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Titan Fantasy Authors join VulcanVerse

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Powerhouse authors of Fabled Lands, Fighting Fantasy and Way of the Tiger reveal they’re behind the world’s lore

“The old ways are dying. The Gods fade from the world, as mankind turns to their machines, their magic killing science, their own virtual worlds, filled with new myths and monsters. They do not need us any more and we are forgotten. The old myths are dying… We sleep. We dream. We fade into eternity. But I, Vulcan, the god they once turned to for their machines, their science, their god-forged weapons, will not go quietly. No, I will embrace their new myths, their invisible worlds, their new Gods who speak in code of webs and nets and chains. I will forge a new world that will be greater than the mundane ambitions of mere mortals! I will use their science to create a virtual world born of a God, a world beyond the fickle, ephemeral dreams of mankind. I will create a new Olympus!”

Last year, Vulcan revealed that Way of the Tiger, an award-winning game book series, would be recreated into a blockchain-based Card Arena game. This was a partnership that has provided even more fruitful. While the game team of Fabled Lands LLC continue to develop the game, author Jamie Thomson and other writers of the similar ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ books have joined VulcanVerse in order to provide its backstory, lore, chapters and concept development. In fact, they’ve been working away already and we will reveal the full lore behind it soon. Jamie said:

“Well it’s a clean slate really. I’ve made countless worlds, lore, characters and Way of the Tiger is essentially pre-made for our team so not much for me to do at the moment, so the idea of turning this world into themes of my choices is any author’s dream”

If you don’t know of these authors, then a quick look at their resumes will quickly reassure you of their experience. All have impressive bibliographies, and VulcanVerse will receive all the wealth of fantasy experience from Jamie ThomsonDave Morris and Ian Livingstone.


While we don’t want to spill the beans too much, as our authors and TBA marketing partners will want to release everything in a logical and chronological manner, you can gather from the above snippet that the world is set inside the vengeful creation of the God Vulcan, who despised mankind’s apathy for their powers and so instead of leaving earthly ways like the other Gods, embraced their new technology to allow him to live alongside them.

What this means is that VulcanVerse is scattered with backstories of not only the world itself, but of the Vulcanites (3D creatures users can own and fight with depending on land type), land areas and structures.

The world isn’t just a simple grid. It’s divided into 5 sections related to the backstory and its Gods:

Land of Hades — The Underworld

Land of Arcadia — The Grasslands

Land of Ourea — The Mountains

Land of Psamathe  The Deserts

Land of Vulcan — Neutral territory

What this of course means, is that land is divided into four areas (The land of Vulcan will be central and neutral). Owners can of course have land in any of the four areas but what land they own will affect:

  • The Vulcanites they are entitled to.
  • The materials and building tools each ‘Tier to Olympus’ will provide them.
  • The NFT elements they are entitled to insert into their land.
  • Their abilities when battles are called by Vulcan.

We literally have pages and pages of what the world will include, so there’s no point revealing it all in this article as it will be drip released by our community partners and authors. Over the weeks you’ll learn about each land, each Vulcanite, each tool and ability. But to help, we’ll leave you with this small premise:

“The God Vulcan has chosen to bestow his blessings onto mankind. That means you, a mere mortal, may acquire plots of land in his New Olympus, the VulcanVerse.

Land is bestowed in 20×20 meter NFT ‘plots’ or ‘VulcanDomes’. Purchase of a VulcanDome gives you basic fruits of that land. That includes the power to raise Vulcanites, and have the creatures nurture the land and then harvest the produce. Alternatively, there are Tiers on the Path to New Olympus. You can ‘Sacrifice to the God’ to climb to the next tier on the path. Each Tier gives a rank title to the user, new functionality, access to more Vulcanites, interactivity, building materials and other elements.”

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