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10 Points of Action Update

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1. Finish current games

The community has been surveyed to find out which of our side games they would be most interested in playing and seeing further development on. Forge Arena, Tartarus, Vulcan Runner, Vulcan Assassin, and Tower Defense were the 5 most popular by far.

Last week OFID presented the survey responses to the community and encouraged them to leave feedback in the relevant game channels.

1. People are keen on PVP and crafting features for Troy
2. They want stability and more players brought into Berserk, and finally
3. They are open to paying a small fee for leaderboard access with a Frenzy Pass in games like Runner and Tower Defense.

Going forward, as OFID has a monthly subscription to Survey monkey, we can think of ways to utilize this tool to gain more info from the community/new users, etc. EG — Ask a select group of new users what their onboarding experience was like and so forth.

Game Council:
Gathering all previously received feedback and documentation from the community and presenting to the game council in advance of their meeting. Plans to have a game council session using a tool to check the availability of everyone involved in order to have a Physical meeting.

Main topics for the meeting based on 10 Points of Action:
*Point 1. Finish Current Games. We pushed a poll/survey the other day. Vulcan needs to make some decisions about all the side games.
*Point 3- Redefine our play-to-earn economy- How to proceed. For all main and side games.
*Point 5- Mobile gaming focus.
*Extra Point- Achievements descriptions for all games written out & discussion on Troy (gameplay).

3 additional questions were asked to get feedback on other areas of the ecosystem.

Block Babies

Current Status:
Good working condition — downloadable through the Vulcan Games Launcher, fully playable for both NFT-owning and non-NFT players, looks and sounds great, runs smoothly, but not massively adopted.

Future Plans:
• Tournaments and maybe a ‘Build your own lead baby’ system for ‘Wave 2’ NFT release
• Re-balance system so that long-term players who have maxed out their attributes through questing don’t always win.
• Since gameplay is based on attribute score, there is not much fun in it, mechanics need to be reworked to add some excitement and unpredictability to gameplay.
• Access to questing will be granted through the game itself and not through the browser.

Challenges and bugs we have faced in the past:
Various issues related to graphics and small bugs, resolved following the transition to a standalone game downloaded through the launcher.

Is this game doing well or not:
There is a core of players who purchased BB NFTs early on who occasionally discuss the status of the game. With the addition of non-NFT trainee card packs, new players can play against each other, but users are put off by the game’s reliance on attribute score deciding the winner of each round -need to redefine strategy in this. The winner is the player who has quested most. Also, people complain that they can’t find anyone to play against, this is simply because not many people are playing at the moment.

Improvements that would make the game more popular:
A change in in-game mechanics basically means attribute score is not the deciding factor in who wins a round & increased player interaction mechanics. This was mentioned repeatedly when Block Babies was Game of the Week.


Current Status:
The current live version of the game is 2.16.7. Last updated July 4th. Current beta test version 2.21.5. Last updated Sept 28th. Patch has undergone many QA rejection cycles now. Being canceled for various reasons. As part of our ongoing drive for improvements, QA is being given longer to test each patch, meaning we are currently on a 1 version/week attempt cycle. A new test version was released Monday, Oct 3, and we aim for Thursday’s approval and release. If it is rejected, then additional testing carries on until next Monday to potentially capture additional issues.

Future Plans:
• New resources added to Berserk, development & creative team to expand features, improve game stability, and come up with new concepts for the game.
• Performance and security update
• the First set of Booster packs is now available, with more sets to follow in the future
• Upcoming Feature Premium Subscription Pass (launched Oct 4th)
• A large 150-card set is being planned for release
• In-game cosmetics: Cosmetics are enabled, and the framework is in place. The in-game unlock capability is not yet functional. When live, this will generate a small but advertisable lava burn. Sales will tie back into the Vulcan Vault system
• Berserk Achievements are under development. An API has been established to allow game teams to query achievements and then confirm with MyForge if a player unlocks an achievement.
• Changes to MMR system and balance tweaks — we have begun testing gameplay balance tweaks with the community PTR.

