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HeXenagos: The newest Vulcan Studios game opens in Beta

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In the enchanting realm of HeXenagos, a dynamic turn-based strategy game, two community champions shine as beacons of dedication and innovation. Day Devil and Night Angel, longstanding pillars of our Vulcan Forged community, have not only played vital roles in Vulcan Forged’s success but have also emerged as true heroes in the development of HeXenagos. Their unwavering commitment and relentless passion have etched an indelible mark on Vulcan Forged, embodying the collaborative spirit at the heart of our community.

Vulcan Forged is absolutely thrilled to feature and onboard HeXenagos as part of the Vulcan Studios portfolio to support the next stage of growth and success in web3 gaming.

What is the game HeXenagos?

HeXenagos is a turn-based tactics game that immerses you in a battle of wits and strategy. Engage in thrilling head-to-head combat with a friend or challenge your strategic prowess against a formidable opponent. With a focus on scoring points through unit elimination and objective building conquest, HeXenagos offers an intense gameplay experience that culminates after 8 rounds of tactical warfare. Will you emerge as the victor? The choice is yours, whether you opt for a default army or meticulously assemble your own to dominate the battlefield.

The Lore

Enter the realm of HeXenagos, where a solemn pact among the Gods has been forged to prevent the cataclysmic consequences of their open warfare. In a bid to maintain the balance of the world, these divine beings have chosen Xenagos, foreign commanders, to fight on their behalf. These Xenagos engage in fierce conflicts, vying for control over ancient temples and strategic locales. Their mission is clear: to amplify their patron deities’ influence and secure victory.

To prevent the devastation of celestial warfare, the Gods have bestowed enchanted medallions upon their Xenagos. These medallions serve as conduits, transporting commanders’ troops to a celestial battlefield high above mortal lands. Here, battles can unfold without the threat of widespread destruction.

The call to arms resounds: Are you ready to etch your name into the annals of eternal glory as a Xenagos?

As the divine conflict unfolds, two factions step into the fray: the Hoplites and the Amazones. Hoplites, defenders of peace, master tactical warfare and wield formidable bronze armor. The Amazones, dwelling in the icy Borean mountains, are fierce warrior women known for their combat prowess and independence. As the clash of these forces unfolds, the fate of the realms hangs in the balance, and the legends of HeXenagos are written in history.

HeXenagos Gameplay

In HeXenagos, each game round sees players taking turns to activate their units, deciding between movement, attacks, scoring, or special abilities. After all units have been set into motion, the battle proceeds to the next round, with a full game spanning eight rounds and typically lasting around 15 minutes.

Victory in HeXenagos is achieved by accumulating victory points through capturing buildings and eliminating enemy units. However, a swift victory can be claimed by annihilating all opposing units.

Players have a crucial choice: field a default army or craft a custom assembly, creating synergies tailored to their strategic vision.

Each unit in HeXenagos possesses unique strengths and weaknesses, falling into categories like Cavalry, Ranged, Melee, Spear, and Legend. Additionally, units feature distinct special abilities known as Mythos. Wise use of these Mythos abilities is essential, as they draw from your army’s Mythos power reserves. Skillful resource management is the key to battlefield success.

The HeXenagos game Beta is here!

Starting Nov 16th, all players will be able to play this game in Beta phase.

During that time, players will enjoy unrestricted access to 13 units from two factions: Amazones and Hoplites. All units are freely available during the month-long Beta, allowing players to incorporate them into their armies at no cost.

Starting from today, you’ll also be able to earn XP while playing the beta!

Whether you prefer friendly matches or competitive showdowns, a dynamic leaderboard displays player rankings, adding excitement to the experience. As the Beta progresses, these units will become accessible in the marketplace, granting players ample time to familiarize themselves with their capabilities before making informed decisions.

Join us in shaping the future of HeXenagos during this exciting Beta phase.

Are you ready to compete?

For now, players can freely experiment HeXenagos without MMR stress. It’s your time to learn, get comfortable, and strategize.

However, starting next week (date TBD), the HeXenagos team is planning a 2-4 weeks season with raffles, etc.

About Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged stands as the pinnacle of the web3 ecosystem, renowned for Vulcan Studios, the dynamic web3 project studio; Elysium, a cutting-edge carbon-neutral Layer-1 blockchain; and the highly-anticipated MetaScapes, a groundbreaking Metaverse-as-a-Service initiative.

With an impressive portfolio of over 10 projects, which includes the widely acclaimed VulcanVerse and the thrilling Berserk, Vulcan Forged is at the forefront of innovation in the web3 entertainment domain. Anchored by a robust community of ten of thousands passionate members, Vulcan Forged is resolutely committed to leading the way in the ever-evolving web3 entertainment landscape.

Vulcan Forged employs a dual-token system. The primary token, $PYR, serves as the native currency, while the secondary token, $LAVA, functions as a play-to-earn token. This unique dual-token economy structure has been meticulously crafted to cater to the specific needs of blockchain gaming enthusiasts.

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About HeXenagos

HeXenagos is part of the Vulcan Studios portfolio. HeXenagos is an immersive turn-based tactics game offering an intense experience across eight rounds of tactical warfare. Players strive to score points through unit elimination and objective conquest, choosing between default armies or crafting custom assemblies. With a rich lore and two factions, the Hoplites and the Amazones, HeXenagos promises an engaging adventure for those seeking eternal glory. HeXenagos is available on PC and Mobile.


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