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VulcanVerse — Create Your Own Quests (CYOQ)

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Use or earn PYR from custom users’ adventures.

VulcanVerse has an incredibly rich lore. Backed by Fighting Fantasy authors, each quadrant and vulcanite has a well detailed backstory written. This will be taken to new levels with the upcoming 5 gamebooks being released.

However, Vulcan doesn’t want his puny mortals left out.

VulcanVerse bridges the gap between normal blockchain sandbox games to MMO functionality, and along with its current fight, forage and spy mechanics embedded into the world’s Vulcanites, Vulcan himself will slowly ease quests and gameplay into the world.

But soon, anyone can create their own quest or adventure if they meet the requirements.

In order for a user to create their own quest or adventure they must have a Level 7 land plot. It is from here that quests can be set and players register to partake in them. In order to reach Level 7 land, the plot must be nurtured with the native token of Vulcan Forged: PYR, which in turn provides you with staking rewards.

How it works?

If you have a plot that is nurtured to level 7, you can create a quest. The quest could be users collecting certain NFTs from your store (you must hold PYR to open one), it could be screenshots to verify they have visited a certain place or done a certain thing, or they must hold certain NFTs from Vulcan Forged or other dApps. In fact, your questline can be as open or creative as you like, even including tasks to be completed outside of VulcanVerse.

N.B. Vulcan must vet and approve all quests.

In order to set up a quest:

  • Register your level 7 land with a Quest Chest.
  • Quest Chest is an X amount of PYR you choose.
  • You then choose how it is distributed amongst the first X mortals to complete the quest. For example you may put 1000 PYR into the quest chest, and say the first ten to complete it receive 100 PYR each.
  • For someone to take part in your quest they must also pay X amount of PYR. 80% of this PYR goes to you, 10% to the reward pools, and 10% to Vulcan himself.

It is thus up to you to design quests that:

a) Enough people register for your quest to make back the Quest Chest you have allocated

b) It is attainable enough to gauge interest

c) It is the right level of difficulty that users feel it’s not a simple first to complete task.

Adding custom quests for land owners automatically turns VulcanVerse into a world littered with adventures. It also provides another route to topping up the reward pool as well as incentivizing users to level up their land.

N.B. All quests must be assigned through the My Forge portal and if the land is sold during a quest, all PYR is returned to the users competing, with at 10% penalty for the quest makers.



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