Challenges and bugs we have faced in the past:
• On the production version of the game, there are intermittent issues with games failing to start properly (0 lava, 0 cards, getting stuck on the timer at 0), almost entirely related to poor connection quality between players; the impact of these games is far less significant outside of competitive seasons but was an issue during season 2 when the MMR lost made a difference to players standings.
• There is a large number of ghost games that showed up in the game logs that have had a material impact on players’ MMR and standings until we sorted through the data to filter these out. The cause of these is still unknown.
• Frequency of reports for bugged matches seemed to increase as the season progressed. Possibly merely correlated to something degrading game quality over longer periods of time.
• One NFT card is still blacklisted from use due to a broken mechanic.
• On the beta version: 2 of the new cards are still mechanically broken. And QA teams are still encountering “internet connection could not be established” warning messages, but they are for a multitude of reasons. For every fix implemented by the team, a different interaction causes the same warning. Additional logging has been implemented, and additional resource has been pulled in over the last week to try and speed up fixing the problems.

Is this game doing well or not:
924 unique players during season 2, but a poor retention rate. The second most popular game behind VulcanVerse in terms of player activity. The community sees strong potential & seems excited about plans and upcoming content but is critical of the dev team due to poor historical performance.
Priority is on stability and demonstrating an ability to deliver new patches that fix more things than break each time. Followed by finally delivering the new content and fostering a gameplay environment that promotes user retention. Then lowering the barrier to entry and demonstrating long-term value in the ownership of NFTs via the vault system and the ability to compete in competitive seasons.

Improvements that would make the game more popular:
There is huge potential for player growth, as well as several easy immediate routes to sustainability. As well as easy longevity via a continuous new content release. CCGs are a stable long-term game type that lends themselves well to the NFT concept of true ownership. As it is very analogous to real-world CCGs.

Battle Chess

Current Status:
In good working condition — downloadable through the Vulcan Games Launcher.

Future Plans:
• Tournaments are widely popular amongst chess players. So, the tournament can be a great addition
• Updating XP rewards. Chess is a game of skill and effort, and users spending time on this should be awarded accordingly. Currently, its reward matches with FA and BB, while the skills & time required to play are more.

Challenges and bugs we have faced in the past:
No major bugs have been reported lately. In the past various small bugs and game rule breaches, but most of them have been addressed, and the live build is fairly stable.

Is this game doing well or not:
The game is stable and interesting, made with some beautiful visuals but largely due to it being skill-based and XP rewards not matching the playing efforts, it is not widely popular with players. If we can tweak the rewards to start with, it can help the game get more userbase.

Improvements that would make the game more popular:
Yes, Chess is a very interesting & global format. It requires skill, but it is actually a format that has a loyal user base. As VF communities grow, we will find more users who are skilled enough to play and win at chess, and if we can treat them well with rewards, then the game can do really well. Chess needs to be looked at. Differently, it needs to be looked at as a game that has an entry barrier of skills, and hence players possessing these skills need to be treated very well with rewards and sort of considered as a royal group of community members.

Forge Arena

Current Status:
In good working condition. Downloadable through the Vulcan Games Launcher, fully playable for both NFT-owning and non-NFT players, looks and sounds great and runs smoothly, but not massively adopted.

Future Plans:
• Adding more strategy components to make the game more interesting
• Allowing Vulcanites of the same quadrant to synergize & boost attack/defense
• In-game tournament for allowing admin-controlled tournaments
• Moving to an authoritative server like Node for security & stability reasons.

Challenges and bugs we have faced in the past:
In the past various issues related to graphics, and small bugs, much if not all of these gone following the transition to a standalone game downloaded through the launcher. At present, fairly stable; the last update was shared post-closing all the shared bugs. There have been a few more bugs/suggestions reported after that, but the dev team has not been currently instructed to work on any suggestions. No major bugs were reported.

Is this game doing well or not:
There is a core of players who have purchased Vulcanites, and they play the game on & off. Players with no Vulcanite NFTs also play the game as the game is fairly balanced and interesting for non-NFT users as well.

Improvements that would make the game more popular:
With more effort into in-game strategy elements, the core gameplay can be hugely enhanced & with some new features as listed, the game can do much better. There can also be marketing initiatives to increase the adoption.


Current Status:
In good working condition. Downloadable through the Vulcan Games Launcher, looks and sounds great and runs smoothly. The game has Omaha & Texas Holdem mode along with Sit & Go tournament, offering almost all propositions possible for Poker lovers.

Future Plans:
• Enhancing the game visuals to add certain 3D components to make playing Arena look more appealing • Admin controller XP entry-based Texas Holdem tournaments, allowing tables to merge and the final winner to be declared.

