The fires of innovation burn bright in the heart of Vulcan Forged, and a new era of opportunity has begun for users who stake PYR! Get ready to step into the Elysium Forges, a staking system designed to reward you for your loyalty.

A Farewell to LAVA Gems, a Hello to a Brighter Future

For those familiar with the LAVA Gem program, a bittersweet farewell is upon us. It served its purpose valiantly, but as Vulcan Forged continues to evolve, a more robust and sustainable solution is needed. Fear not, loyal PYR holders! The LAVA Gem program’s sunset marks the glorious rise of the Elysium Forges. This staking system offers a wealth of benefits, allowing you to earn lucrative LAVA rewards.

Unveiling the Elysium Forges: Stake PYR and Earn Effortlessly

The process of staking PYR in the Elysium Forges is designed with ease and accessibility in mind. You’ll simply need to head over to the Elysium CloudWallet, and connect your MetaMask wallet. With any amount of PYR, you’re eligible to participate! Choose your staking tier and lockup period, tailoring your rewards strategy to your preferences. The longer you commit your PYR, the greater your LAVA earnings will be. Six tiers await, each offering a progressive increase in rewards based on your staked amount and chosen lockup duration.

Table showing the base rate and variation depending on time and amount of PYR locked
Base Rate of the Elysium Forges

Boosting Your Rewards: The Power of NFTs to Stake PYR More Effectively

For the savvy players and dedicated Vulcan Forged community members, a chance to further amplify your LAVA earnings exists! Owning specific NFTs can act as potent boosters, maximizing the output of your Elysium Forge.

God NFTs, Vulcanite NFTs, and OG Badge NFTs each offer unique benefits. Imagine the possibilities – Olympian or Titan God NFTs elevate your base rewards, while strategically stacking Vulcanite NFTs unlocks even more LAVA. OG Badge NFTs, a testament to your loyalty since the early days of Vulcan Forged, provide an additional layer of reward.

Just getting started with the Vulcan Forged ecosystem and want to get boosters to accelerate your rewards? Easy. Just head to the Agora Marketplace, the official Elysium NFT marketplace and snap one of the NFTs.

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Instructions on how to stake in the Elysium Forge

  1. Head over to the Elysium CloudWallet (
  2. Connect your MetaMask wallet. You should automatically be asked to shift to the Elysium MainNet
  3. Please note you will only be able to stake PYR on the Elysium network. If you have PYR purchased on CEXs like Binance or CoinBase, you will need to bridge these. You can find all the details on our blog
  4. Click on Elysium Forges.
    1. From there, just choose how much PYR you’d like to stake.
    2. Then choose how long you’d like to stake these PYR for. Note your boosters will automatically be identified from your MetaMask wallet and be applied as boosters.
    3. Finally, click on STAKE. You’ll be prompted to accept a few messages on MetaMask.
    4. You should be able to see your stake in the table at the bottom of the Elysium Forges page. You’ll see all the necessary details such as:
      1. The PYR amount staked
      2. The duration of your staking contract with a start and end date
      3. Your staked rate
      4. The status

Please note you will need to manually claim your reward at the end of the staking period. Rewards will be claimable at the end of the chosen time period.

A World of Opportunity Awaits: Beyond the Elysium Forges

The launch of the Elysium Forges signifies a pivotal moment for Vulcan Forged. It’s a testament to the project’s dedication to building a sustainable and rewarding experience for its community. So, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Stake your PYR, ignite the fires of the Elysium Forges, and become an active participant in the future of Vulcan Forged. Remember, December 1st marks the end of the LAVA Gem program, but a generous snapshot will be taken to reward loyal users who stake PYR. Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements on how this snapshot will translate into exciting rewards. Welcome to a new era of empowerment and prosperity within the ever-evolving world of Vulcan Forged!


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