Phalanx Minting Engine

Vulcan Forged Phalanx: Army of Collectibles

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A Brief overview of the Vulcan Phalanx Minting Engine


Vulcan’s Phalanx is a live minting engine where you, the mortal users, can create a limited edition Phalanx character over 10 different clans, spanning a total of 10,000 characters, divided into basic, rare, epic and legendary status. Depending on the rank of your character and/or combinations of clans, your $LAVA generation and other gaming perks will be complimented.


At the end of January, you will be able to mint specific NFTs with various skills and powers ranging from common up to legendary. Out of 10.000 Phalanx NFTs, there are 10 clans, with100 legendary for each. As depicted in this article, the first clan is the Centaur clan.

The higher the attribute’s strength, the higher it will be ranked, automated our end. So a combination of all the highest strength attributes will result in a ‘Legendary’ NFT, while a combination of all lowest strength attributes will lead to a ‘Common’ NFT and so on.

The idea is to create a live minting experience, where mortals from around the globe can log in at the same time, start the minting process with equal opportunity of minting any NFT and use their creativity & skills to create and mint NFTs at differentiated cost based on the minted NFT’s category. It will indeed be a FCFS intense experience to warrant PTSD flashbacks.


The platform is live as we speak in alpha. Internal testing is underway, making sure everything works as expected before releasing this to the general public.

Use cases

This platform will create new use cases and in-game features for these special NFTs. We are working on implementing these NFTs in various games and designing exceptional use cases for this new avatar generation system.

Some confirmed bonuses for owning a legendary Phalanx character and/or owning a clan:

  • Increased $LAVA generation
  • NFT drops
  • % of $LAVA used on Elysium
  • Extra powers in VulcanVerse and Berserk
  • More TBA

Join the amazing community of artists, and create your first NFTs.

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