Challenges and bugs we have faced in the past:
In the past, problems with security, game rules, etc, but all have been taken care of in the version that has been live now for a while. At present, fairly stable, with no major bug reported. Game logs are configured, and the game runs on Node, so stable environment.

Is this game doing well or not:
The game has few players who love playing it as the rewards are handsome, and the gameplay is stable.

Improvements that would make the game more popular:
The game is rich in features, stable & secure. With minor UI & visual updates and the addition of the tournament, it will be as good as any available on the internet. Boosting marketing may help gain more eyeballs and have more users playing it.


Current Status:
The game has been made server authoritative and tested by the community. There are 6 key aspects in the GDD shared with us apart from server authorization. We are currently working on them.

Future Plans:
• Currently In development Stages, ongoing improvements to gameplay features.

Challenges and bugs we have faced in the past:
The game was considered interesting, but the Dev team felt that storyline and game objective were missing. There were some future security concerns as well, and hence the game is now being worked on. No major bugs were reported. The ones that were reported on the server’s authoritative build have been worked out.

Is this game doing well or not:
Currently, the game in its newly proposed form is in development and has not been shared with the community.

Improvements that would make the game more popular:
Looking very promising and will be a great addition VF ecosystem, and the GDD has very interesting game elements. The most complex part of making the game server authoritative has already been achieved.

Tower Defence

Current Status:
The game is fairly stable, still in the early stages of development, with more features on tower skilling and in-game shop left.

Future Plans:
• Lots of enhancements to the developed scope based on user feedback
• A complete set of story-based new scopes has already been documented that will come to light for users who have achieved a particular milestone in the current game.
• IOS version
• More features being worked on, such as Tower Skiing & Shop

Challenges and bugs we have faced in the past:
In the past various small bugs, IP block issues, etc., have been resolved. Most of the issues have been worked upon, and some are still in pipeline. Currently, the game is fairly stable.

Is this game doing well or not:
The game is interesting. The user base is growing since the time it was launched. Once the existing set of features is implemented, and new planned features are brought to light, the game, with its globally popular concept, can be made hugely successful.

Improvements that would make the game more popular:
TD is a very popular game format and very new to Vulcan Forged landscape. With interesting concepts planned & IOS built in the coming months, the game is worth sticking around. The game is fun and stable, and the user base is growing. If we can work on the planned enhancements, the game can be made widely popular.

Vulcan Runner

Current Status:
In good working condition. Downloadable through the Vulcan Games Launcher & Android Play Store and now in IOS. Looks and sounds great and runs smoothly. The game is fairly challenging and hence liked by those who play it regularly.

Future Plans:
• Adding an option for users to use their own Avatar/NFTs to play the game
• Adding an option for an enemy to chase the running Avatar and kill the Avatar if the Avatar slows down
• Adding more game paths/levels to keep the new paths and twists emerging
• Adding paid runs to allow winners to win big
• Adding more playing strategies and obstacles to keep up the interest and as users get used to it.

Challenges and bugs we have faced in the past:
In the past, the game encountered various issues related to graphics and small bugs, but most of them have been addressed. At present, the game seems fairly stable, no major bugs reported. The feedback/bugs reported for last month have not been worked upon as the team was focused on the Android & IOS build.

Is this game doing well or not:
The game is going well. There are a core group of players who play it and like playing it.

Improvements that would make the game more popular:
With a few marketing initiatives, the game can be made widely accepted, more so now that it is available on Android and on IOS.


Current Status:
VulcanVerse is currently going through a slow but steady transformation toward what our vision of it is. Metaverse and MMORPG are two very appealing terms that players were excited about since day one. As our team expands, we are able to further solidify things as we have the appropriate people delegated to each task.

Gameplay-wise, a lot of changes are coming. We’re proud to announce that the first elements that complement the main game loop have been designed and are already in production.

