    • Epic = 3 XP
    • Mythic = 4 XP

An image of the Vulcan Studios' MyForge wallet dashboard displaying the amount of LAVA token earned through each function in the game.


  • Starter League Win: 6 XP
  • Starter League Loss: 2 XP
  • Ranked League Win: 20 XP
  • Ranked League Loss: 3 XP

Vulcan Runner

  • 100 coins = 1 XP

Forge Arena

XP can only be earned from normal games – not from tournaments or friendly matches.

  • Win = 5 XP
  • Loss = 2 XP


  • XP is variable based on points gained and time played (around 20 – 50 XP for loss/win when playing a full game).
  • XP can also be earned with its Quests

How to Earn LAVA from XP?

Okay, so you played our games and collected a lot of XP, but what next? XP has a ton of utilities in our ecosystem from upgrading items to being a necessity for our VulcanVerse PYR land staking.

But how do you earn from your XP? It’s super simple. LAVA is automatically distributed to everyone who earns XP. Your share of LAVA depends on the proportion of your XP compared to the total earned by all players and the game’s LAVA pool.

Here’s how much LAVA you can earn from each of our games:

Our play-to-earn token, LAVA.


There is an hourly cap of 1k LAVA split per XP gained in that hour.

For example, a total of 25,000 XP has been earned in 1 hour by 100 players, while the LAVA pool contains 1,000 LAVA.

Player 1 earned 2,500 XP. This player will be awarded 10% of the reward pool. This is 100 LAVA. (2,500 XP out of 25,000 in total = 10%)

Player 2 earned 25 XP. This player will be awarded .1% of the reward pool. This is 1 LAVA. (25 XP out of 25,000 in total = 0.1%)

And so on. The more you commit to the game, the higher you can expect your XP to be, and as a result, your LAVA reward to become as well.


There is a current daily cap of 2k LAVA (Cap adjusts relative to player base). LAVA is distributed daily following the same process outlined above.


2k LAVA proportionally distributed based on XP earned every 24hrs. 

Vulcan Runner and Forge Arena

There’s a 7 LAVA/hour cap for each player. (30 XP = 1 LAVA)

This means a player can gain (7 LAVA * 24 Hours) = 168 LAVA, from these games each day.

Cold LAVA and Hot LAVA

An image of the Vulcan Studios' MyForge wallet dashboard displaying the amount of LAVA token earned through games.

The LAVA earned from your XP is Cold LAVA, credited to your My Forge account.

To withdraw it, you must convert it to Hot LAVA – the on-chain crypto convertible to other cryptocurrencies. There is a 72-hour “cool down” period after earning Cold LAVA before you can withdraw it.

It is possible to convert Cold to Hot LAVA when you have earned at least 10,000 XP. As soon as your account reaches 10,000XP, the 72-hour cooling down period will start.

Once that’s done, you can effortlessly convert your Cold LAVA to Hot LAVA and then to PYR on our DEX, ElysiumSwap.

And that’s it. 

Our games give you a holistic gaming experience with fun and rewarding adventures.

Play your favorite games, collect XP, convert it into LAVA, and witness your digital endeavors turning into real-world rewards.

Let the fun and earn BEGIN!

About Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged stands as the pinnacle of the web3 ecosystem, renowned for Vulcan Studios, the dynamic web3 project studio; Elysium, a cutting-edge carbon-neutral Layer-1 blockchain; and the highly-anticipated MetaScapes, a groundbreaking Metaverse-as-a-Service initiative.

With an impressive portfolio of over 10 projects, which includes the widely acclaimed VulcanVerse and the thrilling Berserk, Vulcan Forged is at the forefront of innovation in the web3 entertainment domain. Anchored by a robust community of tens of thousands of passionate members, Vulcan Forged is resolutely committed to leading the way in the ever-evolving web3 entertainment landscape.

Vulcan Forged employs a dual-token system. The primary token, $PYR, serves as the native currency, while the secondary token, $LAVA, functions as a play-to-earn token. This unique dual-token economy structure has been meticulously crafted to cater to the specific needs of blockchain gaming enthusiasts.

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