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Connect your MetaMask wallet on My Forge: a Guide

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In a previous article, we walked you through the process of creating a MetaMask account and adding the Elysium MainNet network on it as we approach the big migration of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem to Elysium. Starting July 19th, 2023, it’s time to connect your MetaMask wallet on My Forge and start syncing your NFT assets (please note this phase only cover how to sync your NFT assets, not your tokens. You will need to bridge your tokens over to your MetaMask Elysium wallet to see these in My Forge)

But why?

This process will sync-up your NFTs currently on VeChain and create an exact replica of these on the Elysium blockchain. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of migrating to Elysium with Metamask. By offering enhanced scalability, security, and flexibility, our Elysium blockchain paves the way for the future of Vulcan Forged.

What you’ll learn in this article:

  • Why migrate to the Elysium network?
  • A reminder on setting up a MetaMask wallet
  • How to connect to My Forge?
  • How to add your MetaMask wallet?
  • How to sync-up the data?
  • Important Remarks and FAQs

Why Migrate to the Elysium Network?

By migrating to Elysium, our players and community members will gain enhanced security, scalability, flexibility and ease of use to access their digital assets and play VulcanVerse, Berserk, and other web3 games within the Vulcan Forged ecosystem but also the dozen of new dApps coming to Elysium.

A reminder on setting up a MetaMask wallet

This is a pre-requisite. You will need a MetaMask wallet to see and access your NFT assets. As mentioned previously, we have created a dedicated guide to help you create a MetaMask wallet and more. Click here to get started.

How to connect to My Forge?

The first thing you’ll notice is a nice interface change to connect to My Forge. Vulcan Forged has worked relentlessly to ease your access to the My Forge platform. As such, we have introduced the capacity to register a new account or connect to My Forge in a few easy clicks via Google, Facebook, Discord, or Apple.

Of course, you can still use the old school way to login to My Forge with your email and password!

Please note that if you have an existing My Forge account, make sure your social login email is the same as the one you use for My Forge. If it isn’t, a new My Forge account might be created.

How to add your MetaMask wallet?

Here are the easy steps to connect your wallet in My Forge.

Step 1. Once logged into My Forge, you’ll see a prompt on the top right of your screen. Click on “Connect Wallet“. This will open a prompt

Step 2. You’ll see a prompt to choose your wallet. At this point, click on the ‘CONNECT METAMASK‘ (Once again, you need to have a MetaMask on the Elysium network for this to work).

IMPORTANT: The MetaMask wallet you will connect to your My Forge account will be the one used to sync your data between VeChain and the Elysium Network. Make sure to choose the correct wallet based on your needs

Step 3. A MetaMask pop-up should open. You’ll need to click ‘Sign‘ to proceed. In some cases, you might see a prompt to switch network to Elysium MainNet.

Step 4. That’s it. Your wallet is connected and your NFTs are syncing automatically between VeChain and Elysium. Go on ‘My Assets’. You should see a message indicating that the sync is in progress.

Please note it may takes some time so please remain patient.

When the sync is complete, just refresh this page and you should see your NFTs in there. That’s it, these are now on the Elysium Network!

Edit July 19th, 10am GMT: We have been made aware that the following NFTs aren’t syncing: Berserk Booster Packs, Shield of Achilles, Troy Tokens, OG Badge, Gods. The team is working on this and we expect a fix within 48h. Keep in mind that won’t impact your in-game activity.


How to sync-up your data?

You don’t have to do anything. Our system will look for your current My Forge account with your assets on Vechain and sync that up on the ‘new’ My Forge (create for Elysium). Essentially, you just have to remain patient for these NFTs to sync-up. We expect the time for the sync to vary from a few minutes to a few hours so please remain patient. We recommend a refresh of your page every 15 min or so

If after 3 hours, your NFTs aren’t synced yet, create a ticket.

TIP:  A great way to see the sync and transfer of NFT assets is to access Elysium Cloud Wallet. This offer a more holistic view of your assets on your Elysium wallet.

