VulcanVerse Roadmap Reveal

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A look at the most significant milestones coming to VulcanVerse.

Currently, three development teams are working on VulcanVerse to speed up progress and to get the bug backlog processed in full. The team has worked on extensive documentation over the past months. As a result, we can plan weeks and months. This document will share the most important upgrades for the game coming to Vulcan Verse.

The GDD (game design document) is a living and breathing document. It can be changed at all times. This article is intended to give some more insights, but some details might change in the process.


Current state:
Some quests will be changed to make better sense and balance the players’ rewards, decreasing item inflation.

Quest examples

Randomized System

Each day, players get two random quests. One random quest from 2 random quest givers as displayed below. (So, two quests in total, per day) These quests are lost if not completed when the day resets.

Daily quests

NPCs with daily quests have a blue exclamation point over their heads. Talking to the NPC makes the dialogue box appear with the description of the quests so that the player can accept or reject it. Rejected quests can be re-accepted within the day.

Daily quest types:
Foraging, Fighting, Delivery, Landmarks

Example: Forage at X unique plots
People need to forage in X amount of unique plots.

Forages (X)| XP (Y)
20–25 | 10
26–30 | 12
31–35 | 14
36–40 | 16
40–45 | 18
Reward: Y XP (Depending on forages)

Example: Deal X damage in Vulcanite Fights
Players need to deal X damage in Vulcanite fights.

Amount (X)| XP (Y)
10.000 | 8
12.000 | 10
14.000 | 12
Reward: Y XP (Depends on the damage needed)


Right now, the quests are limited due to the shortage of in-game features. Along with future features, more daily quests will be added, corresponding to the new functionalities of the game.


The $Lava Bank is located in Vulcan City. There, players can choose to “lock” some of their Cold $Lava for a period of time. If they do, they get rewards at the end of each week.


Flexible Plan: 5%
Plan: 1 month lock: 8%
Plan: 3 month lock: 14%

Players get a weekly payout at the end of each week (after seven days of the deposit) depending on the $LAVA they have locked in the bank.

The weekly payout can be re-invested instead of withdrawn. This can be done manually or be set to “Auto-Compound.”

The player can initiate the deal by talking to the Goblin Banker NPC, located inside the Bank inside Vulcan City.


Keys can be acquired by foraging. The keys have different chances to drop from the existing loot tables, depending on the Key:

Some key values:

  • Copper Key: 1%
  • Silver Key: 0.25%
  • Gold Key: ~0.042%

Keys can be used inside Vulcan City Treasury/Bank by using some Cold $LAVA to open specific chests. Opening a chest gives access to 2 separate loot tables, one for Cold $LAVA and one for in-game items, depending on the Key used.


Loot tables

Each Key has its own cost to open the chest. Each chest has its loot table. This is the gold key example. Copper and Silver keys are similar, but the drop rates differ.

Gold key

Gold Key (50 Lava)
When you open the treasure chest, you will be awarded 120XP.

Foraging Update — Random Daily Quests
These quests will be added to the random daily pool.

Key Finding
Players need to forage one copper key.
Reward: 20 XP

Chest Opening
Players need to open one copper chest.
Reward: 20 XP


Achievements are a system (like quests) that will be expanded along with new features. New features will also have their Achievements. New achievements will be added later so that the system will be expandable.

Titles are equippable, and players can choose to show up to 1 title over their name. For example:

The name of the player is Warau. If this player owns the titles “Fisher” and “Exalted,” Warau can choose to display his name as:

  • Warau
  • Fisher Warau
  • Exalted Warau

The titles are prefixes (or suffixes) to the player’s name. The titles also have an orange color.

Players will be able to see what achievements they have while also the date of completion. They’ll also be able to see which achievements they have not completed, track their progress (if any), and inspect rewards.

Initial Achievements
These are the achievements that will be implemented in this update. Future systems will also link back to this, adding their achievements.

Title rewards are given to the players after completing all achievement stages (if any).

World Explorer
Visit every Landmark.

Cult Member
Log in for seven consecutive days.

Cult Fanatic
Log in for 30 consecutive days.
Reward: Title “Faithful”

The Plot Thickens
Forage 1000/10000/100000 times.
Reward: Title “Forager”

Duel 500/5000/50000 times.
Reward: Title “Brawler”

Win 500/5000/50000 duels.
Reward: Title “Conqueror”

A Dark Path
Complete the first (3) Radamanthus’ Quests.

As the King Commands
Complete the first (3) King Lykaon’s Quests.

Curiosity Satisfaction
Complete the first (3) The Sphinx’s Quests.

Yes, my Queen
Complete the first (3) Nysa’s Quests.

