The Gods 101: A Guide to Titans and Olympians

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What are their roles in VulcanVerse and the Vulcan Forged ecosystem?

Titans and Olympians are powerful and dynamic NFT companions. There are twelve Olympians and twelve Titans. Each God is limited to only 100 editions and owning one of these NFT Gods will bring you numerous benefits not just within VulcanVerse, but across the entire Vulcan Forged ecosystem. However, the 24 Gods are not born aged, they begin as newborns and they must be nurtured in order to salvage their full strength and powers.

Who are the Titans and Olympians

Crius and Ares

The 12 Titans are the children of Uranus and Gaea (Sky and Earth) and are comprised of:

  • Cronus (Ruler of the Universe)
  • Hyperion (God Of Light & Observation)
  • Crius (God Of Constellations)
  • Coeus (God of Wisdom, And Foresight)
  • Oceanus (God of Sea and Water),
  • Iapetus (God of Mortality)
  • Thea (Goddess Of The Sun & Light)
  • Rhea (Goddess Of Fertility)
  • Themis (Goddess Of Law, Order & Justice)
  • Mnemosyne (Goddess Of Memory)
  • Phoebe (Goddess Of Intellect & Prophecy)
  • Tethys (Goddess Of Fresh Water)

The 12 Olympians are the more familiar Gods of Greek Mythology, some of which are children of the Titans are comprised of:

  • Zeus (King of the Gods)
  • Poseidon (God of the Sea)
  • Ares (God of War)
  • Hermes (Messenger of the Gods)
  • Apollo (God of the Sun, Light)
  • Hera (Queen of the Gods)
  • Athena (Goddess of War and Wisdom)
  • Demeter (Goddess of the Harvest)
  • Aphrodite (Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Sexuality)
  • Dionysos (God of Wine)
  • Artemis (Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt)

The Benefits of Titans and Olympians

Each God applies specific buffs to your games, avatar, and even land. For example, Hermes will increase your avatar’s speed by a % in VulcanVerse depending on his level.

However, all Gods provide some incredible perks to your Vulcan experiences:

• 10%-70% off marketplace fees for any Titan/Olympian. These are non-stackable. For example, if you have nurtured your baby Hyperion to God mode (level 7), you will receive a 70% discount on marketplace fees.

• 10% -70% extra LAVA when LAVA is earned by playing games. These are non-stackable. For example, you have won a game of Berserk and are owed 10 LAVA, you will receive 17 LAVA if you have a Level 7 Zeus attached to your wallet.

• 10%-70% extra rewards from any staked PYR. For example, you have one plot of level 7 land in VulcanVerse which contains 1000 PYR staked. If you assign a level 7 Titan to that land, you will receive rewards as if you are staking 1700 PYR. (N.B. Cronus and Zeus can be applied to 3 plots of land)

The Growing Process

Titan and Olympian NFTs start as babies (level 1), to ‘age’ them to full God mode (level 7) which unlocks their full power, you must nurture them.

Here is the process:

  1. You make a one time sacrifice to your God with both PYR and lava:
  • 50 PYR and 50 LAVA to level 2,
  • 100 PYR and 100 LAVA to level 3
  • 200 PYR and 200 LAVA to level 4
  • 300 PYR and 300 LAVA to level 5
  • 400 PYR and 400 LAVA to level 6
  • 600 PYR and 600 LAVA to level 7

2. Your God is then in ‘Growing’ mode for a total of 20 days. At the end of these 20 days they will claim their new age.

3. You must sacrifice the same LAVA (only) each month to keep a God at the same age, meaning you must be actively playing within our games to keep your God grown.

N.B. 50% of all PYR sacrifices go to the rewards pools for players.

Fees and duration required

Access to Elysium, Tartarus & Exclusive NFTs

If you own a level 7 Olympian, you are granted access to Elysium, a heavenly island located within VulcanVerse where you can forage NFTs exclusive to the ‘Vaults of Vulcan’.

Elysium land cannot be owned by users but contains PYR pits and exclusive NFTs that can be only be foraged there. You will also see all Vulcanites wandering free without owners to sample the creatures you will tame in the future.

If you own a level 7 Titan, you are granted access to Tartarus, a hellish realm located within VulcanVerse where you can forage NFTs exclusive to the ‘Vaults of Vulcan’.

See the Elysium Plains:

See the Tartarus Realm:

The Gods’ Unique Powers

Titans and Olympians also possess their own unique powers, in line with what they are famed for.

These powers are stackable, so the more you own the more powerful you can become. Also, these unique powers are active from the moment you own the NFT and do not require leveling up.

So, depending on how you choose to play VulcanVerse or the games within the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, it may be worth having a look at what each God can offer and choose your companion for your adventures wisely. Remember, in the marketplace, you can buy, trade, exchange to adopt Titan and Olympian NFTs at any time, even if they are filled with PYR!


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