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A recap of the ask me anything by Jamie Thomson (CEO)

AMA 17 June 2022
Jamie answered the questions on the stream. You can watch the video here:

These questions are mostly answered by our project managers. Please keep in mind this is a living and breathing ecosystem, and some mechanisms can change over time.


Q: When do we think the new Level 2 Vulcanites will be announced? Also, Level 4 is approaching, and I don’t think some quads have Vulcanites at all.

A: More Vulcanites will be announced in the future, including level 2s, which could even be level 1s or 0, depending on what the game needs. We’re now focusing on expanding and stabilizing the game environment, quests, crafting, etc, in which future Vulcanites will be more useful and fun to play!

fdj izm

Q: There are some rumors that Vulcanites will only be able to have their stats upgraded with lava, and upgrading them with XP will be eliminated in the future. Any truth to that?
A: Yes, you can upgrade your vulcanites with LAVA. But you still need the XP to be eligible. XP will be refunded.

Q: In the past, it was mentioned that we would be able to trade in materials for XP, is that going to be a thing?
A: There will not be direct material trading for XP, limitless at least. The new quests, alchemy, and more to come will be sources that use these materials and translate them to XP through gamified methods.

Peter Curieuze

Q: If I’m correct.. didn’t Swalow promise to give an NFT to all participants at V2 in Athens?
A: Yes, confirmed. These will be distributed soon. (to the new Elysium wallets) We want to avoid NFT minting on the old blockchain.

Q: You responded on TG to a question, “where do Americans buy PYR”? You answered … it’s coming. Can you explain more?
A: Wait a bit until Noruego’s question is answered! (scroll down)

Cercyon 🌲

Q: Would allowing xp from berserk to be used for staking requirements be considered? I would like to rely less on click farmers and enjoy playing games over clicking.
A: XP for land staking will only be acquired from VV.


Q: What are the plans for the daily XP requirement for land staking? I believe the current system is temporary.

Q: Is level 3 building +/- 9 ready for sowing end?
A: If you’re referring to the terramorphing, yes, it is 🙂


Q: Any additional details on the unique Troy land utility you could go into? (like crafting)
A: Troy will be like adding a 5th quadrant to Vulcan Verse. With similar utility. But we are not ready to reveal the details yet.


Q: Saturday, the first plots will be completely seeded for lv3. Can we start staking immediately, or can there be delays due to the MyForge migration?
A: Yes, you can stake

Q: Can we buy VF merchandise from the Vulcon?
A: We are working on VF merchandise. Some are being offered over here:

Q: When and how will the new lv3 Boreas Vulcanite be available?
A: They are being designed right now. As always. No exact ETA. But as they are being created right now, it will not take months.

Q: Will Vulcandex get an info/analysis page where you can see cool charts, liquidity per token pair, and history of swaps? Every Dex has such info, and I think that’s pretty important.
A: Yes! Floyd is working on these functions. Also, addons will be available.

Q: Will there ever be a price history for LAVA (USDT or USD) that we can view and, more importantly, export?
A: maybe ask Floyd to extend the historical data.

Q: In which month can the fishing and the new foraging system be expected? Will both features go live at the same time?
A: Foraging is first. (3rd colossal upgrade). Fishing will be nr 5. As always, no exact ETA.

Q: Can you fish the same items/scroll fragments in all quadrants, or are there some that can only be found in the respective quadrant?
A: Different quadrants yield different fish. The scrolls that come out of these fish are the same. Fragments come from the treasury, so there is no tie to any quadrant there.

Q: Will Poseidon, Oceanus, Artemis, etc., buffs be implemented when fishing goes live?
A: Some of them, yes. But no guarantees. Loads of dependencies are in play here.

Q: How are you going to distribute all the remaining fishing rods?
A: Airdrops, through the foraging system, DEX farms, and many more possibilities.

Q: Are the new Elysium wallets/addresses compatible with the Nano Ledger?A: As Elysium is EVM compatible, it will be compatible. But we have to enable this by contacting Ledger. It could take some time to get the approval.

Q: How will the PYR migration to Elysium work? Does everyone have to bridge their tokens?
A: If you want to run a node, yes. Or want to buy NFTs on the marketplace, yes. Elysium will be our main chain.

