Why Is Elysium Blockchain Different?

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What Sets Elysium Apart From Other Blockchains & Why Do YOU Need To Use It?

1. We Plant Trees The More It’s Used!

Our logo isn’t the only green thing about Elysium. We understand the concerns often aired by traditional gamers surrounding blockchain and the environment. Blockchain can be energy-intensive, a huge resource consumer. At Vulcan Forged, we care about the environment. We want a world as green as Arcadia is in our MMORPG VulcanVerse — and so we’ve partnered up with our friends at Coorest to allow Elysium to be carbon-neutral, by planting trees on 70,000 acres of land.

The gas fee from Elysium transactions will be used to plant tokenized trees, offsetting the CO2 emitted by the blockchain and leading to the creation of new forests. We’re planting 50,000 ‘blockchain monitored’ trees in Spain to start with the offset. These trees will absorb 2.5 million kilograms of CO2 every year. This way, we will ensure that transactions, NFT minting, staking solutions and other on-chain operations are carbon-neutral.

Unlike some green initiatives, there’s no double spending or double counting, everything is quantifiable. Chainlink’s satellite-based global biomass monitor is put to excellent use.

Use Elysium and help us plant a real life version of Garden of Arcadia’s Deep Forest!

2. We Have A Fast 51 Node PoA Consensus

PoA? Proof of Authority. This is a consensus mechanism that gives a small and designated number of blockchain actors the power to validate transactions / interactions with the network and to update its distributed registry — based on identity as a stake. Of the several Elysium node types, Cronus Nodes, a network of 51 authority nodes in total, will guard and validate Elysium transactions using PoA.

A blockchain validator is a network node that assists in processing and validating transaction blocks on the platform so that they can be added to the permanent ledger of the blockchain.

Cronus Node owners will be known entities, from partners, to game developers, Vulcan Philosophers, respected community contributors, venture capitalists and more. Elysium authority nodes require hardware (server) and special software provided by Elysium. The nodes will be hosted at strategic locations throughout the world using carbon-neutral data centers and servers only.

These authority nodes will receive part of the transaction fees generated on the Elysium blockchain. The nodes will also receive a percentage of the royalty fees generated on Elysium. Read more here.

3. We’re Metaverse & Gaming Centered

Elysium isn’t called the ‘Blockchain for Metaverses’ for nothing you know!

Elysium is built on gaming

Taking our expertise gained through our development work as a blockchain gaming studio at Vulcan Forged, we’ve built a blockchain that we, as a game studio, need, having identified speed and security as necessities. Elysium is optimized for NFT-based games & the metaverse. A true carbon-neutral high-performance blockchain.

Our Metaverse-as-a-Service engine (MaaS), MetaScapes, is the most high profile Vulcan Forged build emerging on Elysium; a game changing piece of software that is designed to give the world’s creative minds — from individuals to blue chip company creative teams, the building blocks to create their own metaverse to suit their needs.

Elysium is built for gaming and game studios, whether already blockchain based or integrating NFTs in future games — and many are migrating to Elysium!

4. The Elysium Protocols: What Are They?

The Magma Protocol is a process that allows for automatic conversion of all tokens using Elysium blockchain to PYR on the back-end using ElysiumSwap, our decentralized exchange (DEX) on all Agora (our Elysium marketplace) transactions. Put simply, buying any NFT with any ELS-20 token will output the fees involved in PYR (or LAVA) using ElysiumSwap. No tricky manouvres required, the Magma Protocol is built to make your life easier.

The Elysium GIFT Protocol adds generalized native fee delegation to the Elysium blockchain. This means we’re making things easier for everyone — this innovative feature allows anyone to use a decentralized application regardless of their knowledge of blockchain technology. We’re removing the toughest barriers for adoption — the gas fee can be sponsored by anyone for anyone.
The Surge Protocol allows a user to use any in-wallet token as their gas fee. The user simply chooses one of the tokens available and this is converted to LAVA backend which is then used as gas to process a transaction.

5. PYR Generates LAVA. LAVA Fuels The Blockchain

LAVA is the token that fuels the ‘engine’ of the Elysium blockchain. Like other blockchains, transactions need a small amount of gas in order to be processed. We use LAVA bound to a fixed USD value to cover transaction fees. Based on the complexity (byte size) of the transaction the fee can fluctuate slightly. The standout points? This fee will be used to plant trees (see point 1) with a percentage going to the nodes to cover their validation work (see point 2).

