Transitioning to Elysium Blockchain

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Your Questions About Vulcan Forged’s Carbon Neutral Blockchain for Metaverses Answered

Over the last year, we’ve been busily building the Elysium blockchain, designed specifically for gaming; metaverse-centered, fast and eco-friendly. Testnet was successfully deployed, Mainnet token contracts were updated with the Lossless protocol, providing real-time protection and security. The Elysium bridge is built with final touches to its front-end ‘paintwork’ taking place. We’re now at the dawn of the Elysium era, so it’s time to provide answers to your burning questions, the things you, our community and the public, ask us most often about the transition to Elysium.

You can read all about why Elysium blockchain is different in our article covering just that, but here are some key points to take away:

  • We Plant Trees the More Elysium blockchain is used
  • We Have A Fast 51 Node Proof of Authority (PoA) Consensus
  • Elysium is Built for Gaming and the Metaverse
  • Our Series of Elysium Tools, inc. ElysiumSwap and Elysium Launchpad
  • Elysium Contains its own Game SDK
  • Focus on Dynamic NFTs and Gamified MetaData

Let’s take a look at those common questions relating to our transition to Elysium:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cold LAVA?

Cold LAVA is off-chain lava that is equal to chain $LAVA (Hot $LAVA). After a 3 day period (and the 10,000 XP requirement — aka reaching account level 2), users can convert this Cold LAVA to Hot $LAVA. Also users can use this off-chain Cold LAVA to purchase in-game items.

Think of Cold LAVA as an unrefined resource, as generated it holds value but over 3 days it is refined where it is then in the right condition for conversion to Hot $LAVA, on-chain, ready for general circulation.

When will the swap back from Cold to Hot $LAVA happen?

On the 6th March 2023, we airdropped the new Elysium blockchain $LAVA to user wallets following the snapshot of 1st March. At the end of this week / 10th March, we will be enabling the Cold to Hot $LAVA swap- where users will be able to convert their Cold LAVA into Elysium chain Hot $LAVA.

How do I add Elysium to MetaMask?

When Elysium is integrated in My Forge, then Elysium will be added to MetaMask automatically, but should you want to manually add Elysium to MetaMask, here are the details:



Chain ID: 1339
Symbol: LAVA

Explorer 1:
Explorer 2:

When will Elysium blockchain be live?

With the airdrop of $LAVA on Elysium, the blockchain will be live and users can begin their interaction with the blockchain — making Elysium blockchain live now!

Will $PYR be on Elysium?

Yes, $PYR will be on Elysium.

When will the full switch to Elysium have taken place?

The full switch to Elysium, that is, all migration, will have taken place by the end of April 2023.

How do I bridge $PYR | Polygon to $PYR | Elysium?

Elysium will have its own bridge. A user will be able to bridge $PYR from any chain. Currently this is being audited (almost complete).

What will happen to assets on the Marketplace, whether Cedalion or otherwise, during migration?

Those assets will stay as they are for the time being. The user has to connect their MetaMask wallet on when Elysium is live and fully integrated into My Forge.

What will happen to my $LAVA if I am too late moving it from My Forge? Will it be lost forever?

Cold LAVA won’t be lost, users can swap Cold LAVA to Elysium $LAVA when Cold to Hot $LAVA swapping is enabled.

Will Cold LAVA still be available to earn in games on Elysium? Will it still be off-chain?

Yes, Cold LAVA can still be earned in games on Elysium and it will be off-chain — nothing is changing in this respect.

Why do we need to use a new MetaMask wallet?

For security reasons, it is recommended that users use a new MetaMask wallet, as currently lots of community members have imported their Venly wallet into MetaMask . We’d recommend every user setup a fresh MetaMask wallet, avoiding confusion down the line.

What happened on 3rd March 2023? Does VulcanDex have new Elysium $LAVA? Will Elysium Swap be launching? Or will there be a limbo period where we can’t do anything with our new Elysium $LAVA?

On 3rd March the airdrop was planned but instead this took place on 6th March. This does not impact anything other than seeing the balance appear a few days late. Elysium Swap is under development will soon be live with the support of Elysium $LAVA.

How will Vulcan Forged know my Elysium address?

When Elysium is integrated in My Forge, My Forge will prompt the user to connect their MetaMask wallet for Elysium and it will be linked in My Forge. We recommend that users create a new MetaMask wallet for this purpose.

How will Vulcan Forged know where to remint the NFTs to?

When Elysium blockchain is integrated in My Forge and the user is prompted to connect their MetaMask wallet, My Forge will automatically transfer their owned VeChain NFTs to newly minted Elysium NFTs in their connected MetaMask wallet.

Multiple MetaMasks: Is this a one time MetaMask connection and it is bound forever in My Forge, or can you connect different MetaMask addresses as with other blockchain platforms?

Initially it will be one time, but we plan to allow connection of different MetaMask addresses in future also.

$LAVA will power the Elysium blockchain, remember all holders of $PYR can generate $LAVA simply by holding $PYR in their My Forge wallet, qualifying for an Elysium Forge Node. $LAVA can also be generated by playing one of our many blockchain games — you’ll need to have earned 10,000 XP through playing to enable the Cold LAVA you make in-game to change to Hot (on-chain) $LAVA.

More questions? Visit our Discord server where the team and community will be happy to help!

About Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is the company behind Vulcan Studios, a blockchain game studio, NFT marketplace, NFT minting engine and creators of VulcanVerse, Berserk: Vulcanites Unleashed and many other games. Vulcan Forged has also built Elysium, a carbon neutral layer 1 blockchain and MetaScapes, a metaverse as a service (MaaS) engine. The Vulcan Forged family is expanding rapidly, with many Vulcan Studios games now enabled within our blockchain economy.

The native token used within our ecosystem is $PYR, the secondary token $LAVA acts as a play-to-earn token. This dual token economy structure is ideal for blockchain gaming. Scholars or Cedalions are able to earn $LAVA while playing Vulcan Studios games and special NFTs can be earned while in-game. These can be sold on the Vulcan Marketplace for $PYR.

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