Q: Is there any advantage to owning more than one lava ledger? (stack these?)
A: No

Grim Reaper “the soul collector”
Q: When can we expect our eco batch (for the qualified ones)?
A: Yes, we are working on these badges!


Q: When can we name our pets?
A: It was never considered and not in the internal roadmap, but maybe someday. But we will investigate this option, as it is technically viable.

Q: Is VV getting an in-game leveling-up system? Like WoW or other MMOs. You gain levels by getting XP.
A: Yes, that’s the plan 🙂

Q: When can we expect more bug fixes? Vulcanite spawning has been an issue since the launch.
A: We have hired a separate team focused on fixing bugs. We are well aware of the existing bugs from day1. We are still in alpha/beta. Bugs need to be fixed as soon as we release the game.

Q: How many people are working on VV now? I heard there was another team that got hired? Are they in the office in Greece? If they are abroad, how does that work?
A: We are hiring right now. We are looking for Unity devs able to work from our Athens headquarters. Sound engineers, architecture experts, and many more similar jobs are available. We are currently using two external teams, and we will keep using those teams while we expand.

Q: Why did you decide to do Vulcon3 in the US? Aren’t most people here located in the EU?
A: Check the Youtube video, please.

Q: Any ETA when new quests are coming?
A: No, but it’s the first VulvanVerse update we will release. Soon!

Q: What are some of the plans to attract more people to VV and other games?
A: Well, to make the game great, of course!

Q: With the rebrand of Vulcandex to ElysiumSwap, I saw there was a mention no more God or Vulc NFT farms were going to be held. Why not?
A: Several reasons. We choose to distribute our valuable NFTs using other methods now and protect the value. Whales were accumulating the NFTs and dumped most of them.

Q: When will we be able to use lvl3 building stuff? And when terracotta?
A: Lvl 3 “building stuff” will be usable when the plots reach level 3. As for terracotta, we don’t plan on making it usable now; we will, however, do so in the future.

Q: There was a guild feature announced not so long ago. How important are guilds going to be in VV? Will there be GvG battles?
A: Guilds, in the future, will be the core of VV. Of course, there is no better way to display your guild’s superiority than GvG battles, so, to answer this question: Yes!

Q: Troy will be focused on PvP, if I’m not mistaken. What can we expect? Is it pets VS pets or actual avatars fighting each other with weapons?
A: Troy will be an extension of VV, so all the Vulcanite battles and basic mechanics will remain. It will, however, introduce a new Avatar vs Avatar type of combat with weapons.

Vulcanites cannot be called PETS anymore!

Q: Will we ever be able to sell our materials for LAVA? Instead of selling it to another player right now. Most of our inventory is full of mats. I can’t get rid of it.
A: Direct material selling isn’t going to happen in the game. However, new ways will be introduced to circulate the economy, burn materials and make XP out of it.

Q: Will we be able to have hats in the game? Helmets? Those could be NFTs as well.
A: Maybe.


Q: Will Elysium minting platform Agora support minting Dynamic NFTs? Do mintable files include 3d files such as objs or fbxs and is this addressed with the new protocol els-m1 (I hope I got that right) designed with Metascapes in mind?
A: I think the answer is yes. And if not. We will make it happen. We are a gaming/NFT blockchain. Surely we will provide all the features available.

Danger Mous

Q: Do we have a date for public minting on Elysium? Thanks.
A: No, sorry. not yet.


Q: Vulcan lava ledger — I imagine this will start after Elysium gets up and going, but how soon after? Will I be able to lock lava up in the different programs, or does it allow me access to only one? For example. I have 25k lava and lock 15k in the 20% return and 10k up in the 5% return. Will I also be able to add lava to the program at any time?
A: The Vulcan LAVA bank is currently being integrated into Vulcan Verse. The LAVA bank is the 2nd big feature we will be rolling out. As we are not mentioning any ETA’s anymore I cannot give the exact launch date for this.
Quest system, LAVA bank, and the new foraging system will be released in the order mentioned.

Q: Will we be able to create/mint our own NPCs. For example, if I have a bar, and I want a bartender in it? Maybe they have to be kept alive with lava?
A: Not create, but you’ll be able to buy NPCs in the future.


Q: When is “The SandWizard” NFTs used in VV?

