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10 Points of Action Update 2

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1. Finish current games

We have gathered feedback for the following games:

  • VulcanVerse
  • Forge Arena
  • Tower Defense
  • Vulcan Assassin
  • Vulcan Runner
  • Berserk

Documents have been created and will be shared for feedback from the Game Council meeting:

• Continuing to relay community sentiment on games and ecosystem in nightly reports
• Planning new survey for further research
• Having received full updates from all PMs and Development teams of each game, the fate of the Games will be discussed at the Game Council meeting arranged to take place in the Netherlands this month, Tuesday, October 25th

Next week Vulcan Forged organized the second Game Council meeting in The Netherlands on October 25th. Some staff members and active community members will discuss various topics, including the feedback gathered.


· We are continuing to relay community sentiment on games and the ecosystem in nightly reports.

· Planning a new survey for further research.

· Having received full updates from all project managers and development teams of each game fate of the games will be discussed at the Game Council meeting.


  1. Decide on how we proceed with our games and where to give our focus.

2. Redefine our play-to-earn economy- How to proceed. For all main and side games. How to implement LAVA and work with XP. Also, discuss the separation between the games and Myforge related to XP earnings and leveling.

3. Mobile gaming focus.

4. The Troy GDD is being created from scratch by a new dedicated development team & discussion on Troy (Gameplay) is ongoing.


Current Status:
Version 2.16.8 was released to production, which enabled the new cards.
The booster pack sale went live.
Community testing of new balance features is ongoing.
Preparations for season 3 are ongoing.
Bug fix release soon.
Big performance release end of Oct.
Season 3 release Mid-End Nov

The team has worked on Canny feedback, security & adding a few new paths to the game. The latest build has gone live Wednesday.

The team has worked on the IOS build. The build is currently on Test Flight & is being tested by Community testers. We will be moving from Test Flight to IOS account next week.

2. Announce C-Level hires

This task is personally managed by Jamie and a team of experts. Currently, this is a work in progress. C-level hires will be officially announced in the coming weeks.

3. Redefine our play-to-earn economy

This task is personally managed by Jamie and a team of experts; however, this will also be discussed and further developed by our Game Council & management.

4. MetaScapes Alpha

Work in progress:

· Alpha commenced & concept/description/gameplay are being documented.

· Concept design for the four maps (based on the four environments)

· CGI assets for the game.

· Character Creation.

15th November 1st video teaser

15th December 2nd video teaser

25th January Final video release

Above are ETAs and are subject to change.

Development & gameplay:
In Progress by a dedicated Vulcan Forged & Metascapes development team.

5. Mobile gaming focus

Cold LAVA implementation in mobile games is under discussion. This will also be an important topic for the coming Game Council meeting.

6. Migration to Elysium

1. Audits
We are in discussions with Certik to proceed with the Bridge audit.

The estimated timeline is as follows:
· Bridge contract and front-end, within ten business days
· Bridge backend and relayer within 20 business days
· The preliminary reports could be delivered on the 4th of Nov and the 28th of Nov.

The chain audit is still in negotiation; Elysium contains standard Polkadot Substrate pallets without any customization involved.

2. My Forge + MetaMask
The community testers can start testing the flow on testnet.

3. Bridge Front-End
The Vaival design team will be sharing the design of the bridge before the end of the week. Needs to match the overall theme of Elysium.

4. ElysiumSwap
· The native coins are currently being prepared for mainnet. The PYR token contract will be deployed and mapped to the bridge so that we can bridge PYR tokens over to Elysium.
· The LAVA token contract also is being prepared so that the native gas token LAVA can be wrapped as WLAVA. Then we can deploy ElysiumSwap factory/router contracts on mainnet

Work in Progress

1. ElysiumScan
Data is available. We are working on an implementation comparable to Polygonscan/Etherscan

2. Elysium Launchpad
Final Stages of Development and front-end polishing.

3. NFTs
The dynamic NFT function is already in-place in the contract. Soon to test an NFT modification. Minting of the new VF NFTs is still underway.

4. Cloud Wallet + Game SDK + JS SDK + Dev portal and API Services
The team is currently working on its design work with a focus on how we can improve the overall UI/UX of all these applications like cloud wallet and dev portal. Further, they will add some more features to it as well with time.

The Game SDK and JS SDK are to be verified by the game development teams.

7. UX, user retention, and marketing

Itsmass and Lab49 are taking over to completely restructure the company with the new C-level additions and all marketing actions & Social Media Presence.

8. ElysiumSwap and Launchpad

What is ongoing:

Migration protocol for VF NFTs. Minting of new/replacement NFTs on Elysium has already begun.

Elysium Launchpad is roughly 80% complete in its development. Back-end/Front-end development is ongoing and being developed on testnet.

Some partners have already begun bridging their Polygon/Ethereum NFTs.

What needs to be completed to go live:

The entirety of the source code of the blockchain is with Certik for the code audit. Further, we are in discussion with the Certik team so that they can audit the code as well as do the security testing of the infrastructure, so that along with the code, we are also 100% secure from the infrastructure side.

Vulcan Forged is working closely with Lossless. This company specializes in securing smart contracts. As our focus is deploying commercial products on Elysium, we of course wish to ensure the utmost safety for Elysium. We have entered into an agreement and signed a contract with Lossless.

What will Lossless protect/secure?

Elysium Swap (the DEX) and the token bridge from Elysium to other blockchains use smart contracts. We will basically monitor all our smart contracts 24/7 using Lossless’s Aegis protocol. Data from over 1000 hacks and exploits are used to monitor for similar patterns and logics. Any potential malicious behavior can be blocked on the smart contract level in real-time. There is no human intervention needed.

Vulcan Forged is committed to delivering secure solutions. There will be dedicated focus on our bridge, as this seems to be a weak point for many other blockchains. We will integrate Lossless solutions in many smart contracts.

9. VulcanVerse Gameplay

Current Status:
1. Lava Bank LIVE
4. Fishing Stage 1 WORK IN PROGRESS

All of the below to follow as per our Pipeline
5. New Foraging System (complete revamp)
-Randomized Loot tables
-Loot tables specific to quadrant and location
-Limited Foraging Crystals
-Limited amount of actively foraging Vulcanites per plot
-PvP Vulcanite Battles during Foraging
-PvE NPC Boss/creature defending rich plots
New Spying System
New Resource Sinks
-Pre-patch Events
-In-game voting system using Resources (Materials, ex., wood, iron, etc.)
6. Lava Vulcanite unlocking System (possibly implemented before New Foraging System)
7. Summoning Process
-Vulcanites, Fragments, Scrolls, etc.
8. Alchemy System
9. Masteries
(*) At the same time as these will be released, some features are being reworked to become part of a bigger system where all features are interconnected.
(**) Major upcoming gameplay improvements on New Foraging System to follow


Feature & gameplay Troy GDD under review. The date for the sale is not defined yet. Will also be discussed between the Game Council Team meetings.

Pending below
-Date for Sale
-Phases of Sale
-OG Badge early entry
-Troy Seed holders whitelist
-Public access
-Creation of a landing page
-Minting plots
-Marketing Plan/ strategy

Plot information (Work in Progress)
-Tier information including landmarks (description & design)
-Gameplay elements
-Landmarks being Designed

10. US expansion

This task is personally managed by Jamie and a team of experts from the US.


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