Find 1/40/400 Copper Keys while foraging.

Did anyone drop this?
Find 1/10/100 Silver Keys.

Gold of Olympus!
Find 1/5/25 Gold Keys.

Chest after Chest
Open 1/40/400 Copper Chests.

Silver Hoarder
Open 1/10/100 Silver Chests.

Olympian Riches
Open 1/5/25 Golden Chests.
Reward: Title “Wealthy”

Ancient Scriptures
Open a chest containing a scroll.
Reward: Title “Scholar”

Treasures of the Past
Open a chest containing a fragment.
Reward: Title “Archeologist”

Goblins and Lava
Make a transaction in the Vulcan City bank.


There are four spots available for fishing, one in each Quadrant. Each Quadrant has its unique fish that can be caught, specifically:

Hades — Smoulderfish
Arcadia — Rainbow Fish.
Boreas — Silverfish
Notus — Sunfire Fish
(Calling them “X-fish” for easier reference in loot tables etc.)

Fishing has a 2-hour cooldown per rod and expends 1 Fish Bait.
It takes between 4–20 seconds for a fish to take the bait.

After a fish is hooked, a bar pops on the screen, amplifying the player’s rewards depending on the success of a minigame, keeping a line inside a moving bar for 5 seconds. Depending on the success of the minigame, the chances for more significant and valuable fish are increased.

Small X-fish
Big X-fish
It is rumored some legendary fish exists somewhere inside the Verse.

Fishing has no “fail chance,” even when the multiplier is 0. It awards 1–3XP, depending on the size of the fish caught.


Fishmonger is an NPC located in VC. They provide services regarding fish.

Once in the player’s inventory, fish can be gutted by the fishmonger NPC to get Cold $LAVA and in-game items from 2 separate loot tables. Gutting a fish costs Cold $LAVA awards, 1 XP per fish rarity gutted, and gives the following rewards.

Fishing Introductory Quest
Before being able to use the fishing rods, players will need to complete a short introductory quest. After that, players will be able to Fish.

Fishing Daily Random Quests
These quests will be added to the random daily quest pool.

Players need to catch an X amount of fish.

Fish (X) | XP (Y)
1–3 | 10
4–6 | 15
7–9 | 20
Reward: Y XP

Fish Gutting
Players need to get an X amount of fish.

Fish Gutted (X) | XP (Y)
1–3 | 10
4–6 | 15
7–9 | 20
Reward: Y XP

Fishing achievements

Rod, check. Bait, check.
Complete the “Introductory Fishing Quest” quest.

Fish 20/200/2000 times.
Reward: Title “Fisher”

Fishing Rod Maestro
Catch 5/50/500 Big fish.

Fish within a fish!
Find 1/10/100 fish within a… well… fish!
Reward: Title “Zoologist”

Gut 20/200/2000 fish.
Reward: Title “Fish Hater”

What do they eat anyway?
Gut a fish containing a scroll.
Reward: Title “School-ar”


There are 12 unique scrolls. When the appropriate three scrolls are combined with the “Vulcanite Summoning Item” (fragment) that they correspond to, they create an NFT Vulcanite that is permanent on the player’s MyForge.
The fragment items needed for each Vulcanite are unique and acquired only from chests.

This system will only be released slowly as we must closely monitor the Vulcanite NFT demand.

Summoning process

Location (Summoning Wells)
After gathering the appropriate scrolls/fragment, the player must go to a specific location to complete the Vulcanite Summoning. There are four summoning places, one in each Quadrant, specifically:

  • Boreas: Fortress of the Wind
  • Notus: Shrine of Tethys
  • Hades: Volcano
  • Arcadia: Druid’s Shrine

Depending on their area of origin, all Vulcanites can only be summoned in that Quadrant, at the allocated summoning place.

Players can visit these places and interact with the Summoning Wells. A menu that allows players to place three unique scrolls and one summoning fragment pop up, allowing the player to attempt a summon with the current scrolls/fragment.

Here’s an example (taken from the GDD, not the actual game) of a proper summoning of one of the Vulcanites:

Hitting the “Summon” button will complete the fragment summoning, removing all the materials from the game, then adding this NFT to the player’s MyForge account.

Players can also place invalid combinations, where hitting the “Summon” button doesn’t have any effect.

Fragments names and descriptions

1: Alpha Fragment
The Lion and the Wolf, she of the Snakes and the Flame Daemon — the lost shall be found.

2: Beta Fragment
The Lord of the Trees, the Master of Mischief, the King of the Steppes, and the fiery Prince of Pork? Where can they be found?

3: Gamma Fragment
The Wicked Imp, the Wingéd Witch, the Horned One, and He whose Breath is Death. Why would you seek such things?