The roadmap for the game is set; the LAVA Bank, the keys that will open Treasure chests, The completely revamped Foraging System, Fishing, Alchemy, and Summoning are some of the features that our player base will experience next, along with Achievements to top this off. These are exactly the elements that make these worlds seem alive.
The team will focus on preparing a full presentation of the New Features in the following order:

Lootboxes Stage-1
Fishing Stage 1
New Foraging System

The foraging system is undergoing a complete revamp and is summarized in more detail in Major upcoming gameplay improvements below. Since it is the major mechanic which is played most, the process of foraging lacks depth and variation, so for players, it turns into a routine with consistent outcomes and possibly affects the economy due to unlimited forage possibilities and lack of resource sinks. Because of the importance of the Foraging System as it also interconnects many other features, ideally, it is not recommended to give new mechanics to users before it is delivered. Understanding the need to keep the community and users stimulated with the delivery of new features, we agreed to a partial solution. Deliveries will be made in Stages, while in the backend, they are being reworked or further developed and are, in essence, workable prototypes. This solution will be delivered with updates based on systems and features in a ‘chess-style’ manner. Ex: feature -> Lootboxes Stage 1 Update -> feature -> Lootboxes Stage 2 Update and so on.

A complete rework of the battle system is also underway since we’re aiming to make battling one of the core systems of VV.

Since VulcanVerse is undergoing a complete upgrade, we are in the process of replacing environmental assets that affect performance and are not up to the quality standards we are aiming for. Non-optimized assets are being removed in an effort to make the game less resource-demanding and to reduce the overall installation size. Landmarks are no exception, as already seen on Sinkhole Cave and Palace of the Dead, and are being reworked based on priority. Arcadia’s Wineries has been already imported in the engine and is being decorated, Hades’ Necropolis concept art is being finalized, and modeling will begin soon; Boreas’ Fortress of the Wind concept art is in progress, and much more up ahead.

In short, all 4 quadrants will get a significant rework on the level design, using new assets and optimized existing ones, which will make the game run smoother and look better! For now, we will be assessing bug reports and skipping some low-importance ones that are related to current assets, as they will soon be replaced, as explained above.

Future Plans:
1. Lava Bank
2. Lootboxes Stage 1
3. Achievement System
4. Fishing Stage 1
5. New Foraging System (Complete Revamp)
-Randomized Loot tables
-Loot tables specific to quadrant and location
-Limited Foraging Crystals
-Limited amount of actively foraging Vulcanites per plot
-PVP Vulcanite Battles during Foraging
-PVE NPC Boss/creature defending rich plots New Spying System New Resource Sinks
-Pre-patch Events
-In-game voting system using Resources (Materials, ex., Wood, iron, etc.)
6. Lava Vulcanite unlocking System (possibly implemented before New foraging System)
7. Summoning Process -Vulcanites, Fragments, Scrolls etc.
8. Alchemy System
9. Masteries

*At the same time these are released, some features are being reworked to become part of a bigger system where all features are interconnected.

Major upcoming gameplay improvements on New Foraging System (in detail):
To add depth into foraging and tweak mechanics so it would be more interactable and require more dedication from the player if they decide to min-max. Creating a background for the resources to be valuable.

The green light was given for the adaptation of the New Foraging System (which will take approximately 2 months to develop) and will be with the Community Testers group to incorporate their feedback.

-Limited foraging crystals, which are shared with every player This will prevent players from the plot preferences and encourage them to traverse through Vulcan Verse

-Players cant abuse specific plot loot tables to constantly forage for the rare materials
-Players have reason to move between the locations
-Plot defense mechanic will be useful because of the crystal’s scarcity

-Information of high rarity plots becomes less valuable. This was self- established social element of the current system
-Requires a well-established crystal respawn mechanic
-Limited amount of foraging Vulcanites on the same plot to one
2.1 Player can be challenged for a duel while foraging (PVP aspect)

If a player starts foraging on a plot — it is locked for him, and no one can forage, but if somebody wins vs the foraging Vulcanite, he can claim control over the plot himself.

-Fighting has a particular reason
-Encourages player to have fighting Vulcanite so he can contest plots
-Creates rivalry

-Making gameplay more oppressive and allowing bullying
-Can damage the social aspect of the game by making it free for all
More usage for spying (searching)
3.1 Spying allows the player to get information about the plot: Is it defended? Who defends it? How many crystals are there?
3.2 Spying allows players to see on minimap on which plot there are active crystals and tell roughly how many crystals there are.
3.3 Spying grants the player ability to forage on the defended plots depending on the spying level. Each subsequent forage on the defended plot increases the chances that the defender will catch your vulcanite

These abilities are empowered if vulcanite has a high level of spying.

