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Vulcan Forged Announces Forge On! Building Competition: $20k in Prizes for Builders

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Vulcan Forged and the Elysium blockchain are thrilled to announce the Forge On! building competition, a spectacular opportunity for builders in both VulcanVerse and MetaScapes to showcase their creativity and craftsmanship. With a total prize pool of $20,000 split between the two platforms, this competition promises to be an exhilarating event for players and creators alike.

The Forge On competition will run from today, April 22nd to June 12th, culminating in the announcement of winners and runners-up at VulCon4 in London on June 14th. This exciting competition invites all players and builders in VulcanVerse and MetaScapes to participate, offering them a chance to win cash prizes and recognition for their work.

Build in the Forge On! Building Competition and win

In VulcanVerse, builders are invited to create stunning structures, landscapes, and environments within the game world. Whether it’s an intricate temple, a bustling marketplace, or a serene garden, participants have the freedom to let their imagination run wild. Three builders will be shortlisted on June 12th, with one winner and two runners-up announced at VulCon4. The winner will receive $5,000, while each of the two runners-up will receive $2,500.

Likewise, in MetaScapes, creators are encouraged to design immersive virtual worlds and experiences using the MetaScapes platform. From futuristic cityscapes to whimsical fantasy realms, the possibilities are endless. Three builders will be shortlisted on June 12th, with the winner and runners-up announced at VulCon4. Again, the prizes match those for VulcanVerse: $5,000 for the winner and $2,500 for each runner-up.

For any build, the theme is simple – “Forge On!”. Let’s see your interpretations between now and June 12th. We want to see your builds, so tag us @VulcanForged with a screenshot on X (Twitter) and the hashtags #ForgeOn and #VulCon4 – the team and some carefully selected volunteers will judge on June 12th, choosing our three shortlisted competitors with the winner announced at VulCon4 in London on June 14th.

Build in the Forge On! Building Competition and win

VulCon4 Awards

Both winners and runners-up in the Forge On! building competition will also be awarded trophies and medals, respectively, at VulCon4, where they will be asked up on stage to receive both recognition from the community and teams in attendance and their rewards.

“We’re incredibly excited to launch the Forge On! building competition and see the amazing creations our community comes up with,” said Vulcan Forged CEO Jamie Thomson. “VulcanVerse and MetaScapes are about empowering players to unleash their creativity, and this competition is a fantastic opportunity for builders to showcase their talent and win some incredible prizes.”

VulCon4 promises to be quite the event – with the community awards ceremony alongside a line-up of amazing speakers, the ability to play Vulcan Studios games and the final of the Berserk VulCon4 Invitational! At present a limited amount of tickets remains for this London event on June 14th. Don’t miss out!

Build in the Forge On! Building Competition and win

To participate in the Forge On! building competition, builders can start creating their masterpieces in VulcanVerse and MetaScapes today. You can play VulcanVerse by downloading the Vulcan Studios games launcher from, and MetaScapes can be accessed through a link available on the Vulcan Forged Discord server (currently in development and therefore not generally available). Stay tuned for updates and announcements on the Vulcan Forged blog and social media channels.

For more information about Vulcan Forged and the Forge On! building competition, follow us on our Vulcan Forged X channel: and join us on Discord:


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