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Gods and Staking Buffs: The Details

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Which Staking Buffs Will Be Available During The Sowing Of Level 3 Plots?

On 28th June, all land owners will be allowed to sow their land to Level 3!!

This article will explain the role of certain gods during the sowing.

Gods & Buffs

All gods will eventually have the same amount of buffs. There are two exceptions: Zeus and Cronus. As the respective heads of the Olympians and Titans, they each have more power.

Buffs can be in-game economic buffs, financial buffs, game-play buffs, visual buffs, asset buffs, battle system buffs, and many more. If you own a god with just one available or active buff right now, there is no reason to become desperate- more will be available in time or when you upgrade the god. By upgrading gods, you can strengthen existing buffs or activate new buffs.


That being said, we have to balance this system with regards to the land staking program. For this reason, these default rules will apply to gods for land plots and staking:

  • All Gods apart from Zeus and Cronus can buff one land plot to increase the staking rewards by 10% at level 1. Cronus and Zeus will buff three plots. (Gods stack for this feature)
  • All Gods also have special buffs. These buffs are bound to a specific god. When these buffs apply to sowing or the land staking program in any way, they apply to 3 plots at level 3. (Gods stack for this feature)
  • Your avatar level determines the number of plots the god can buff.
  • Cronus and Zeus can be assigned one buff from any other god as a bonus. This buff will also apply to multiple land plots like the other gods. (Gods stack for this feature)
  • Gods will increase your XP earnings. (10% XP buff)
  • Gods will increase your node rewards.
  • We are going to incentivize all ‘interactions’ within our ecosystem. This will include owning gods. Owning god NFTs will credit 10 XP / day to the owner’s My Forge account. This XP does not count for the daily XP you need to be required to receive staking rewards. (Gods stack for this feature)

Level 3 Implications

Because the god buff dashboard is not ready yet, we will temporarily activate the Hermes buff for Cronus and Zeus as an extra buff. This means you can sow up to 3 additional land plots at lightning speed for each Cronus, Zeus, Demeter, or Hermes you own.

Themis will lower the LAVA costs for sowing by 10% for up to 3 plots. For those without a calculator, that’s a 48 $PYR bonus up to level 7 for just this one buff at level 1. Please keep in mind that 11 more buffs will be added.

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