PYR token sale — How does it work?

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Essential instructions for 29th March

On 29th March at 4pm GMT, selected people who have registered and passed KYC will be receiving their PYR tokens (what is PYR? Check out our PYR 101).

So, how does this work?

You will need to have registered for the PYR sale — registration was in February and early March. If you didn’t do that, read no further and await PYR hitting exchanges.

For those of you who have whitelisted:

1. Go to

2. Enter the same email address you used in the previous registration process and create a password.

3. Complete the KYC process. This involves submitting documents and is managed by Note- Vulcan Forged has no say whatsoever over the KYC process. If you are having issues with approval, submit a support ticket to Blockpass.

4. Select how you wish to make payment — ETH, VET, MATIC or USDT and input your sending wallet address (this cannot be from be an exchange).

You have four options for how you want to purchase your PYR.

5. !IMPORTANT Then, Go to This is your Vulcan wallet and MUST be used to receive your PYR.

6. If you haven’t already, make an account and login

8. Go to ‘My Wallets’ and copy your PYR Address:

10. Paste the PYR address in your Receiving wallet over on

11. Click ‘Add PYR Wallet’ and enter it:

12. At 4pm GMT on March 29th, Select which PYR purchase you will make — Common, Epic, Mythic or Legendary.

Choices choices…

When you click a choice:

1. You will be notified instantly as to whether you have been selected for the PYR sale. Note — there are limited places, it is anticipated that only a fraction of those applying for PYR will be selected. If you miss out, don’t worry — PYR will be listed on exchanges shortly.

2. You will given instructions on where to make payment there and then. There is a 6 hour window, from 4pm GMT on 29th March, to pay for your PYR tokens.

N.B. You must pay from the wallet you selected in ‘Sending wallet’.

Your tokens will be sent out over a period of 7days from 29th March.


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