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VulcanForged video competition entries are now open! $100K USD up for grabs.

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Whether you like TikTok, Youtube, Stream, Instagram, or doing streams, this is the competition for you! The Vulcan gods will be choosing 10+ mortals to be blessed with valuable prizes. A total of 100.000 USD will be awarded to the contenders! And who knows Zeus or Cronus himself will ask you to create some more if your skill set appears to be amazing.

Prize money

Let’s kick off with the most interesting part of this announcement. The prizes! First of all, it’s important to know the winners will be awarded our main currency $PYR. The price of $PYR at the exact moment of the winner’s announcement will be used to calculate the prize money. It will be $100.000 in total, and not a penny less. Our main judge Themis will make sure all rules and regulations are strictly followed. Themis does have the opportunity to change prizes at any time and/or add/remove categories for the sake of the competition.


You will have loads of opportunities as you are free to submit as many entries as you want. Participating in all categories is allowed. It’s up to you to determine if it might be better to focus on your best piece of content ever, or just submit loads of stuff. We will be happy to evaluate your skills.

  • Best overall video + runner-up.
  • Best explainer video for Vulcan Forged + runner-up.
  • Best explainer video for VulcanVerse + runner-up.
  • Best explainer video for Berserk + runner-up.
  • Most entertaining video + runner-up.
  • Best tik tok video + runner-up.
  • Best instagram video + runner-up.
  • Best collaboration award + runner-up.
  • Video creator newcomer award + runner-up.
  • Best Streamer award + runner-up.


Yes, we also have rules. They are not hard though, and we are flexible for the ones putting in the effort as Vulcan always has been generous. Seems like a lot of rules, but they are pretty straightforward. If you have questions, we are of course willing to assist!

Rule 1:
Submissions must be posted inside the #video-competition Discord channel and your social channels by the 30th of November (subject to extension)
You can join discord using this link:

Rule 2:
Post what category it is for in this channel (not required, but helpful)

Rule 3:
It is possible to win multiple categories, but we will judge this throughout the competition in what is fair and increases great creativity.

Rule 4:
We may change prizes at any time and/or add/remove categories for the sake of the competition.

Rule 5:
Collaborations are of course allowed. We even have a category for best collab video.

Rule 6:
No NSFW content. Safe for work. Videos suitable for small children could be awarded bonus points as our games are open for all age categories.

Rule 7:
If you post your entry on Discord. Include the link to your entry. This can be anything you want. Maybe you want to submit the high-quality version using dropbox for example.
Include the links to your social media posts. These are part of your total submission and will also be judged.


Winners and runner-ups will be judged by nonparticipating moderators, staff, and selected community members. These judges are of course guided by our very own Themis. The god of justice.

You can apply to become a judge using this form:


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