Important Remarks and FAQs

What to Expect:

  1. Replication of Assets: Your NFTs and digital items will be replicated in your new My Forge Elysium account. Please note that while these assets will be replicated on Elysium, they won’t have utility in-game until Phase 3 is completed. So, for now, the games will continue to leverage VeChain assets.
  2. VeChain Marketplace Deactivation: As part of the migration process, we will be deactivating the VeChain marketplace. This is to prevent any issues or fraud related to the sale of VeChain assets without future value. Rest assured, you’ll still have access to your VeChain assets on My Forge as they are essential for the game’s utility.
  3. Patience Required for Phase 3: We understand you’re excited to start playing with your Elysium assets on VulcanVerse and Berserk. However, we need to conduct thorough testing to ensure a seamless experience. Phase 3, which includes enabling the use of Elysium assets in-game, will be implemented in the coming weeks. In the meantime, continue enjoying the games using your VeChain assets.
  4. Asset Sync Time: The synchronization process between VeChain and Elysium depends on server loads. In ideal conditions, it should only take a few minutes. However, during peak periods as we ramp up TPS on Elysium (currently at ~2.5k TPS), it could take a few hours take up to 60 minutes. Please be patient while the transfer occurs.


What is happening on July 19?

July 19th at 11am GMT marks an important day for the Vulcan Forged ecosystem and the Elysium Blockchain. On that day, Vulcan Forged and My Forged will activate the sync between the current My Forge account (to be deprecated) and the new account on the Elysium blockchain.
Essentially, all your current digital assets on VeChain will automatically be synced and recreated on the Elysium network.

I’m not seeing all my NFT assets, what is happening?

It has been flagged that the following NFTs might not sync properly as of July 19th, 10am GMT. If that’s the case, don’t worry, these assets are still in your VeChain wallet and will be migrated ASAP.
  • Berserk Booster Packs
  • Shield of Achilles
  • Troy Tokens
  • OG Badge
  • Gods

I don’t have a MetaMask wallet AND/OR I don’t have it connected to the Elysium Network, what should I do?

No big deal, you will need to create or add the network. You can use this guide

Can I start playing with my Elysium assets on VV and Berserk?

As we still need to conduct extensive testing and ensure the migration is successfully completed, this will happen in Phase 3 which will take place in a few weeks. That being said, this won’t impact you or your gaming experience since your VeChain assets will still be used for games.

Then, what’s the point of Phase 2 if I can’t use my Elysium assets?

Migration is an extremely complex process, and to get it right, we have to proceed step by step. Starting the sync of assets during Phase 2 means we are minimizing the risks of something going wrong. It also requires a lot of teams and key experts to work on this project, and not all teams will have the same timelines. In short, having Phase 2 is a crucial step to ensure all your assets have been synced correctly before we re-enable the utility of these assets in the games you love.

Some of my assets have not transferred onto Elysium, what should I do?

If that’s the case, don’t worry. We expect a few issues here and there. You can raise a ticket on My Forge and provide as many details pertaining to your account as possible.

How long does it take to sync between Vechain and Elysium?

The time it takes depends on the load on the server. Ideally, it should take a few minutes, but during busy periods while we ramp up TPS (currently at ~2.5k TPS) on Elysium, it could take up to 60 minutes.

Will my tokens also be transferred?

No, we will only sync your NFT assets. To transfer your tokens, you can use the Elysium Bridge

Why do I still have access to my VeChain assets on My Forge?

As mentioned previously, we need to keep VeChain assets accessible as they still hold utility for the games. In short, the games will still rely on VeChain assets while we finalize the migration in Phase 3.

How long will it take for the games to switch over?

This is what we call Phase 3, and it should not take more than 3 to 4 weeks. Please understand that all game teams go through a rigorous process to ensure everything is working well. Currently, they need to set up a test environment for these games on Elysium, which involves the added complexity of calling the right databases, loading the assets correctly, connecting properly to My Forge and vice-versa, and more. We then need to test that everything is working fine, troubleshoot major issues, and release it to the wider public.

Can I still trade assets on VeChain?

To safeguard you–we have made the decision to completely close the VeChain marketplace once the migration starts. This is to ensure we eliminate or limit fraud related to users selling VeChain assets that won’t have any value. However, you’ll still be able to trade your assets on Elysium as usual. The key difference is that your purchased Elysium assets won’t appear in-game until Phase 3 is completed.
All auctions will be cancelled.

Expected Milestones

  • Current user and player sets his/her Metamask wallet | June 21st – July 19th 2023
  • My Forge transitions to Elysium: User add their Metamask wallet on My Forge and data sync| Starting July 19th 2023
  • Games transition to Elysium | Expected early August 2023

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