In a step towards enhancing user engagement and loyalty, Vulcan Forged is pleased to introduce the first phase of a long awaited revamp and upgrade of our achievement portal.

In this first phase, we are proud to launch our Weekly Quests – a significant development that will allow users to complete weekly tasks, unlock challenges, and qualify to win. This initiative aims to offer a refreshed experience within the dynamic realms of Vulcan Forged.

Introducing the Vulcan Weekly Quests

After months of dedicated effort, we are unveiling the initial phase of our Loyalty and Achievement revamp. The Weekly Quests represent a series of challenges designed to engage our community and allowing them to discover our ecosystem from several angles.

What to Expect:

Beginning on January 22, 2024 in beta mode, the Weekly Quests comprise of 9 challenges, providing a diverse set of tasks to cater to various interests. The goal is to create a multifaceted experience for our community.

Explore challenges ranging from holding specific assets to active participation in Vulcan Forged activities. Complete any 6 challenges weekly to qualify for a draw, with a chance to win Double XP and Double LAVA (from the game pools) for the following week.

  1. PYR Challenge: Hold at least 75 PYR for 4 days in a week.
  2. LAVA Challenge: Hold at least 350 LAVA for 4 days in a week.
  3. Studio NFTs Challenge: Hold at least 15 NFTs from Vulcan Studios for 4 days.
  4. Gods NFTs Challenge: Hold at least 2 God or Titan NFTs for 4 days.
  5. Agora Challenge: Trade at least twice on Agora during the week.
  6. XP Challenge: Earn at least 2,000 XP during the week.
  7. Studios Challenge: Play at least 3 Vulcan Studios games during the week.
  8. VulcanVerse Challenge: Visit all 16 landmarks during the week.
  9. Berserk Challenge: Play Berserk twice during the week.

How to Qualify:

Simply complete 6 out of the 9 active challenges weekly. Challenges run from 00:00:01 am UTC on Mondays to 23:59:59 pm UTC on Sundays.

Looking Forward:

In the upcoming phases, we plan to introduce:

  • An additional three challenges/quests. These will be focused on social media engagement (Discord and X);
  • A review and improvement of the current quests;
  • The Loyals: The introduction of a Quarterly Challenge with a leaderboard to reward consistent engagement;
  • Updates on evergreen challenges, providing ongoing rewards for sustained engagement, will follow.

Important Details:

For now, weekly challenge winners will be manually selected, and rewards will be manually allocated. We appreciate your feedback, and a dedicated channel is live to address any issues.

Embark on your Weekly Quests now: Weekly Quests Portal

A Special Note:

We’d like to thank the many community members for helping us test and identify bugs and issues. We understand this beta might still see a few bugs here and there but we are confident that, with your help, we will be moving away from this beta in no time.


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