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Vulcan Forged: 10 dApps coming in 2020

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A brief introduction to the first 10 NFT dApps confirmed to be made by Vulcan this year.

Last week we ran a poll of four nominees from 27 applications for an NFT dApp be fully developed free of charge by Vulcan. After 427 votes, we can reveal that the winner is:

…. drumroll……

All of them!

That’s right, what kind of dApp enabler would we be if we turned away applications.? OK, to be fair, GeoCats came first with 42% of the votes, but all four nominees will have their dApp ideas fully developed and supported by Vulcan this year. We will be in touch will all nominees in order to push forward.

All four dApp ideas will be fully developed and supported by Vulcan.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the other entries are void, and when our documentation and engine is public, anyone will be able to create their NFT assets and application with a simple few clicks.

The Confirmed NFT dApps of 2020

So, we thought now is a good time to give a quick summary of the first 10 guaranteed NFT dApps that have been or are being built this year. We hope that this list triples as more and more people realise how easy it is to build with us and on VeChain Thor.

1. VeriArti by Vulcan Forged

What is it? VeriArti (and now the team behind Vulcan) specializes in digital art NFTs. It was the first successful NFT web dApp built on VeChain with over 300 active members and hundreds of minted tokens. It verifies ownership of digital art and allows it to be collected or traded in its marketplace.

Where is it? The website is currently undergoing a drastic facelift but the old website is still functional here.

2. Block Babies by Bamboo Labs

What is it? Block Babies stormed onto the NFT scene this year selling out their first 500 cards and maxed out on user capacity. The card-collectible game allows users to pitch their babies against one another with a range of items and teammates including Ninja babies, stink bombs and milk bottle nunchucks. The baby’s life journey, quests and battles, are all documented on the blockchain.

Where is it? Block Babies are taking registrations for their next wave here, their Discord is here and you can follow them on Twitter here.

3. Way of the Tiger by Fabled Lands Ltd

What is it? Way of the Tiger is another turn based card-collectible game based on the best selling books of the 1980s, as put by the game books’ author: “Ninjas in middle-earth”. The team are currently closing a deal with a major TV network before completing development.

Where is it? An interview with the CEO was held by VeriArti here , by Block TV here and you can follow them on Twitter here.

4. VulcanVerse by Vulcan Forged

What is it? Vulcan Verse is a completely decentralized virtual world powered by VTHO where users can own, build on, sell pieces of land and interact.

Where is it? A full medium article on the universe, it’s technology, team and roadmap is available here.

5. STAMP by Vulcan Forged

What is it? STAMP allows any digital artist, photographer or content creator to register their intellectual property on the blockchain at the click of a button, without needing crypto-currency, receiving a certificate of proof-of-authorship.

Where is it? A full medium article on the technology workflow, features and more details can be found here.

6. GeoCats by Kurt

What is it? Geocats intends to leverage blockchain technology by allowing players to swap non-fungible tokens with one another in a Geocache virtual world. NFT rewards and treasures encourage players to work together to solve puzzles as well as allowing them to own whatever they find for themselves.

Where is it? You can follow their journey on their Twitter account here, their telegram announcement channel here, and their introductory medium here.

7. Dynamics by Ryan

What is it? Dynamics is a cross platform NFT dApp to be integrated into corporate ERP databases. Data will be validated, creating an NFT certificate, and ss this is a third party validation, it allows valid, accurate proof of data between any platform, removing technology barriers and validating the process of data between companies and customers.

Where is it? Dynamics will be enabled by Vulcan and updates will be coming soon.

8. BlockIP by Red

What is it? An IP management system where digital documents are converted into an NFT that can be leased or sold to various users for commercial purposes. As this leasing is done using blockchain technology, the owners of each lease is verifiable and traceable.

Where is it? BlockIP will be enabled by Vulcan and updates will be coming soon.

9. Planet B by Tobias

What is it? An educational card-collectible game using NFT cards centered around sustainability. The game consensus is you can either save or destroy the planet while facing your opponent and learn about Sustainable Development Goals SDGs while levelling up. Players learn which products or activities are harmful to the environment and which are beneficial to it while playing.

Where is it? Planet B will be enabled by Vulcan and updates will be coming soon.

10. VThorium by BigGuap69

What is it? This idea was actually born out of a few people chatting in the Veriarti Telegram. The idea is simple, a rocketship must make its way to the moon. It can only be powered by anonymous users throwing VTHO at it. The VTHO is then burned and the rocketship progresses. Those who are lucky and power it through a space-prize, will receive the NFT behind it. And the person that gets it to the moon? Well, more than just a prize at stake.

Where is it? VThorium will be enabled by Vulcan and updates will be coming soon.

It’s going to be a VTHO burning, NFT forging, rocket-fuelled, dApp-crazy year! Look forward to having you along for the ride!

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