Claim $LAVA Gems and Multipliers

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Get an added boost to your $LAVA generation by claiming a multiplier NFT gem

On Wednesday, 4pm GMT, 12th January, all Vulcan Forged users will get the chance to claim (or reclaim) a $LAVA generating gem and an NFT daily $LAVA multiplier.

As Vulcan’s minions know, $LAVA is the play-to-earn token generated from gameplay across Vulcan Forged games.

$LAVA can be used to buy materials, upgrade vulcanites, Gods and land (along with XP) and traded for $PYR or $USDC in VulcanDex.

We are giving you a chance to generate 1×5 daily $LAVA for simply holding $PYR in your wallets.

Note: Your account must have 20 XP already. You can earn XP quickly by playing Berserk at

But wait, there’s more….

If you hit the snapshot date tomorrow with the below criteria of $PYR held (Matic layer), you will also receive an NFT multiplier gem that adds 1.5x to your daily generated $LAVA.

Note, these NFT gems are transferrable and limited. However, they can only be used on the exact gem tier you own.

Example: You can upgrade to the next tier/gem. However, if you upgrade to an epic gem for example. you will need the epic gem NFT multiplier.

Tier 1 Basic Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 1000–2000 PYR

Also receive: Basic Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 3

Tier 2 Common Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 2001–4000 PYR

Also receive: Common Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 6

Tier 3 Rare Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 4001–8000 PYR

Also receive: Rare Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 15

Tier 4 Mythic Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 8001–12000 PYR

Also receive: Mythic Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 35

Tier 5 Epic Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 12001–20000 PYR

Also receive: Epic Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 70

Tier 6 Legendary Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 20001–30000 PYR

Also receive: Legendary Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 150

Tier 7 Fire Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 30001–50000

Also receive: Fire Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 250

Tier 8 Cedalion Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 50001+

Also receive: Cedalion Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 450

$LAVA daily rewards start on 16th August.

Disclaimer: Lava may be adjusted at Vulcan’s discretion depending on other LAVA generating methods to keep balance.


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