Berserk Season 4: Winds of War - A Season to Remember
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Berserk Season 4: Winds of War – A Season to Remember

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As Berserk Season 4: Winds of War comes to a close, we want to celebrate the successes to date with our community by sharing some key data on player engagement and card usage, as well as looking towards the future.

Headline Figures for Berserk Season 4: Winds of War  

With over 50,000 matches played from close to 1000 Unique Users, Berserk Season 4: Winds of War has drawn in its biggest audience to date this season. Now, with a robust user base, we’re gearing up for even more growth. Additionally, with new season cards and synergies, along with a continued review of current cards and balancing, the game will continue to grow. This growth will enable wider strategy and deck styles for more balanced, competitive match play.

Berserk Season 4: Winds of War stats

Berserk Season 4 Unique Users per Day

We aimed to keep Unique Users per day consistently high throughout Berserk Season 4: Winds of War. Like any prolonged activity, there are inevitable peaks and troughs; the key lies in how we navigate them.

The introduction of quests, social log-ins, and the revamped daily $LAVA earning system empowered us to achieve this goal. Daily unique users have ranged from a robust season low of 86 to a near-season high of 200. More often than not, the count has remained above 100, a trend we’re sustaining as we approach the season finale. This marks a significant improvement from Season 3, a trend we anticipate will persist as we welcome more users.


The Horned Lodge cards have been particularly well received in Berserk Season 4, with Kobaloi Warrior, Kobaloi Pillager, and Kobaloi Recruiter all having been used over 10,000 times each. The synergies on display here have become a staple part of players’ decks and go to show how much of an impact these cards can have.

Berserk Season 4: Winds of War's Kobaloi Warrior card Berserk Season 4: Winds of War's Kobaloi Pillager card Berserk Season 4: Winds of War's Kobaloi Recruiter card

For the Amazons, Amazonian Aspirant has led the way, being played over 14,000 times. This looks to be due to its versatility within a range of deck builds.

Berserk Season 4: Winds of War's Amazonian Aspirant card

The other Amazon cards, although played less frequently compared to the Kobaloi, have provided some great synergies with Amazon-based creatures from the Origin NFT collections, many of which were available as part of the Berserk Vault Pass in Berserk Season 4: Winds of War. Find out more about the Vault Pass here. 

New Beginnings

We’ve also seen several New Beginning Cards become deck must-haves, with Forgotten Spartoi ranking 7th, Cyclops Defender at 16th, and Jas the Unliving at 20th in usage this season. There have also been some highly sought-after cards in Berserk Season 4: Winds of War, particularly Vile Swamp Gas and The Eye of Typhon. These two cards have seen the highest bids on the secondary market as players have looked to gain a competitive edge. As we go through more seasons and discover new strategies, we think other New Beginnings cards will become significant too.

Berserk's Jas The Unliving card Berserk's Forgotten Spartoi card Berserk's Cyclops Defender card

In Game Origins

What about the free in-game Origin cards? They’ve proven they can bring a lot of value! Spartoi Peltast rocked it, becoming the 3rd most-used card this season, with over 12,000 uses. Warrior of Ares and Statuette of Ares also made it to the top 10. Again, where there are opportunities for synergies and combination plays, some of the Origin cards have shown they can provide great value to a deck.

Berserk Season 5

As we look forward to Season 5, we will conduct a full review of the marketing that took place throughout this season and look to expand our efforts and reach. Moreover, we’d also love your feedback and will circulate a feedback form for you to share how you’d like Berserk 5 to improve. There has also been an ongoing review of Berserk Season 4: Winds of War cards to ensure appropriate balancing before the official pack opening, as well as discussions regarding Vulcanite abilities as we look to provide further balance to the game.

We are extremely excited about the future of Berserk and we hope that our community will continue to support us and enjoy the experiences it brings, as we look towards 2024 being the biggest for Berserk yet!

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