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Vulcan Forged and The Sandbox Collaborate on Multiverse Characters

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400 special edition NFT characters from both worlds released and available to be farmed on VulcanDex

We are very excited to announce our collaboration between our own metaverse VulcanVerse and the virtual world The Sandbox.

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experience. As a player in The Sandbox, you can create digital assets, upload them to the marketplace, and drag-and-drop them to create game experiences with The Sandbox Game Maker.

VulcanVerse is an open-world massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with Greco-Roman themed lore written by fighting fantasy authors, Jamie Thomson and Dave Morris. Users can build on their land, quest, forage for NFTs, and pit their Vulcanites in battle against other player’s Vulcanites.

The Collaboration


Earn Vulcan Forged and Sandbox NFTs

We recently launched VulcanDex, a cross-chain decentralized exchange dedicated to gaming tokens only with the ability to farm NFTs from various games using LP.

The $PYR-$SAND NFT Farm Event will take place on Monday 28 February. 250 wallets on a first come first serve basis will be able to earn VulcanVerse and Sandbox NFTs exclusive to this event by providing liquidity for the $PYR-$SAND pair and then staking the pair’s Liquidity Provider (LP) token at VulcanDex.

Introducing The Sandbox and Vulcan Forged NFTs

Sand Wizard from The Sandbox adapted to the VulcanVerse metaverse

The Sandbox-Vulcan NFTs are official The Sandbox and VulcanVerse tokens . These NFT collectibles will have functionality in the The Sandbox metaverse, where our Vulcanite, Charon, is to be an avatar. In turn The Sandbox Sand Wizard character will be integrated into VulcanVerse as a collectible companion in Vulcan Forged’s forthcoming partner series.

Charon, Ferryman of Souls adapted from VulcanVerse to the Sandbox metaverse

The PYR-SAND NFT Farming Event is the only means to earn these rare NFTs, which have an availability capped at a total of 200 each. The NFT types are: Charon adapted to Sandbox and the Sand Wizard adapted to VulcanVerse.

Earning the new The Sandbox-VulcanVerse NFTs

To have a chance to obtain these exclusive NFTs, you will need to contribute to the PYR-SAND liquidity pool on VulcanDex. By doing so, you will receive LP tokens representing the PYR-SAND liquidity you added. You will need these PYR-SAND LP tokens for this NFT Farming event.

Required tokens and amounts are as follows:

720 LP tokens =
403 $PYR
1294 $SAND

1 month lock up
You will receive 1 randomly chosen NFT reward, either VulcanVerse’s Sand Wizard or The Sandbox’s Charon

The PYR-SAND LP tokens need to be staked at the VulcanDex NFT Farm pool.


Redemption for The Sandbox-VulcanVerse NFTs will be available after the end of the PYR-SAND NFT Farming Event.


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