Sowing your plot in VulcanVerse

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What is Sowing and how does it work?

Your plot of land in Vulcan Verse needs sowing to prime it for staking.

This means you have to pay a one-time fee of PYR to begin the process.

There are 7 levels of upgrading, and your plot starts at level 1. Before every land upgrade, you must sow your land before you can stake PYR into it. However, once you have sowed your plot there is a 20-day cooldown before staking PYR can begin.

Each new level unlocks new assets, more and higher quality materials and higher-level NFTs can be used, as well as less limits on terramorphing up and down.

By sowing your plot you are one step closer to receiving daily $PYR from our 10m PYR rewards pool.

The cost of sowing varies depending on what level you are upgrading to.

Once a plot has been sowed it will always remain sowed, to enjoy the staking rewards and different assets available with each level it must have the corresponding amount of PYR and Lava staked/spent that each level requires.

To get from level 1 to level 2 it will cost you 50 PYR in the sowing fee. After the cooldown, you must soft-lock 50 PYR and pay 50 LAVA into your plot to be eligible to receive your piece of the monthly reward pool. The cost of PYR and LAVA rises along with the higher level you are upgrading to.

All PYR staked can be taken out at any given time, and the LAVA spent during staking will be burned

MyForge, where it all happens.

All your sowing and staking actions will be done through your personal Vulcan Forged account called My Forge. You must make an account and have your PYR in this account wallet.

Here are the easy steps to get you set up and ready to earn that staking-income

On the top bar, you click on “sow” and then choose if it’s a seed or a plot of land you want to sow.

On the right side, you choose the land you want to sow, and click “sow”

This window will pop up with the prefilled numbers required for the sowing to start. Now just click “Add to sow” and your plot has now started its 20days sowing process!

The last message will give you a confirmation that your action has been completed.

To see the progress of your sowing you can do that through the same place as step 1. Here you will find information about your sowing.

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Check out the VulcanVerse land map explorer. The yellow squares are plots for sale at the Vulcan Forged marketplace.

How to use the marketplace?
Read this thread about How to use the Vulcan Forged marketplace? (Guide to the Vulcan Forged Marketplace ), and find out how to buy your first VulcanVerse land.


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