A Cedalions Story

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Gather round mortals. Let Vulcan tell you a story.

Top lad Dave sees all this hype around this Vulcan Forged thing on Twitter. Games look good, earning while playing even cooler. He doesn’t have a spare $6k to buy land in VulcanVerse though as he’s saving for his wedding. So, he goes and plays a game of Berserk. Fun game. Lost a few times but got some XP. Then he wins. He sees 2 $LAVA in his account. He rushes off to the discord and asks if this is real money. “Well yes” the seasoned mortals say, “Just use VulcanDex to trade it to $PYR”

Dave rushes back to his account to withdraw it only to find that he has to earn 10k XP before he can convert this “cold” $LAVA into the real stuff. So he plays and plays and plays. But he soon realizes that playing Berserk with no NFTs is far too long a grind and those who are in VulcanVerse are earning 10x more XP.

He’s told about the Cedalion Program. Apparently he can “borrow” someone’s plot and just split the $LAVA with them. He doesn’t care as he’ll still get $LAVA and more importantly, XP a lot quicker. So, he “borrows” a plot and builds, fights, forages and explores, and between that and playing in all the other games he reaches his 10k XP.

Off he trots to VulcanDex and buys a load of PYR with it. He’s about to cash it out and then makes an extra IQ move. He uses the PYR to buy 3 NFT Berserk cards.
Now, he’s earning XP and $LAVA much faster as he’s winning more games AND he can cash out the $LAVA.

After a few more weeks of switching between Berserk and borrowing someone’s plot, he makes enough PYR to buy his own plot. He’s now a landlord. And so he joins VulcanVerse and gets to keep 100% of his $LAVA, allowing him to buy better Berserk cards and even a Vulcanite for Forge Arena.

Before long, his $LAVA earnings are bringing him stronger and more assets, and he decides to take on the big boys in Berserk for a month. But what about his plot? Well, there’s a guy called Toby, Toby doesn’t have any NFTs and wants to enter VulcanVerse to earn XP quicker.

Dave nods at Toby and says “Don’t worry lad, I was there once”.


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