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Vulcan Forged partners with play-to-earn innovator Merit Circle.

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Vulcan Forged is delighted and proud to announce the cooperation with one of the leading companies regarding play-to-earn innovation and integration. We can confirm Merit Circle has acquired 100 VulcanVerse land plots and $PYR tokens for a total worth of $500.000.

This cooperation is long-term and includes most of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem games.

Cedalion program

The much-anticipated cedalion program will start soon. Using the support of Merit Circle, we will be able to create an even more robust cedalion program for all our players. The program will allow players to lend assets like vulcanites, and plots of land. These players will use the assets to play and earn by getting awarded the secondary gaming token $LAVA for in-game activities. The asset owners will earn passive income by using the lending program.

Landowners will be able to hire cedalions to play using their assets this way, and based on the level of the land plots; they are eligible to hire more. At level 5, for example, the landowner will be allowed to hire five cedalions with a maximum of 7 cedalions at level 7.

Merit Circle

Merit Circle is changing the rules of gaming. They offer outstanding support and automation for thousands of players. It is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focussed on developing the play-to-earn economy. This partnership was meant to be, for that matter, and both companies are the perfect match.
Merit Circle focuses on maximizing value across different games by investing and enabling players. This can be done by creating a unique platform compatible with multiple games. The platform is a mix between capital, expertise, and players. Both investors and scholars trust it. Right now, over 1200 scholars are being managed.

If you want to be involved, you are invited to join the Merit Circle Discord.


As part of the partnership, Merit Circle bought 100 land plots and some $PYR. The $PYR will be used to invest by upgrading NFTs. NFTs acquired can be used in several Vulcan Forged powered games. This will create unique opportunities for scholars playing these games to make use of the Merit Circle investment. As this is a long-term cooperation, additional investments are expected. The teams are both in preparation for the launch of the cedalion program and the backend compatibility for Merit Circle.

About VulcanVerse

VulcanVerse is one of the games developed by the VulcanForged game studios. Currently, the game is officially in beta, but it’s playable if you own a plot of land. The game is based on Greek mythology. It’s an MMORPG game (massively multiplayer online role-playing game).
VulcanVerse is unique in many ways as you own your assets. You are the sole owner of your companions, gods, plots of lands, and many in-game items in the form of an NFT.

These NFTs can be acquired by playing the games or by simply buying them on the marketplace.

You can build a house, mansion, or castle. You can create a fantastic garden or create a maze for players to enter and complete quests. While being inside the Verse, you can forage materials that can be used to build your properties — anything you can imagine.


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