Good news for PYR holders — holding PYR in your wallet can generate LAVA! Nodes will generate LAVA as nodes will receive part of the transaction fees making the process circular. But you can also hold PYR in your wallet and earn enough experience points (XP) inside our games to be rewarded with LAVA using the ‘LAVA Gem Program’. Playing games and owning the Frenzy Pass will also make you some LAVA. LAVA LAVA everywhere. Can’t even blame the Thanatos Volcano in the Underworld of Hades for this one.. and where there are many ways to earn LAVA, there are many ways to spend it too.

6. It Contains Its Own DEX, Launchpad and Game SDK

Elysium comes with a suite of blockchain tools, built to provide everything a startup or even an established team could need. Elysium is not just a blockchain! Built and supported by our blockchain game studio, Vulcan Forged, we’ve covered all bases; our DEX, ElysiumSwap is a peer-to-peer exchange where users can trade cryptocurrencies directly without the need for a centralized intermediary (banks etc) to facilitate the custody and transfer of funds. This is done through the use of self-executing agreements written in code called ‘smart contracts’. As well as trading tokens, users can provide liquidity and earn through pools and farms.

Our Elysium Launchpad is a digital asset fund raising platform on Elysium. Why not launch a project on Elysium now?! Our Launchpad is a platform designed to help and advise project teams, whether through pre-build advisory services to offering a helping hand along the way, partners will be able to use Elysium Launchpad to launch their project and raise funds — with worldwide exposure.

The Elysium Game software development kit (SDK) is a set of software-building tools for Elysium blockchain, including the building blocks, debuggers and more. Our SDK will allow a team to integrate blockchain transactions game-side.

7. Dynamic NFTs, Gamified Metadata, Focus On NFTs Optimized For Gaming Including the ELS-M1

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) come in many forms and Elysium accepts all! But our true focus is on NFTs with a solid use-case; specifically gaming!

The ELS-M1 is our new, patented NFT protocol; allowing interoperability of NFTs between metaverses, it will also store and load the entire plot data into your MetaScapes engine. The following protocols are on Elysium, built to give fungible and non-fungible assets the ability to interact in smart contracts:

  • ELS-20 — fungible, interchangable tokens that represent a single entity.
  • ELS-721 — our standard Elysium non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • ELS-1155 — an NFT with dynamic metadata used in gaming, allowing for data to be changed or upgraded through, for example, progress in a game.
  • ELS-M1 — allowing interoperability of NFTs between metaverses and storing / loading entire MetaScapes plot data.

Through use of these exciting protocols, Elysium offers something for all blockchain game studios!

8. Node Tiers Allowing Level Of PYR Held To Earn A Share From Transaction Fees

Typhon Nodes are a type of Elysium node that provide holders with a percentage of all Elysium transaction fees. The process is simple — stake PYR and receive LAVA! Depending on the length of the locking period, rewards can increase.

There are six tiers of Typhon Nodes, with tier 1 starting at 2000 PYR locked. A part of all transaction fees generated on the Elysium blockchain will be divided between all Typhon Nodes.

9. Personalized Tech & Marketing Teams Assigned to Projects Onboarding to Elysium, Including NFT Minting Engine, Bridge and Valuable Connections

Elysium builds for you. Through our Elysium Launchpad and easy to master, powerful tools such as our minting engine that supports images, gif animation, audio, video, dynamic NFTs, QR codes, ‘scratch card’ reveal mechanism and more we provide all the tools required from startup to fully fledged studio. Elysium offers a wide range of products for teams to kickstart their game-related projects including white labeled NFT Marketplaces, NFT rental systems and scholar systems, just waiting to be personalized with the branding of your choice.

Elysium’s Bridge allows users to effortlessly bridge tokens between Elysium, Polygon, Binance and Ethereum chains using smart contracts.

We’ve built connections throughout blockchain — so you don’t have to. By joining Elysium, you benefit from our expertise and industry links.

10. Over 1m NFTs & 40+ Projects Are Lined Up To Migrate

We move quickly. But we can’t move quickly enough for the long list of brilliant projects lining up to join Elysium. There are more than 40 projects coming to Elysium, bringing with them over 1 million NFTs and this is just to start with..

Let’s take a look at a handful of the projects coming to Elysium:

Heavy Metal
Galactic Fight League
Goons of Balatroon
Swallow Digital

Could your team join us next?

About Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is a blockchain game studio, NFT marketplace, and NFT minting engine. Vulcan Forged is the creator of VulcanVerse and Berserk, and many other games. The ecosystem is expanding rapidly, and many games are being enabled within the play to earn economy.

The native token used within the ecosystem is $PYR. The secondary token $LAVA acts as a play to earn tokens. This dual token economy structure is ideal for play to earn. Scholars will earn $LAVA while playing the Vulcan Forged games and will be able to forage special NFTs while in-game. These can be sold on the Vulcan Marketplace for $PYR.


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