4: Delta Fragment
The Despoiler, the Howler in Darkness, the Woodland Warrior, and the Bone-player are hidden from the eyes of mortals. Or are they?

5: Epsilon Fragment
A Whiplash Crack, a Cry of Doom, a Fluted Call, a Lost Lament, and Words of Wisdom. Where can such things be heard?

6: Hex Fragment
She whose Kiss is Death, He who Steals a Kiss, He whose Kiss crushes All before him, and he whose Kiss is as the Spear of Achilles — and yet there are mortals foolish enough to seek their deadly embrace.

7: Zeta Fragment
Who seeks these creatures, the spawn of Vulcan — Soul-bearer, He who Tramples, She who canters, and the Rude and the Crude? And if they find these dread lords, what then?

8: Eta Fragment
He who drinks the blood of mortals, the fat one who feeds in fire, the Sky Witch, the Taloned Sword, and She who Binds the Hearts of Men. Seek, and you will find, but will you survive?

9: Theta Fragment
Would you enter the Land from which No-One Returns in search of him? Or the Land of the Dead to seek he who is lost? Or the Garden of Statues, or the Nest where they feed on man-flesh? Or those bosky glades where she waits to enslave your heart? Would you risk all this to find them?

10: Iota Fragment
This one’s cup overflows with blood. That one spills the guts of men like cracking an egg. The Horned One’s ax splits the skulls of men. And him? He is full of the worst kind of mischief. Seek them if you dare!

11: Lambda Fragment
Will you pay the toll in coins? Or put your head in the lion’s mouth or suffer the jibes and taunts of the children of the forest? For there is always a sting in the tale…

12: Mu Fragment
Enter the lion’s den if you dare. Walk in the garden of statues but beware, lest you become one. Wander the western desert if you would find the monstrous beast, go down to the river to pay, take the tiger by the tail, give your heart to the tree, and you will find that which you seek.


Alchemy Station (VC)

There is a central Alchemy Station in VC. There, players can make potions and ingredients that lead to potions. However, players will have to use materials to unlock the Alchemy station.

Alchemy Introductory Quest
Before being able to craft ingredients and potions, players must complete a short introductory quest for the Alchemy NPC. After that, players will be able to use Alchemy Stations.

Alchemy Station (NFT)
An NFT variation of the Alchemy Station exists. Limited NFT that can be placed in plots.

This Alchemy Station (NFT) has a 10% chance to produce double the amount in potion/ingredient-making and requires no placing cost. Players who own the NFTs gain 1XP for every double craft their Alchemy Station (NFT) produces for other players.

Making Ingredients
Ingredient making takes 2 seconds and awards no XP. To create your potions, you need materials like “gold powder, Lazuli powder and dream dust,” and many more.

Consumable Crafting
Making a potion takes 5 seconds and awards the player with 1XP per consumable crafted.

Example potions:
Potion of Hermes (25% increased movement speed)
Chariot of the Gods in a bottle (Teleports you to VC)
Jade of the Wild Woods (Teleports you to Arcadia Port)
Potion of Artemis (25% increased Foraging for all Vulcanites)

Alchemy daily random quests

These quests will be added to the random daily quest pool.

Ingredient making
Players need to make an X amount of ingredients.

Ingredients (X) | XP (Y)
10–14 | 12
15–20 | 14
21–25 | 16
Reward: Y XP

Alchemy achievements

Cauldrons, Vials, and Fish
Complete the “introductory Alchemy Quest” quest.

Crush it, spin it, make it powder
Make 30/300/3000 ingredient recipes.

This seems like the right amount…
Craft 10/100/1000 potions.
Reward: Title “Alchemist”

Motion Sickness
Consume a teleportation potion.

Unlimited Power!
Consume a buff potion.


Players can summon Vulcanites that don’t have the same or lower level than their Avatar Level. To do this, players need to have the appropriate NFT for the Quadrant of the Vulcanite they wish to summon.

The initial Summoning (starting the countdown), happens in the exact altar locations described in Summoning.

There, the players are presented with a menu corresponding to the Vulcanites of that Quadrant in the player’s possession.

About Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is a blockchain game studio, NFT marketplace, and NFT minting engine. Vulcan Forged is the creator of VulcanVerse and Berserk and many other games. The ecosystem is expanding rapidly, and many games are enabled within the play to earn the economy.

The native token used within the ecosystem is $PYR. The secondary token $LAVA acts as a play to earn tokens. This dual token economy structure is ideal for play to make. Scholars will earn $LAVA while playing the Vulcan Forged games and will be able to forage special NFTs while in-game. These can be sold on the Vulcan Marketplace for $PYR.


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