Vulcan’s Phalanx Sphinx NFTs Touch Down

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Limited Edition Unique Collectible Sphinx Avatars Offering Ecosystem Buffs + Benefits

Vulcan’s Phalanx. 10,000 unique collectible avatars known as Phalangites, 500 each of 20 different character types released in 5 waves!

Exciting, isn’t it! Each Phalanx avatar provides Vulcan Forged ecosystem-wide buffs, as covered in this article.

Each Vulcan’s Phalanx avatar is a unique collectible NFT character. When we say unique, we mean it! Your character will be a one off out of the total 10k characters being released. It will have a unique image with its own name and lore as written by award winning fantasy author, Jamie Thomson.

The first batch of 125 Vulcan’s Phalanx Sphinx avatars will be released on Wednesday 27th July at 4pm GMT.

The Sphinx. Part big cat. Cats care about their appearance, our Sphinxes are no different..

Our puzzling Sphinxes represent Vulcan’s Phalanx Wave 1 for the Desert of Notus, the third Vulcan’s Phalanx release following the popular Arcadian Centaurs and Boreas Minotaurs. For this release, were breaking down the 500 Sphinxes into four batches of 125 over a few weeks. This allows us to adjust the time so people in countries where 4pm GMT is not ideal (we’re looking at you Australia, New Zealand, Japan etc!) will get a better release time. Also, if you’re working or away, there’s less chance you will miss out.

Batch release dates are as follows:

  • 27th July at 4pm GMT
  • 3rd Aug at 11am GMT
  • 10th Aug 4pm GMT
  • 24th Aug 2pm GMT (revised from 17th Aug)

Visit to request your Sphinx from the gods!


As with previous collectible Phalanx avatars, your Notus Wave 1 Sphinxes will have three statistic points that are minted to the NFT. They are:


This is based on the wings of your Sphinx with a value ranging between 150 and 300. There are six different wing types.


You’ll notice that the Sphinx does not have hands.. so conventional weapons are not carried by these riddling beasts. Instead, they wear crowns, capable of projecting a psychic attack on an enemy. Each crown is different, from the most common and least powerful crown, Eris’ Crown of Confusion up to Hera’s Crown of Command, the rarest and most powerful available. There are seven crowns in total with stat values ranging from 75 to 300.

Heqsia has rarest wing type and therefore the fastest speed. Also, she wears the most powerful crown!


Psychic attack is the first form of defence for our Sphinxes! But, should an enemy get close enough to our Sphinx Phalangites, their ‘arm guards’ form the defence we take for our stat values. Again, there are seven arm guard types, the stat values for these range from 200 to 550.

A chance to see the stats before the time is up? Go on, but you must be quick!

We have introduced a small change to stat visualization: where before you had to identify how powerful your avatar’s stats were by sight alone, now you will be able to see your first generated companion’s stats- but only for the last 15 seconds! Choose quickly..

Unique Image, Name And Lore

Each of our 500 Vulcan’s Phalanx collectible avatars is fully unique. No other Sphinx will look exactly the same, and no other Sphinx will have matching lore- in fact, some lines of lore provided by the DarkLord, author Jamie Thomson, will only appear on a single Vulcan’s Phalanx Sphinx. The rest is randomised across the characters, building unique, rich and often funny lore for your NFT.

Roast manflesh. Grimace.

Buffs and Benefits

You skipped straight to this heading, didn’t you?! Our Phalanx avatars being rare collectibles could be enough. But this is Vulcan Forged. We go the extra leg and give you.. Vulcan’s Phalanx avatar buffs!
Among them are some truly interesting ones including use of all Sphinx weapons in Vulcan Assassins and, for those lucky enough to get the rarest crown or arm guard, a 5% boost to either attack or defence for your Vulcanite in VulcanVerse.

Here’s the buffs list:

General Sphinx Buffs + Perks (non-stackable)

  • My Forge accounts with avatars have a slightly better % chance with lootboxes
  • An achievement for collecting 4x Sphinx Phalanx avatars
  • Sphinx crown psychic attack weapons will be available for use in Vulcan Assassins

Stackable Sphinx Buffs + perks:

  • % $LAVA generation multiplier per avatar held (full details TBA but 1% to 3% based on stats)

Rare Item Sphinx Buffs + Perks:

  • An achievement for having a Sphinx Phalanx avatar with either the rarest arm guards or rarest crown.
  • 5% Vulcanite attack stat boost in VulcanVerse for holding a Phalanx avatar with the rarest crown weapon.
  • 5% Vulcanite defence stat boost in VulcanVerse for holding a Phalanx avatar with the rarest arm guard armour.

