Berserk Season 3 Q&A

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Get tips, tricks and insights for Season 3 (and beyond) from project lead, Dudemk3!

It’s official. Season 3 of Berserk, our very own collectible card game set in the Vulcan universe, will be kicking off on March 8th!

A new season is a big deal. It means that there are new competitive ladders to climb, new cards to experiment with from the latest expansion (New Beginnings), and epic new prizes at stake.

To help you prepare for the incoming season of fierce (and fun) competition, we’ve pulled aside the PM for Berserk, Dudemk3, to tell us a little more about what to expect this time around…

Hello! Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and what you do at Vulcan Forged?

My name is Sheldon, but most of you will know me as Dudemk3. Chief Cat Herder and idea cultivator for all things Berserk.

What can we expect to see in Season 3?

Exciting developments in the meta, as the bulk of players rush to optimise with the new access to NFT cards. Bitter rivalries playing out as returning players fight for bragging rights.

Will we see the toppling of giants? Who can say.

An increase in player count and total matches to unlock those season prize stretch goals? Let’s hope so!

Some serious returns via the Vulcan Vault Profit share system due to returning Booster pack sales and subscription pass sales? I think so…

Found footage of a carefully coordinated Lava Bank heist by Tomyios whilst everyone is distracted by Season 3? Probably not. But we aren’t ruling anything out! Vulcan Police will be ever vigilant at this time for any shenanigans within our ecosystem.

Perhaps a sneak peek at the expansion that’s coming next? Listen closely, can you hear the sounds of Amazons training? Or the smell of Kobaloi Hordes in the air… Trapjaw in a cool hat? Almost certainly. But no one’s really sure why…

How will this Season’s prize pool work?

The prize pool this season is starting at the same level as Season 2. But we’ve introduced some community targets to unlock higher level rewards for everyone. In short, play more games, invite more people, get them to play more games, if we reach certain thresholds of total games and Monthly Active Users the prize pool will ramp up to 75k or even up to 100k!

Check out this Article for more detail on the prizes up for grabs.

What’s your favorite card from the latest expansion: New Beginnings?

That’s a tricky one… From a gameplay perspective, I’d have to say it would probably be Myrmidon Armour. We’ve introduced a new mechanic that negates 100% of any damage for X number of hits. That changes the way of assessing how you spread your attacks.

While it may not seem like much now, with just the one card, I think it opens the door to some very interesting card design in future sets.

From a meta perspective, I’m very pleased they let me include the flavour text joke on Jas the Unliving, a small throwaway callback to the Frazetta Card Arktus, Bear of Boreas, as well as the card itself being a bit of an inside joke (if you ever meet the Dark Lord in person see if you can tease out of him who Jas is meant to be an insert for 🤫). I’m looking forward to many more terrible Jas puns sneaking into future sets as he tries out a variety of new careers in the ‘Verse.

What advice can you give to players hoping to compete in Season 3?

Don’t be afraid to try out the higher league! With the new cards, a rented Vulcanite and access to extra NFT cards through subscriptions the barrier to entry has never been lower. And even the low level prizes in Legendary can be pretty tempting!

The biggest mistake I see players making is assuming that everyone else has a fully decked out $$$ Deck, and that there’s 0 chance of competing without dropping big bucks. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

One last question: what’s next for Berserk?

Content, content, content.

Our big focus was on stability and lowering the barrier to entry. We think we’ve done a pretty good job of putting the necessary pieces in place for that. So now it’s on to making new cards, revamping the UI and improving the UX (and also cosmetics, because who doesn’t love a good hat). Each season from now on is going to see a whole host of new goodies, and we intend to ramp up the quantity in each release as we get into the swing of things. We want to really flesh out multiple play styles and breathe some life into a competitive and varied meta.

Thanks for joining us as we chat about Season 3 of Berserk! We can’t wait to see what kinds of decks and playstyles you come up with, and hear tales of epic victories and rivalries throughout the season.

Who will take the crown?

To stay up to date with all things Berserk and to chat with Dudemk3 directly, please join us on Discord here!


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