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New: Bank Your XP For The Days Ahead

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Because Daily Life Doesn’t Always Allow Gaming Time..

And on the 7th Day Vulcan rested.. Well, not really, Vulcan doesn’t rest. But now you can! After much feedback and internal discussion, we have decided to slightly modify the XP activity quota necessary to earn your daily land staking pay-out.

Previously it was necessary to log in every day (or have a Cedalion active every day) and earn that XP in order to secure your staking pay-out. This was not ideal for those with inconsistent internet connections, those travelling, jobs, families or, in the case of one esteemed colleague, goblins to torture. The original goal was to encourage activity, to make the ‘Verse feel alive from one day to the next. Whilst a noble and important goal, that ambition needed to be tempered with a small dash of reality, we always want VulcanVerse to feel like a game, not a chore. Gaming should fit your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Starting with an upcoming patch to My Forge you will soon be able to ‘bank’ XP up to 7 days ahead at any given time. We’re keeping the daily XP requirement as it stands — the intention is still to scale up the XP requirements as Cedalion numbers and viable XP routes continue to expand — making sure landowners are still encouraged to contribute to the general activity levels within the game. But you will now be able to stock up, giving yourself a small buffer for life’s many unexpected curve balls, the chance to further your scorpion hunting adventures or take a short trip to the beach without the need for your computer.

“Gaming should fit your lifestyle, not the other way around.”

Visualising The Changes

The current land staking XP bar is going to be replaced with a 7 segmented version. Every day at staking pay-out, a bar from the stockpile will drain, representing your qualification for staking rewards.

As it stands currently, 200 XP will fill each segment for all players, letting you stockpile up to 7 days’ worth of staking ahead of time (1400 XP required to max out your week’s stockpile). You cannot earn any more than that, even if you earn enough XP to qualify for additional days.

*Note – images are for reference only and will not perfectly match the final design.

In future updates (when we feel we are in a position to raise/remove the cap on the XP formula as has been planned) we will adjust XP required to be unique to each person, the amount of XP required for each bar segment being based on the number of lands you own, with either a higher, or completely removed XP cap (starting at 101 XP per bar for 1 land, and scaling up from there, as per the formula shared below and in the previous staking medium article).

This small change to the system will allow for a better life / gaming balance, after all, VulcanVerse is not a job and neither should it be seen as an inconvenience. As with most games, we want you to enjoy your time in VulcanVerse and have fun!

Continuing Improvement

This XP banking update continues the process of improvement and tweaks to My Forge as we progress towards striking a good balance between active interest in investment, gaming fun and not being overbearing.

Of course, not all ideas end in success and we will listen to all community feedback as always. And if anyone can assist us in helping our player-base better manage time, it’s the god of time, Cronus — and he works with us..

About Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is a blockchain game studio, NFT marketplace, and NFT minting engine. Vulcan Forged is the creator of VulcanVerse and Berserk, and many other games. The ecosystem is expanding rapidly, and many games are being enabled within the play to earn economy.

The native token used within the ecosystem is $PYR. The secondary token $LAVA acts as a play to earn tokens. This dual token economy structure is ideal for play to earn. Scholars will earn $LAVA while playing the Vulcan Forged games and will be able to forage special NFTs while in-game. These can be sold on the Vulcan Marketplace for $PYR.


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