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Vulcan Forged to Launch ‘Open Metaverse’ SDK

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Any third-party game can access NFTs from the Vulcan Forged library, including $LAVA allocations

The metaverse was a widely used term in sci-fi novels from the 90s, simply meaning the world of the future, but it is now adopted to represent blockchain gaming and virtual worlds. However, the metaverse does not necessarily have to be limited to 3D worlds or single games. Of course, we ourselves have several specifically themed games such as Berserk, Forge Arena and Block Babies that all utilize our NFTs for game-dependent use-cases. And of course, we have the giant VulcanVerse, a 3D virtual world. themed around Greco-Roman lore, where land, objects, and creatures are owned by the community and an economy can take shape.

FRENZY will go live on December 6th, and allow any third-party application or game to access the images, metadata, and variables from all of our NFTs. On top of that, we are allowing third-party games to acquire an allocation of $LAVA, our secondary play-to-earn token. The entity will simply need to hold a minimum amount of $PYR, and they will be able to tap into our giant Play to Earn economy and Vibrant Community.

For example, our Vulcanites, which are already used across multiple games, could be adopted by a third-party game creator that wishes to save time on development, design, and office work, by incorporating characters that already exist. These characters already have variables, metadata, and different images associated with them that can be fetched and adapted to any game.

Here’s Asterion, same NFT, represented differently in all games. Third parties will have access to all his forms and current stats.

Third parties can now tap into an already established economy and established community that would be keen to use their owned NFTs in other applications. This gives the game developer a kickstart in the community and instant value to their games.

The initial coding languages supported in the Frenzy API SDK will be Python, Java, C++and HTTP GET requests.

The Frenzy platform will launch on December 6th, 2021, and is just another step to make Vulcan Forged a well-rounded giant blockchain gaming economy, otherwise known as a Behemoth.

NB: We will be offering large bounties and prizes for games developed using our SDK and the Frenzy platform.


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