How Vulcan’s Play-to-Earn is Changing Lives

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Cedalions tell their Vulcan story

The Vulcan Forged ecosystem of play-to-earn blockchain games has come into its own during the last few months, with the advent of $LAVA earning in both VulcanVerse and Berserk- and with more games to come. Some of the biggest winners so far are the Cedalions, those who have signed up for a My Forge account and are playing games at no cost to themselves other than time.

Cedalions have been signing up in their droves. Many of them individually, a large number are also coming in through guilds. Some Cedalion Managers (the name given to those who are listing their land- and now Vulcanites- on the rental market) are bringing in large amounts of Cedalions who are striking gaming gold. One such Cedalion Manager is NicksVV, who has graciously put us in touch with two of his Cedalions, Durdin and Kleeless, who have told us their Cedalion story.

Cedalions can choose a level 0 Vulcanite companion, or rent a higher level Vulcanite (Image: Lox)

Durdin is a Tunisian software developer, an MMO player since childhood and a huge RPG fan who does live action roleplay. He recently reached the quarter finals of the Berserk tournament and won some land in Troy.

“..the single fact of being able to create my own story/NPCs/quests and even dub voices feels like a dream. I can’t wait for Elysium and all the upcoming changes in VulcanVerse.
I enjoy VulcanVerse a lot at the moment. I just do my daily tasks and spend my time there exploring what people have built, what has changed, and finally just keep enjoying talks with the community while foraging. I miss a lot of things, but I know that they are coming and this is only the beginning.”

“I would say that Vulcan has been the first project that has caught my eye and makes me wanna play it, the P2E fact just make it more interesting. It has changed my daily behaviour and I have fun playing games and spending time on the Discord with everyone. Also, I used part of my $LAVA wins to reach 25 $PYR with my previous amount, that made me a lucky mortal and I got a Troy land token on the giveaway last week.

I’m so hyped to soon be able to build, create a story inside Troy with NPCs and quests and bring the opportunity to other players playing as Cedalions like NicksVV made for me!

I didn’t invest the rest of my earnings yet, still accumulating LAVA and looking forward (to) the Frenzy Pass and the new games to come out and start investing to play and win nonstop!”

Durdin is doing the business in VulcanVerse

Durdin has since purchased his first plot of VulcanVerse land in the Mountains of Boreas and finished 8th, despite not owning any Berserk NFTs in the Berserk Starter League tournament.

Kleeless is a 22 year old gamer from the Philippines. She feels that the economy Vulcan Forged is developing is “quite astounding”. Kleeless has found an NFT through foraging in VulcanVerse and is enjoying community interaction — “The community of Vulcan Forged is very kind, very approachable, very wholesome that every positive adjective will fit to describe it due to the immeasurable accommodation that I usually experience from them and the random quests that they usually provide for extra earnings”.

Kleeless, like Durdin, is a regular in Vulcan Forged games

Vulcan Forged games are genuinely changing Kleeless’s life:

“I can earn at least 280 $LAVA per week with a range of 800 XP — 1000 XP per day and that is about 1556 php or $30 with a $0.11 per lava price. My best one so far is having 400 $LAVA for 10 days (2224 php or $43).

Instead of mindlessly playing games that costs me time and electricity, Vulcan Forged allowed me to still enjoy playing games while giving me the opportunity to earn. I was able to take on two of my family’s monthly bills despite being only a student and treat to them to meals occasionally or save some of it for later.

It is providing me the attitude to try a bit harder so I can become a landowner someday and pass this wonderful blessing that is helping me tremendously right now. I wonder how much more will it change me when it finally goes to the moon.”

The secret appears to be out. Vulcan really is improving the lives of people the world over. With Cedalion rankings and profiles incoming, this is just the beginning.

About Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is a blockchain game studio, NFT marketplace, and NFT minting engine. Vulcan Forged is the creator of VulcanVerse and Berserk, and many other games. The ecosystem is expanding rapidly, and many games are being enabled within the play to earn economy.

The native token used within the ecosystem is $PYR. The secondary token $LAVA acts as a play to earn tokens. This dual token economy structure is ideal for play to earn. Scholars will earn $LAVA while playing the Vulcan Forged games and will be able to forage special NFTs while in-game. These can be sold on the Vulcan Marketplace for $PYR.


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