WILD Vulcanite

Q: When will we be able to use the Kallisto Battle Bear in FA ?
A: Not in the pipeline for now; wrapping up the game for a bit to focus on Runner, TD, VV, and Berserk


Q: When can gods be upgraded to higher levels?
A: During / right after the migration to Elysium.

Q: When is the Troy land sale. We want to click.
A: By the end of the month.


Q: Is it final that the frenzy pass will cost 200 lava per month? Are there any plans to lessen the price of it?
A: We are going to change this to PYR. (Jamie is going to answer this)


Q: If upgrading vulcanites, gods and other game NFT’s to come are going to require LAVA instead of XP. Is this something that will be implemented/NFT-reset before all the NFTs on Elysium are active, to start fresh, or after ?
A: We are trying to start using the new upgrade system as soon as the NFTs are on Elysium. XP will be refunded, and all upgrades can be done using LAVA.

Q: Will the current XP inside the NFTs be returned to its owner?
A: Yes

Q: Do we expect it to be active before level 4 in >november or probably after (just so we know if upgrading at this point is still useful or if it is better to wait)?
A: The goal is to get this system online and working before the lvl4 upgrade.


Q: Are there any other exchange listings upcoming for PYR?
A: Yes, multiple!

Q: Where exactly can the fiat onramp with Binance be used?
A: We will use the fiat on-ramp to connect the non-crypto world with the crypto world. Players will be able to play our games without even knowing the games are crypto-based. But we can use the fiat on-ramp for anything we want through our ecosystem, of course.


Q: What’s the roadmap for onboarding partner games onto Elysium? Which of the partners (Husl, Edverse, Sinverse, etc.) will actually migrate or use Elysium?
A: It is impossible to share an exact roadmap, as this is information for the partners to share as soon as they are done with the integration. Or ready to share the news.

Q: Are there plans to create a new Elysium-specific wallet later down the road, or are you planning to rely only on MetaMask?
A: We will kick off with MetaMask. But as Elysium is EVM compatible, users can use many different wallet systems over time.

Q: Some newer blockchains offer human-readable accounts out-of-the-box. Something like ENS but built into the blockchain (e.g. NEAR: This makes it for non-crypto-native users way easier and safer to send and receive assets. Any plans for Elysium in that direction?
A: No, but that’s for mentioning. It has been noted. We love community feedback and will integrate good suggestions most of the time.

Q: Wouldn’t it be great VV could be enabled as a streaming cloud game? This would make it possible to play VV on low-spec computers because the servers in the cloud do all the heavy processing. The game is streamed to the player’s computer. You download a small app, and it connects to the server. This technology is already used on a large scale by big gaming companies. Some even support playing games in your browser.
A: Never say never. It’s a cool technology for sure, but not our focus right now.

Slave4E, Father of the GODs

Q: Will we be getting material increases with level 3?
A: Your inventory will be upgraded for each level increase. In the future, you can upgrade your bag storage with LAVA.

Desert Punk

Q: Is there any estimated date when we can rent 2 Vulcanites?
A: Soon, as the development team is working on this right now.


Q: Is the partnership with sandbox still active, and will we see VF in the sandbox and vice versa? I think we are still waiting on the Sandbox Charon avatar.
A: This question has been answered by Jamie. Watch the Youtube video, please.


Q: As a lifelong gamer, I’ve played many early alpha and beta games. Many of them go through “wipes’’ where inventories and builds get wiped, and the server essentially gets a reset. Seeing as this hasn’t been done in VV, and everyone’s got an inventory with stacks and mats, are there any plans for VV to clear inventories before major updates are released where mats would be needed?
A: We would like to avoid wipes as much as we can. Players have been farming materials for a long time; wiping them just doesn’t feel right for any reason. The only way we see this happening is if we think that it would help the game prosper. But again, trying to avoid it at all costs.

Send it
Q: Is there any update on upgrading gods
A: We shared the god document. We are working on activating buffs, adding more buffs, etc. Please understand we cannot simply release upgrading just yet, as the buffs need to be active and to work first. To activate the buffs, we need some Vulcan Verse expansions to be ready.

Q: What’s the news about the visualizer? Didn’t see you say a winner? Will the current one work for Elysium as well?
A: Jamie answered this question. Please watch the Youtube video.

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