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VulcanVerse and GensoKishi Online Collaborate in NFT Farm

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EDIT (25/10/23): Link to the farm: https://swap.elysiumchain.tech/farm/Pool-PYRMV

In a thrilling convergence of two metaverse giants, VulcanVerse and GensoKishi Online Metaworld have joined forces to offer an exciting opportunity for gamers and NFT enthusiasts alike. This collaboration unfolds in the realm of Elysium, where users can stake their claim to a trove of digital treasures (2 exclusive NFTs in limited editions) and embark on a journey filled with mythical characters and legendary adventures.

Metaverse NFT Partnership

Vulcan Forged, renowned for its immersive MMORPG metaverse game, VulcanVerse, and GensoKishi Online, a Japanese metaverse game with its own unique charm, have set the stage for an epic collaboration. In the heart of Elysium, a decentralized exchange called Elysium Swap beckons, offering 300 fortunate individuals a golden ticket to a treasure trove of digital delights (2 exclusive NFTs).

The Journey Begins: Staking for NFT Rewards

The gateway to this extraordinary metaverse adventure is straightforward. To secure their spot in this metaverse partnership, users must stake their assets in a Liquidity pool. This process offers a unique opportunity to participate in a 30-day staking experience, opening the door to a world filled with legendary NFTs.

The Legends: Asterion and Genso Knight

As the staking period concludes, participants will be eligible for not one, but two exclusive NFTs, each with its own tale to tell. First, from the GensoKishi Online side, meet Asterion, the ‘Master of the Minotaurs.’ His unmatched strength and fiery temperament make him a symbol of power and courage. Fate led him to GensoKishi, where his incredible abilities found a new home. Asterion’s journey represents the unity of two worlds and the enduring power of acceptance, reminding us that unity and strength can conquer even the most intricate challenges.

From the VulcanVese side, the enigmatic Genso Knight emerges. This otherworldly figure, blessed with the sentient armor “Aegis,” becomes the protector of Vulcan City and its inhabitants. Tasked with maintaining balance in the realm, the Genso Knight exemplifies courage and honor, symbolizing the bonds that unite creatures from all realms. The knight stands as a guardian against the dangers lurking in VulcanVerse, a beacon of hope in a world of strife.

Stake Your Claim: How to Participate

To embark on this metaverse journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. On October 25th, 2023, access Elysium Swap: Visit the Elysium Swap (the Elysium DEX platform), and connect your wallet.
  2. Choose The PYR/MV Farming Pool: Select the NFT farming pool linked to the VulcanVerse and GensoKishi Online partnership.
  3. Stake Your Tokens: You’ll need PYR and MV tokens. Stake the required number of tokens (equivalent to 390 ELS-LP) and confirm the transaction. More details to come on that soon.
  4. Claim Your Rewards: After the 30-day staking period, you’ll be able to claim your Asterion and Genso Knight NFTs, each with its unique utility.

As this exciting VulcanVerse and GensoKishi Online collaboration unfolds, a world of possibilities awaits in the metaverse. Two communities merge in Elysium, offering unforgettable adventures, endless opportunities for NFT collectors and gamers, and a future teeming with potential. So, don your armor, wield your sword, and stake your claim in the metaverse—you’re on the brink of an extraordinary journey.


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