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Exciting New Feature: Stamina and Satiety in VulcanVerse

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Vulcan Studios is thrilled to introduce the much-anticipated Stamina and Satiety system, adding an exciting layer of realism and strategy to your adventures. This feature will challenge players to balance their physical capabilities with the need for sustenance, enhancing the immersive experience of VulcanVerse.

How It Works

Upon entering VulcanVerse, you will notice a new UI display at the bottom right corner of your screen, indicating your Stamina, Hunger, and Hydration levels. These indicators are crucial for managing your character’s ability to sprint and jump higher, both vital for traversing the diverse terrains of VulcanVerse (maybe you’ll escape from the pits some players dig?!).

  • Hydration (Thirst) Indicator: Shows how hydrated you are. Also depletes over time and with increased activity.
  • Hunger (Fed) Indicator: Shows how well-fed you are. Depletes over time and more rapidly when sprinting.
  • Stamina Bar: Enables sprinting and higher jumps. Depletes as you use these abilities and regenerates over time.

If either Hunger or Hydration drops to zero, your Stamina will no longer regenerate, preventing you from sprinting or jumping higher until you replenish these resources.

Managing Hunger and Hydration

To keep your Hunger and Hydration levels up, visit Food and Drink Vendors located in each quadrant of VulcanVerse, including Vulcan City. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Arcadia: Coordinates 102.14
  • Boreas: Coordinates 14.42
  • Hades: Coordinates 20.100
  • Notus: Coordinates 103.102
  • Vulcan City: Coordinates 66.57

Stamina and satiety in Boreas

Purchase consumables from these vendors and consume them by clicking on the items in your inventory. Your character will stop to eat or drink, restoring Hunger or Hydration over time. You can consume food and drink simultaneously for efficiency, though current food and drink being consumed should be finished before further food and drink is consumed, as new food or drink will replace what is currently in use. Movement while eating or drinking will be locked, but this can be unlocked – beware though, this  will cancel the consumption, so plan your breaks wisely.

Additional Enhancements

The introduction of this system comes with minor tweaks to regular running speed and jump height to balance the gameplay. Regular movement will be slightly slower, but sprinting will provide a significant boost, making the management of Stamina, Hunger, and Hydration all the more critical.


  • Sprint and Jump: Use Shift to sprint and jump higher, consuming Stamina.
  • Resource Management: Monitor and manage Hunger and Hydration to keep Stamina regenerating.
  • Vendor Locations: Find vendors in each quadrant to purchase food and drinks.
  • Consumption Mechanics: Eat and drink to restore Hunger and Hydration, allowing you to sprint again.

The Stamina and Satiety system is a precursor to the introduction of professions such as cooking and allows the team to build and integrate new features in VulcanVerse.

Get ready to embark on this new adventure with the Stamina and Satiety system, making your journey through VulcanVerse more thrilling and strategic. Stay hydrated, stay fed, and keep moving, heroes!


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