-Spying has its usage niche
-Encourages players to have Vulcanite with high spying
-Specific quadrants and locations have higher chances to drop specific loot. This will encourage the player to forage in a certain location if he is in need of some sort of materials. Also, it creates material volatility where players who prefer certain locations have more of a certain material than players from other locations, which creates demand for trading.

Aracadia — higher chances for wood to drop.
Boreas — higher chances for pebbles to drop.
Hades — higher chances for coal to drop
Notus — higher chances for clay to drop
-For Notus, there is an experimental idea depicting its landscape (desert with lots of ancient ceramic laying around): Higher chances to fail forage, lower chances for a drop of everything except location-specific loot (clay) but higher chances for the epic and mythic to drop.

-Creates a situation where players are in demand of loot that isn’t common in their locations and, therefore, trading
-Makes quadrants more unique in terms of foraging

Boss defending rich plots (PVE aspect)
Combined with the idea that crystals are shared between all players and are consumable, there could be a boss who defends the area around him (for example, a square from six plots) which is filled with crystals (possibly with higher chances of rare items to drop). Boss spawns after the crystals reset, so it’s a regular event. Bosses can be attacked by multiple players at once and have simple mechanics to test things out.

For example, the boss can combine the following:
1. High base damage, so players need to group up
2. High health pool, so it encourages grouping and attacking with offensive Vulcanites
3. Spells to make the player figure out how to fight him:
-Mighty blow: deals massive damage to the targeted vulcanite when the fight is started — players should start the fight with a weak vulcanite who can take a hit or a defensive one so he won’t die instantly.
– AOE attack that is dealt in a specific static direction or area — encourages players to pick the right angle to start a fight so their Vulcanites won’t receive damage.

– To get rare materials and constant foraging, players need to prove their worth
– Encourages player cooperation. Therefore, the social aspect of the game
– Rewards players for preferring active foraging above the AFK foraging
– Additional content to play

-Battle mechanic should be implemented
-If there is no possibility of defeating the boss (at night times, for example), players will have their foraging effectiveness reduced.

Resource Sinks
The general idea behind resource sinks is to burn resources to prevent stockpiling. Resource sinks are crucial to the economy as they are preventing resources from inflation.

Resource sinks suggestions
Build reset penalty

Upon destruction of the asset, the player loses a certain amount of resources which constantly burns resources from the game. The rate of the resource burn should be set according to the asset level or player level so it won’t be too much of a price for the players who don’t have a lot of resources.

For example, Lvl 1 assets return 80% of materials upon destruction, Lvl 2 assets return 65% of the materials, and LVL 3 assets return 50% of the materials.

– Constant resource sink
– Encourage trading for the needed materials

– Will need adjustments upon new resource sinks to be player-friendly

Pre-patch events
Quest lines and events that are requiring players to bring large amounts of resources for some rewards and for the content to go live.

For example, with fishing: Players donate resources to build the pier; to build and equip the ship; to pay legendary master-fishermen to teach them how to fish and stay in the location.
Upon every step of completion, the player receives new parts of content for everyone in exchange for materials.

– Huge resource sink
– Players can participate in world-building
– Additional content

– Gated content
– Additional work to release new content
– Requires creation of some unique rewards for the players

Items that can be bought for resources
These should be items that the player can purchase for resources. For example, assets for his build mode. For logical purposes, resources could be exchanged for the currency in Vulcan City, which is used to buy items.

– Regular resource sink
– Gives player the ability to expand his collection, which is some sort of a progression

– Requires new assets or reworking asset system, so players need to buy them when they are unlocked
– Requires adjustments, so the prices are affordable at different stages of the game

Special high-priced items
Some unique content for the price of a lot of resources. It can be NFT clothing, Vulcanites, assets, accessories, etc. This resource sink is targeted at the players with many resources available.

– Burning resources of the high-stock players

In-game voting system for the resources
Some content for the game may be chosen by the players via a voting system that requires some materials.

For example, we have three types of designs for the landmark building. The stand with concept art is placed in the VC, and players can donate once a day a certain amount of resources (the donation cap per day is locked to prevent high-stock players from directing the vote), and following vote results, the future building for the landmark is chosen.

– Resource sink
– Players can participate in game creation

-Requires time for the vote result to be finished before the work on the subject.

2 Announce C-Level hires

This task is personally managed by Jamie and a team of experts. Two EA Sports C-levels joining as CMO and CCO focus, marketing, and basically everything we need on a communications and marketing level. Other C-levels are soon signing.

