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MetaScapes: Vulcan Forged’s Ambitious Leap into the Future of Digital Worlds

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Greetings, devotees of Vulcan! Following a recent AMA with our CEO, Jamie Thomson, we’re excited to dive deep into our upcoming project, MetaScapes. As always, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of digital ownership, gaming, and decentralized experiences, and MetaScapes stands as a testament to that dedication.

What is MetaScapes?

MetaScapes is a pioneering Metaverse-as-a-Service system (MaaS) that empowers individuals and entities to sculpt their unique digital realms. With its versatile platform, MetaScapes caters to a broad audience, from children letting their imaginations run wild to business representatives seeking tailored virtual environments for professional endeavours. By democratizing the creation and customization of metaverse experiences, MetaScapes blurs the boundaries between dreams and digital reality, granting everyone the agency to shape their own corner of the cosmos.

For those who missed the AMA or just want a refresher, here’s a concise breakdown of what was discussed:

1. The Vision Behind MetaScapes: Digital Ownership and Customization

  • Digital Real Estate: Much like the real world, MetaScapes offers users the freedom to buy, sell, and trade their plots. This isn’t just about gaming; it’s about genuine ownership in a digital universe.
  • Dynamic Customization: Whether you wish to create a serene landscape or set up an exhilarating paintball arena, the choice is yours. The world is not just a static background but a dynamic playground waiting for your touch.

2. MetaScapes’ Gaming Ecosystem: From Racing to MetaBall

  • Diverse Gaming Options: Beyond just land, Jamie highlighted various gaming options, including racing and MetaBall, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.
  • Economy and Incentives: Play isn’t just for fun; it’s also rewarding. Set your game’s entry fee, pool the resources, and distribute the earnings. You could walk away with 80% of the pool for a game of paintball, for instance. It’s a revolutionary way to incorporate economic principles into gaming.

3. Development Updates and The Promise of MetaScapes

  • Progress Report: While still in its alpha phase, MetaScapes has already garnered interest, especially from our community’s philosophers. Though there’s still some tweaking to be done, especially in the building engine, we’re on track and optimistic.
  • The Avatar Revolution: Partnering with Ready Player Me, we’re offering unlimited avatar customizations. The ability for these avatars to traverse different worlds, from futuristic settings to vibrant cartoon universes, is something we are particularly enthusiastic about.

  • Tokenization and Monetization: From renting out your prized bazooka in paintball to upgrading your plot for greater earnings, the potential to monetize through the NFT ecosystem is vast.
  • A New Marketing Frontier: Jamie acknowledged the challenges in bridging the traditional and blockchain gaming spheres. However, he emphasized that we’re not merely an extension of the former, but a whole new paradigm. This isn’t just gaming; it’s an innovative blend of fun, digital ownership, and real-world economic principles.

As we edge closer to the public alpha release in December, our excitement is palpable. With MetaScapes, we’re not just offering a game; we’re pioneering an experience.

Curious to watch Jamie delve into these insights himself? Check out the full AMA on YouTube.

Stay tuned, and as always, keep forging ahead!

This article aims to provide a summarized account of the AMA. For detailed insights and specifics, we recommend watching the full session.


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