New Vulcanites in VulcanVerse
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Limited Edition New Vulcanites Descend Upon VulcanVerse

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VulcanVerse, the ever-evolving blockchain-based gaming world developed by Vulcan Studios, is set to welcome three awe-inspiring new Vulcanites into its mystical realms. These creatures, each hailing from different quadrants of VulcanVerse, bring with them unique lore, abilities, and gameplay experiences. These new Vulcanites promise to captivate adventurers and collectors alike. VulcanVerse players can enable these creatures as their in-game companions; but only if they own these limited edition NFTs. The first of these new Vulcanites is about to be released – read on!


Razorbeak – Queen of the Strix

Strix - new Vulcanite concept art, Razorbeak

In the shadowy depths of Hades, the Strix reigns. These large, crow-like birds are known for their menacing presence and carnivorous nature. With talons and beaks of sharpened copper, Strixes hunt in flocks, descending upon their prey with a bloodthirsty appetite. A sight to strike fear into even the most experienced traveler to VulcanVerse, the Strix has a peculiar fondness for eyeballs, a macabre delicacy among these creatures.


While Strixes may seem intimidating, they are notoriously cowardly when separated from their flock. However, one Strix stands above all others – Razorbeak, the Queen of the Strix. She possesses unmatched strength, intelligence, and agility among the Strix, making her a formidable force.

Razorbeak Strix - new Vulcanite, Hades level 2

Razorbeak is the second Hades based level 2 Vulcanite (the other being Trapjaw). Her powers lie in foraging and espionage. In fact Razorbeak has the highest maximum foraging stat of all level 2 Vulcanites, making her a valuable companion. Her sharp senses aiding the player in uncovering hidden treasure, make her essential for players seeking to gain an edge at this level. Her looks are also imposing, always a plus when you want to frighten Arcadians..


Dreamweaver of Blackgates Grove

Dreamweaver, new Vulcanite concept art

In the enchanting Gardens of Arcadia, a rare and majestic creature known as the Dreamweaver resides. Legends speak of Dreamweavers, a herd of Monocerōs with the ability to influence the dreams of mortals, kings, and even gods. These ethereal beings emit an otherworldly glow and are often found in the Elm groves on the edge of the Deep Forest.


The Dreamweaver possesses psychic abilities and its horn is a formidable weapon when provoked. 

New Vulcanite NFT card, Dreamweaver

Within VulcanVerse, Dreamweavers excel in espionage and foraging – at level 4 there are no other Vulcanites with maximum foraging or espionage stats to match them. Let the Dreamweaver guide you through the mystic landscapes of VulcanVerse and harness its powers to shape your destiny.


Chimera – Bane of Saesara

Chimera new Vulcanite concept art

Born of Typhon and Echidna, the Chimera is a nightmarish hybrid that once terrorized the Aetnaean mountains in north-east Notus. Its reign of terror extended to the Kingdom of Saesara, where it left destruction and despair in its wake. Men, women, and children fell victim to its insatiable appetite.


The Chimera’s fearsome reputation precedes it, and its monstrous nature makes it a formidable Vulcanite. In VulcanVerse, it possesses unparalleled abilities with the best maximum attack stat of all level 4 Vulcanites. The Chimera is also an adept forager, its maximum foraging stat second only to the Dreamweaver at level 4. Engage in epic battles with rival Vulcanites and bolster your inventory with the Chimera as your companion!

New Vulcanite, Chimera L4


Be Among the First to Buy a New Vulcanite

Of the new Vulcanites, the first for release is the Razorbeak, Queen of the Strix – coming on a most Hades appropriate date, this Halloween, 31st October!

The Razorbeak is available for 150 PYR, with a 20% discount available for Vulcan Forged OG badge NFT holders and Loyalty Achievement holders! Don’t miss out on getting hold of this demonic bird, with only 200 editions available ever, visit the sale page this Halloween.

VulcanVerse Expands

These new Vulcanites are just a small part of the ongoing work to expand VulcanVerse’s gameplay. The incoming Vulcanites represent not only creatures of immense power but also opportunities for players to explore new facets of the game. Whether you seek their strength in battle, their cunning in espionage, or their knack for foraging, the Strix, Dreamweaver, and Chimera Vulcanites are ready to join you on your journey through the captivating quadrants of VulcanVerse.


Begin unforgettable alliances with these majestic beings as the first of the Vulcanite sales, Razorbeak, goes live on 31st October for our annual Hades Halloween promotion! As VulcanVerse continues to evolve, these Vulcanites are poised to become essential companions in your quest for glory and dominance. Stay tuned for upcoming direct sale events and Elysium Swap farm opportunities where you can acquire these extraordinary Vulcanites.

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