3️ Redefine our play-to-earn economy

This task is personally managed by Jamie and a team of experts; however, will also be discussed and further developed by our Game Council & Management.

4️ MetaScapes Alpha

Metascapes Cinematic Film & Trailers: Ongoing marketing & development
Script for Metascapes Teaser Film ready, Concept for Environments, Skins, Avatar modeling
15th November 1st video teaser
15th December 2nd video teaser
25th January Final video release

The above ETAs might vary slightly
Development & Gameplay: In Progress by the dedicated Vulcan Forged MetaScapes Development Team.

5 ️Mobile gaming focus

Vulcan runner IOS release this week Cold LAVA Implementation in mobile games All our mobile games have the potential to be 1m user+ if we forget the whole play to earn things as essential and focus on usual buys in-game BUT allow people to enter the frenzy system if they want. So they can have the frenzy pass (they buy) and play to earn or play normally.

6️ Migrate to Elysium

Underway OG Badges Minted Preparation for next Dapp IDs underway

7️ UX, user retention, and marketing

With the new l hires, there will be a complete restructure of the company with the new C-level additions and all marketing actions & Social Media Presence.

8️ ElysiumSwap and Launchpad

• The chain is live on both testnet and mainnet.
• MyForge/MarketPlace integration of Metamask is complete and undergoing QA testing.
• The bridge is live and capable of bridging both ERC-20 and erc721 between Elysium, Polygon, and Ethereum.
• The explorer (ElysiumScan) is live on both testnet and mainnet
• ElysiumSwap (Elysium fork and rebrand of Vulcandex) is live on testnet. The front end is complete in a dev environment.
• The NFTs smart contract for the minting engine is forked from Vechain with upgraded features. Live on testnet and mainnet.
• The VF NFT API services for games (same as used for the Vechain NFTs) is life for Elysium, both testnet and mainnet NFTs.

What is not finished:
The migration protocol for VF NFTs. Minting of new/replacement NFTs on Elysium has already begun.
Elysium Launchpad is roughly 80% complete in its development. Back-end/Front-end development is ongoing and being developed on testnet. Some partners have already begun bridging their Polygon/Ethereum NFTs.

What needs to be completed to go live publicly:
The entirety of the source code of the blockchain is with Certik for the code audit. Further, we are in discussion with the Certik team so that they can audit the code as well as do the security testing of the infrastructure. So that, along with the code, we are also 100% secure from the infrastructure side. The bridge is currently waiting for audit completion, as well as the front-end design for Elysium theme

9️ VulcanVerse Gameplay

VulcanVerse ETAs at this point
Lava Bank delivery: This week
Lootboxes Delivery: 1–2 weeks max
Fishing Stage 1: 3–4 weeks
Achievements System: 2 weeks (May vary slightly depending on art delivery) New Foraging System: 1–3 months

Troy is a huge part that speaks for itself when it comes to the transformation of the game. It is trayed as an expansion for VV like other MMOs have done in the past, with the difference that it will be free to visit and farm! The new features that will be implemented, not only the ones that were previously discussed but also Blacksmiths, Professions, Guilds (which will play a massive role once live), and many more exciting functionalities, will take place in both the original and Troy map, as, again, it’s an expansion. The unique addition that players will find in Troy, other than beautiful landscapes, is the Arena for player battles! Players will be able to engage in physical combat instead of having their Vulcanites do the fighting for them.

Pipeline & Flow
2d map Done
Trailer & 3d map Done
Plotted Map Done
Image/focus zoom (Troy grid map/ full list with plot ID and x/y info) as created for VV lands Done
6 Landmarks Done

Pending below
– Date for Sale
– Phases of Sale -OG Badge early entry
– Troy Seed holders whitelist
– Public access -Creation of Landing Page
– Minting Plots
– Marketing Plan/ strategy

Plot information (Work in Progress)
-Tier information, including landmarks (description & design)
-Gameplay elements
– Landmarks being Designed

-Troy feature & gameplay Troy GDD is under review and will be with us this week; the date for sale is not defined yet but is not dependent on development; from setup to live, the sale page could take a couple of weeks. Will also be discussed between Game Council Team meetings.

10. US expansion

This task is personally managed by Jamie and a team of experts from the US.


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