10 Points of Action Update 3

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1. Finish current games

Game Council Summary
The game council met and discussed various key parts of the ecosystem, analyzing the existing games and putting forward an objective report as to which games are more worthy of continued development beyond the current state.

In-game economics were a large part of this meeting, with some interesting XP and achievement concepts proposed for VulcanVerse to create a more immersive experience.

Frenzy pass proposals were made and shall be discussed internally before publishing.

Troy’s GDD was reviewed at the meeting, and more information on Troy is to be expected in the very near future.

1. Tower Defense
The team is working on some reported canny issues and adding a few paths to the game. The latest build was made live last Friday, and the updated build with canny issues and added paths will be made live the coming Thursday. This will mark the end of the planned phase 1 of development as all other planned work has been completed.

2. Vulcan Runner
The latest build was made live on Apple’s test flight on Tuesday. Some issues for both iOS and Android have been reported on canny. The team is working on those canny issues, and the final builds will be made live for both iOS and Android the coming Thursday.

Apart from this, all other work is complete on the Windows build, Android build & iOS build, and the respective builds are live.

3. Tartarus
Team is working on crowd control weapon animation & weapons slots. The work on all other aspects of the game, including server authorization, player stats, player inputs, basic combat actions & enemies, is complete. The next build will be made live in the last week of November with crowd control, weapon animation & weapon slots added. This will mark the end of this phase of development.

2. Announce C-Level hires

This task is personally managed by Jamie and a team of experts.

Please check out the latest tweet related to this topic:

3. Redefine our play-to-earn economy

This task is personally managed by Jamie and a team of experts. The Game Council also discussed this topic last week.

4. MetaScapes

Work in progress:

  • Cinematic film & trailers.
  • Ongoing marketing & development.
  • New concept work + images.
  • Alpha commenced & concept/description/gameplay are being documented.
  • Concept design for the four maps (based on the four environments)
  • CGI assets for the game
  • Character creation

15th November 1st video teaser

15th December 2nd video teaser

25th January Final video release

Above are ETAs and are subject to change

Development & Gameplay:
In Progress by a dedicated Vulcan Forged & Metascapes development team.

5. Mobile gaming focus

Cold Lava Implementation in mobile games is under discussion.
Dealing with iOS’s recent change in NFT mobile gaming rules.

6. Migration to Elysium

The Elysium marketing push is beginning, starting with a series of explainer articles:

Why is Elysium blockchain different

What is ongoing:

  • Migration protocol for VF NFTs. Minting of new/replacement NFTs on Elysium has already begun.
  • Certain partners have already begun bridging their Polygon/Ethereum NFTs.
  • Audit is still underway, still on track for preliminary report at the end of the month.
  • Aegis + Bridge integration from Lossless is underway
  • The bridge front-end design was approved, so it’s being added by Vaival
  • Testing of My Forge + Metamask continues. Presently QAQC testing at this point, there have been no issues.
  • NFT minting of VF NFTs in preparation for the migration continues on NightAngel’s end
  • Launchpad dev work continues. We’re approaching a point soon where we can run a mock IGO and fine-tune the flows
  • 1. NFTs API infrastructure upgrade for Vulcan Forged has also started and is in progress, the team have set up the APIs on AWS and instead of using MySQL, the APIs are now being shifted to DynamoDB for maximum performance.
  • 2. Some UI improvement has been made in the explorer along with data improvements and search improvements are also in progress.
  • 3. Elysium Bridge’s new design has been completed and its front-end work has been started yesterday. The Elysium UI/UX should be in sync with Elysium theme.
  • 4. Design work on the tools of Elysium are also in progress, which includes
  • 4.1. Elysium Marketplace
  • 4.2. Cloud Wallet
  • 4.3. API
  • 4.4. SDK
  • 4.5. Developer tools for third parties.
    Note- Not just the design of these tools but also the navigation between and linking of all these applications is also in the design phase, so that the whole Elysium ecosystem module is interconnected.
  • 5. Setting up the testnet RPC and node is in progress at present.
  • 6. Integration of Elysium in My Forge and the marketplace is also complete along with Metamask

7. UX, User Retention & Marketing

Itsmass and Lab49 are taking over to completely restructure the company with the new C-level additions and all marketing actions & social media presence.

8. ElysiumSwap and Launchpad

Elysium Launchpad
Final Stages of development and front-end polishing.

Deployments of PYR and LAVA on Elysium are ready and pending another discussion with Lossless.

9. VulcanVerse Gameplay

Current Status:

1. LAVA Bank -LIVE.


3. Treasure Chest NFT — CARD READY.

4. NFT backend flow -READY.


6. Fishing Stage 1: Fishing Alpha to be delivered to PBT (Community Testers).

7. Concept art for Landmark changes — Fortress of the Wind, Necropolis, Charos (Statue for the Necropolis of Hades)

All of the below to follow as per our pipeline

8. New Foraging System (complete Revamp) — overview of foraging rework document has been released to various groups to gather feedback.

-Randomized loot tables

-Loot tables specific to quadrant and location

-Limited foraging crystals

-Limited amount of actively foraging Vulcanites per plot

-PVP Vulcanite battles during foraging

-PVE NPC boss/creature defending rich plots

-New spying system

-New Resource Sinks

-Pre-patch events

-In-game voting system using resources (materials, ex., wood, iron, etc.)

9. Lava Vulcanite unlocking system (possibly implemented before new foraging System)

10. Summoning process

-Vulcanites, fragments, scrolls, etc.

11. Alchemy system

12. Masteries

(*) At the same time as these will be released, some features are being reworked to become part of a bigger system where all features are interconnected.

(**) Major upcoming gameplay improvements on new foraging system to follow.


Expanded draft of Troy GDD ready
Feature & gameplay Troy GDD under review. The date for sale is not defined. Will also be discussed between the Game Council team meetings.

Pending below:

-Date for Sale

-Phases of Sale

-OG Badge early entry

-Troy Seed holders whitelist

-Public access

-Creation of a landing page

-Minting plots

-Marketing plan / strategy

– Plot information (work in progress)

-Tier information, including landmarks (description & design)

-Gameplay elements

-Landmarks being designed

10. US expansion

This task is personally managed by Jamie and a team of experts from the US.


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