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5 Ways Just Holding $PYR Works For You

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Our Primary Token Holds A Lot Of Value — In More Ways Than One

1. Generates $LAVA

Holding $PYR in your My Forge wallet can generate our secondary token, $LAVA! Hold $PYR in your wallet and earn enough XP or ‘experience points’ from our Vulcan Forged ecosystem games and you will be rewarded with $LAVA through the $LAVA Gem Program.

It’s a simple process and, apart from holding an amount of $PYR, all you need to do is play to get that XP and your $LAVA earning can begin!

2. You Can Join The Philosophers Council!

Hold 80k+ $PYR in your My Forge wallet and you can request a place in the Vulcan Forged Philosophers Council! There are 30 seats available (if the seats are filled, there’s a reserve list). Philosophers benefit from some truly jealousy inducing perks including:

  • Access to Vulcan’s table, by way of a private Discord channel — where CEO and senior staff will provide Philosophers with information and glimpses of content before they are released to the general public.
  • Philosophers robes — unique outfits for wear in VulcanVerse, Vulcan Forged’s blockchain based MMORPG. Be at the height of fashion and let fellow players know you’re member of this special club.
  • Special Discord tag

And coming soon:

  • Teleport ability: You’ll be able to enter VulcanVerse through any plot
  • Access to the Elysium Plains and all other worlds
  • Gilded wallet/account name across all dApps and tag in VulcanVerse
  • Chosen Philosopher Icon and Quote in account

3. Gain A Node Tier

You’ll be rewarded with $LAVA for staking a level of PYR through one of our Elysium blockchain Typhon Node tiers. Simply stake $PYR and receive $LAVA, with rewards increasing depending on the locking period. There are six tiers of Typhon Node, from Tier 1, the Cyclops Node at just 2000 locked $PYR. Read all about it here.

4. Become Eligible For NFTs & Other Drops

Maybe you don’t have enough $PYR for an Elysium Typhon Node — not a problem. If you choose to, you can assign your $PYR to one of the Cronus Nodes — authority nodes ran by partner projects or figures of significance (more on that here). The Cronus Node holder will have access to a dashboard where they can airdrop NFTs and / or tokens / $LAVA bonuses to $PYR delegators.

Holding $PYR will increase the chance that you will be eligible for future NFT drops, as it has in the past for the likes of Troy land seeds.

5. Access to Elysium Launchpad

Our Elysium Launchpad is a digital asset fund raising platform on Elysium. The Launchpad is designed to help and advise project teams, whether through pre-build advisory services to offering a helping hand along the way, partners will be able to use Elysium Launchpad to launch their project and raise funds — with that sought after big time exposure.

Access will be provided through a tiered system tied to a USD snapshot for staking prior to launches.

Holding $PYR can bring further untold benefits —in the past this has included unique My Forge achievements.


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