As well as the above, Phalanx avatar integration and use is possible (and available for use) in future games. Finally, We’re looking into a very cool concept for Phalanx characters in relation to VulcanVerse though this one is for the future.

Kauketsilla is rightfully proud of those awesome wings..

The Process

How do you get a Vulcan’s Phalanx Sphinx? The process is simple. Initially, you’ll need a My Forge account — set this up in advance, as avatars can sell out quickly and you do not want to miss out.

A further note, ensure pop ups are allowed, you’ll need this for Venly wallet sign in.

  1. From 4pm GMT on 27th July 2022, visit and click ‘Get a Sphinx’ (the same applies on the other dates mentioned above).
  2. Sign in with your My Forge login and password.
  3. Click ‘Receive your companion from the Gods’. Venly will pop up- sign in to Venly and pay the 25 $PYR cost.
  4. BANG! Your Sphinx is displayed on screen. You have 1 minute to either accept this Sphinx, or decline and make one further payment of 5 $PYR (a further Venly pop up) for a different Sphinx. Note- you don’t get a further choice after this, the Sphinx after either accepting the first or declining and paying for a second choice will be yours.
  5. If you allow the timer to count down to 15 seconds remaining, you will be able to view the Sphinx stats– but decide quickly! If he counter reaches zero, you will receive the Sphinx on screen.
  6. The congratulations screen gives you the name and lore for your Vulcan’s Phalanx Sphinx alongside the image. Look after your companion! Press exit to go back to the first screen, where you can purchase a further Sphinx should you want to.
  7. Minting will happen after all Vulcan’s Phalanx avatars have been purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Sphinx Collectible Avatar Cost?

Information is listed in the ‘Process’ section above. It’s 25 $PYR- with your second roll of the dice (if you’re not happy with your initial Sphinx) at 5 $PYR.

Venly Wallet Won’t Work!? Help!

Disable your pop up blocker, friend.

Can I Buy Multiple Avatars?

We know how keen some of you are to get hold of Vulcan’s Phalanx avatars — yes, you can buy as many as you want!

Can I Sell My Avatar / Can I Buy An Avatar on the Marketplace?

As an NFT, yes, you can buy and sell Vulcan’s Phalanx avatars on the marketplace. But why would you want to sell? You’ll grow fond of your collectible Sphinx friend we’re sure..
For those missing out on the Sphinx release, buying later in our marketplace will be the way to get hold of an avatar.

Are Some Avatars Rarer Than Others?

Yes. There are 500 Sphinx avatars, each unique, but some will come with better armour, a rarer crown weapon. Rarer items usually means better perks..

I Selected to ‘Decline, Make One Further Offering’ But Didn’t Make The Transaction. What Happens Now?

Vulcan will banish you forever from his realm! Not really. You’ll get the first companion that you declined. Be warned- she won’t be happy with the previous rejection.

Where Do I Find The Full List of Buffs / Perks?

In this article- read up!

Are These Characters I Can Use in VulcanVerse?

No, they are unique collectible NFT avatars for your My Forge profile. They’ll give you small buffs, multipliers, that sort of thing. But more on that soon.. as NFTs, you can buy sell and trade them in the marketplace.

I Missed The Sale, But I Want A Sphinx!

We’re releasing Sphinxes in batches, dates listed in this article. If you missed all of these dates (tut tut), simply sign into My Forge and go to the marketplace. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to buy one there.. but we have no say over the resale price..

My Transaction Hasn’t Gone Through / I’m Still Waiting?!

Have patience.. there will likely be many people all trying to get an avatar at the same time. You may be making offerings to the gods, but mortals built blockchain..

Hey, Where’s My NFT?

Have yet more patience puny mortal. It’s coming- all avatars will be minted and sent out when the current release has closed.

Lore And Names You Say? Who Came Up With Those?

None other than the DarkLord himself, award winning author, Jamie Thomson. We don’t mess around when it comes to Vulcan’s Phalanx you know!

About Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is a blockchain game studio, NFT marketplace, and NFT minting engine. Vulcan Forged is the creator of VulcanVerse and Berserk, and many other games. The ecosystem is expanding rapidly, and many games are being enabled within the play to earn economy.

The native token used within the ecosystem is $PYR. The secondary token $LAVA acts as a play to earn tokens. This dual token economy structure is ideal for play to earn. Scholars will earn $LAVA while playing the Vulcan Forged games and will be able to forage special NFTs while in-game. These can be sold on the Vulcan Marketplace for $PYR.


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