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Join the Vulcan City Council of Philosophers

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How a limited number of PYR holders can be a part of decision making and gain extra perks

A few months ago, we discussed a DAO for community voting. Since then we have launched our own economy and expanded aggressively. Thus, we now have more options at our disposal.

Introducing the Council of Philosophers

Vulcan knows he cannot rule the mortal world alone, and so is allowing those who are dedicated to building his new Olympus a role in decision making and of course, get multiple perks.

Vulcan is offering 30 seats at his table and you may choose one of five philosopher roles.

  • Applications will be on a First-Come-First-Serve basis, date TBA.
  • Mortal must be holding 100,000 PYR in their Vulcan wallet at time of application.
  • Mortal must undergo a 20 day maturity period,
  • If mortal drops below the threshold, the next on the waiting list is allowed access (presuming all 30 seats are taken).

The Philosophers

If you are one of the 30 seats, you may choose to be one of the five below philosophers across the entire Vulcan Forged ecosystem:

Aspasia, Tutor of Socrates

Member Title: Aspasia’s Pet

Quote: ‘Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior’

Cleanthes the Stoic

Member Title: Creature of Cleanthes

Quote: ‘Fate guides the willing, but drags the unwilling’

Protagoras the Sophist

Member title: Licker of Protagoras’ Boots

Quote: ‘Man is the measure of all things: of the things that are, that they are, of the things that are not, that they are not. ’

Aristippus the Cyrenaic

Member title: Sous chef Underling

Quote: ‘it is not abstinence from pleasures that is best, but mastery over them without ever being worsted’

Tier of Xenophanes the Wise

Member title: Lickspittle Lackey of the Wise

Quote: ‘No man has seen what is clear nor ever will any man know it, for all is swayed by opining’

The Benefits

  • Access to Unique Vulcan City assets beyond any land level.
  • Personalized Avatar Wear (relative to philosopher chosen)
  • Teleport ability: Can enter VulcanVerse through any plot
  • Access to Elysium and all other worlds (TBA)
  • Access to private council channel in Discord.
  • Gilded wallet/account name across all dApps and tag in VulcanVerse (relative to Philosopher).
  • Chosen philosopher Icon and Quote in account.
  • Votes on gameplay decisions (only those that main community are divided on)
  • Special Discord Tag
  • Behind the Scenes look at new game and character developments
  • Early testing chances of new games and developments

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